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  1. Big Crisis on Infinite Earths setup at the end of Supergirl finale. I know they will follow the source material for the most part, but I like them adding a couple of curveballs since their are characters they can't use. Reading that it might be a 5 episode crossover, but I feel like even that is a little short for such an undertaking. Also, I'm predicting that they finally pull the trigger on John Diggle becoming a Green Lantern, since it was revealed that his stepfather's last name is Stewart
  2. No argument there, my friend.
  3. Side note, but Supergirl's back half was REALLY strong( I mean, the show, not actual Supergirl). I ended up digging the take on Manchester Black, and John Cryer might be my favorite non-Clancy Brown Lex. I still have a couple of episodes left, but they are finishing strong.
  4. Not gonna lie, I think that looks really solid.
  5. The newspaper article confirmed Supergirl, Batwoman, White Canary and The Atom. It's interesting that the body of the article never changed until now. Before, it still mentioned "Starling City's Green Arrow" and The Atom as the only other heroes present when Flash disappears.
  6. Flash finale did a good job of setting everything up for next season, and went ahead and establish Reverse Flash as a central part of Crisis. Weird that some parts of the future newspaper article changed at the end, but didn't change the fact that Flash disappears in the Crisis, and not the Green Arrow. Looks like Cisco is leaving which is a real bummer, but hopefully that means more for Ralph. Cicada was lame until the very end.
  7. So we all know that Arrow is back for 8 more episodes next season, but this finale really felt like the end. I thought it was really well done, and it felt like we got to say goodbye to a few characters like Diggle, Felicity and Curtis. This season really gave me the sense that they wanted you to get one last glimpse of certain themes and characters before they finished up. So many callbacks to the first 2 seasons, and rewarding cameos. For a show that is objectively bad at times, they got me sad as hell that it's ending. Now I'm just curious how they handle the last few episodes. Will it all be set in the future timeline? Will it all be set during the Crisis? Would be neat if the first part of the season for every show is spent dealing with that, because it is too big of an event to handle in the usual crossover. I reckon we will know more after Flash tonight.
  8. 1. Winter Soldier 2. GotG 2 3. Infinity War 4. Captain America TFA 5. Iron Man 6. Civil War 7. GotG 8. Endgame 9. Age of Ultron 10. Spider-Man 11. Black Panther 12. Avengers 13. Ant-Man & the Wasp 14. Doctor Strange 15. Hulk 16. Thor Ragnarok 17. Captain Marvel 18. Iron Man 2 19. Thor 20. Ant-Man 21. Thor 2 22. Iron Man 3
  9. In talking to my friends, I was stunned at how many people forgot that Vision once just casually picked up Mjolnir.
  10. I had to cheat and use Flickchart because I was having a tough time ranking the films, and ended up with Captain Marvel at #17.
  11. More or less how I felt. I have it middle tier in my MCU rankings, and like you, I found a couple of things to be really heavy handed. At the same time though, I understand that the people it was intended for dug it, so no beef from me on that.
  12. Of course, you have to be careful if you have valid criticisms too, BECAUSE of the alt-right idiots. If you have anything bad to say, people want to lump you in with that group. See: Jedi, The Last.
  13. Let's not forget that Tony and Nebula are floating corpses in space if Danvers never shows up.
  14. Refs are absolutely going to over officiate Rockets/GSW in Game 2. I thought the no-calls on CP3 and Harden at the end were the right decisions, as they were clearly attempts to draw fouls. Both teams pretty much shot the same number of free throws though. I still want the Earth to open up and swallow both teams.
  15. I'd also have to assume that the Mind Stone is locked up somewhere in Avengers tower if Tony's Ultron plan is successful. So I guess Thanos is missing a couple of stones by then, who knows? Like @West Newbury Bad Boy said, it's a lot of hypotheticals.
  16. Assuming that the Ultron project doesn't go disasterously wrong, would it have mattered much in the end when Thanos decided to head that way?
  17. For name value, Galactus would be the logical choice, but you have powerhouses like Rogue Watcher, Zom or Morg that you can use. Or they'll just have some other asshat get the stones again.
  18. But if that is the case, then the Battle of New York never happens, and so on and so forth. It's probably another one of those alternate timeline deals at this point. Pretty much everyone got a pop in my theater besides Danvers. Spider-Man easily got the best reaction, I think because his dusting was so heartbreaking.
  19. Might be a longshot, but the "soul for a soul" rule with the Soul Stone might be a cheat they could use to get Widow back. Like, Cap returns it and requests her life in exchange? Seems far fetched, but not impossible.
  20. I would have preferred that too, since Bucky is Cap's best friend, but I also think Cap realizes that the public may not be able to accept Bucky at this point. The media and the public only know him as a killer, even if there was a minor attempt to absolve him in Civil War. It felt weird to me that Buck didn't get to have Steve's final conversation though. I did like that their talk before Cap went back in time mirrored the one they had in First Avenger, though. I watched it a second time lol. To be honest, it's a good film on it's own, but will have diminishing returns if you weren't invested in all of the films before it. Say, if you just saw the "big" ones, you're missing a ton here, due to all the small lines and callbacks. I reckon I can accept the alternate reality explanation. I mean, our only basis for the rules of time travel come from movies, so you can technically do whatever the hell you want. I hope there is a DVD extra of Luis giving the rundown of the entire saga.
  21. I was thinking about Infinity War pretty much never happening now, due to the time travel. With that said, shouldn't that have undone literally everything done by the original snap, since they killed Thanos before he could do it? Time travel stories are such a headache.
  22. My only really huge issue with this was the Nebula stuff. It was like they booked themselves into a corner with how to get Thanos back involved, and the deal with Nebula was like "ok, this is all we got". Also, the battle with Thanos didn't feel as personal as Infinity War. I KNOW that the stakes were high, but they didn't feel that way. It almost felt like they were fighting a different dude. Having Danvers kill him would have "Roman Reigns'd" here instantly, and I say that as someone who liked her solo film. Wouldn't be shocked if the "5 years later" stuff gets retconned quickly. That is going to make it tough for their narratives going forward. All-in-all, the only thing I really wanted was for them to nail the ending and make me cry. They hit a home run on that. The Stark/Peter reunion kicked off the water works, and idk if I ever recovered after that. Loved the tiny moments in the funeral scene like Hank "never trust a Stark" Pym even being there. Thought the final shot was beautiful too, because a major thread throughout the franchise is that Cap never got to live a life. He was a soldier from day one and nothing else, and the last shot was him having what he always wanted.
  23. I don't think GSW is going to miss Boogie too much, BUT the worst thing that could happen to the Warriors coming out of that game, is that the Clippers are actually confident now. They believe they have a shot at this.
  24. I think it looks great, and I'm super excited that there is a concerted effort to let everyone know that it's not going to be anything like The Last Jedi. Retcon and backpedal that entire piece of shit, because I'll never watch it again anyway.
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