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  1. Speaking of Diaz, there is a line from season 6 that I didn't think much of until a friend of mine made fun of it, and I can't stop thinking about it now. He's getting fitted for his suit, and he tells the tailor, "now don't forget.......my muscles....are gettin' bigga", in that weird Carlito's Way voice he had. I can't remember the episode, but if you come across it, it's hilarious.
  2. Idk, I REALLY liked the Diaz season. I thought he was one of the better villains they've had. I also really liked the shift in tone from last season, even if the reveal of the main villain was whack.
  3. Luckily for you, the last 2 seasons were pretty damn good.
  4. I love that Arrow is more or less doing a "greatest hits" album in their final season. Looks fun.
  5. I just rewatched Crisis on Earth X this week, and it still holds up as the best crossover for me. I still feel like if it had the budget of a blockbuster film, it'd blow away most comic book flicks.
  6. I haven't ventured in here in a long time, but I need a favor. A friend of mine is starting to get into boxing, and is going back to watch old fights too. I have a really solid resource for recommended fights 2000-current, but I have lost everything I had for anything prior to that, other than my own memory. Does anyone frequent a forum or anything that touches on this sort of stuff, or have like a top-20(or whatever) per decade?
  7. Honestly, Mauro has been a negative for me for a while. He's Striker with an IVP Videos account. I don't know if his boxing commentary has gotten this bad, because I haven't watched any in about a year, but I always defended him there. As an announcer myself, I'm not above a reference or two, but the key is to not make it obvious that you are making a reference just to be doing it.
  8. So those aren't his "accurate star rater" friends lol I honestly expected Dave to go full 6 on that main.
  9. This show was BAD outside of Io/Candice honestly. It makes me sad that Gargano went from being one of my favorite dudes to watch, to someone I actively dread. No surprised that downward trend started the moment Michaels started agenting his matches. I really only cared about Trevor/ACH, and I do see the irony in Trevor getting bumped to allow for a long ass main event.
  10. I mean, I love you guys, but I have other friends lol.
  11. My only real concern with the Crisis crossover, is that it will attract a lot of people who aren't Arrowverse viewers, who will likely shit all over it because they have no frame of reference.
  12. Rocky's Reward is one of my favorite movie pieces ever. I actually prefer "Conquest" from Rocky II over Going the Distance by quite a bit.
  13. I've had this one in my head a lot lately. I've always loved this track because it has a hint of heroism to it, but sounds so sorrowful. It really conveys Peter's feelings on Spider-Man being both a blessing and a curse.
  14. Super bummed about Quack having to pull out, because I believe he was going to work on Night 2. and it has long been a goal of mine to call one of his matches. RE: Freight Train, I actually worked with him multiple times. Even did a few spots in the CWF Rumble with him one year. Yes, he is a sweetheart of a guy, and there was never a moment where I felt like he didn't know the score on how things were. He was just so over the moon to be there. Not for nothing, but he remembered his spots with me better than Amber O'Neal did
  15. Dylan never really calls SCI for more than a match or two, since he's so busy running the show. Last year was me and Dan, and the year before was me, Dan and Brad Stutts.
  16. To be fair, most of the first season of Arrow was pretty bad too, and they did ok. Stephen Amell, much like Ruby Rose, has never been a great actor, but he grew into the role and made it work. Hoping she does the same. I really want Batwoman to succeed, but I feel like it may take a season to hit it's groove.
  17. O'Shay actually relocated to Baltimore recently, and though I'm sad I don't get to work with him as much, I'm glad he took a chance to better his career. You are right in that he is way too talented to be working outlaw mudshows. One of my big regrets upon my exit from CWF is that I never got the footage of his match with Trevor Lee before I left.
  18. When they announced the Harley Quinn show, I cringed. Then I saw that trailer and I was ALL the way in.
  19. Ok, we are a little more than a week out, so who all is going to be at SCI this year? I'm excited to be the lead announcer this year since Dan "The Dragon" Wilson retired, and this is always the most fun wrestling weekend of the year for me.
  20. Was waiting for the rest of you lot to catch up lol
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