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  1. Wardlow saves Darby, Darby keeps TNT title, Wardlow/Joe resume for the ROH TV title. Everyone wins.
  2. Yeah, we were just hypothizing that the change to STRONG was going to coincide with the ROH tapings finally getting underway. Note; even with this change that doesnt rule it out that there'll be collaboration.
  3. Jade was introduced through the Cody-verse so it's only natural she exists in her own realm.
  4. Oh definitely DEAN, I'm just saying from a purely analytical view the two matches were not on equal footing in the slightest, but if Briscoe/Lethal was a 4, no way that Cage match was a 4, lucky to be a 3 even. But that's Dave's rankings and that doesn't translate well to the Sweats Scale
  5. He gave the same rating to Danielson/Cage which the two are absolutely nothing alike in terms of quality, so I think we don't need to take ol' Dave's ratings into consideration in this year of our lord 2023. That being said, vote goes 100% to Hayter/Emi.
  6. Loved every part of tonight's Rampage, my only complaint was a repeat of the hype video (though very well made) in lieu of a dueling interview segment, but at least Mark Henry said the line!
  7. With Emi Sakura's appearance on Rampage tonight, it's her first televised non Dark/Elevation appearance since 12/11/19's Dynamite against Big Swole.
  8. I think we should all move on from this subject.
  9. Cage with the Varsity Blondes would be a pretty solid grouping honestly. Cage/Nese being the team with Woods the singles wrestler could work out just fine.
  10. They established that Danielson would have to do the gauntlet through the beginning of February, that's why they didn't jump immediately to the tag match (which is logical, you are not wrong) but Danielson has been more estranged from the BCC. You've got them running interference for Mox (see Page vs Yuta coming up)
  11. I dug that commentary explained that Brian Cage was one win away from number one contendership (which is why he didn't immediately get DQ'd) but God I cannot stand Cage. At least we get Prince Nana on weekly TV, I can deal with that.
  12. Okay, so I think I figured it out. When the board loads in Chrome and it's like this (as it is normally), I'm unable to add links or embed or anything. https://ibb.co/4sgySdY When I'm in a thread and there's a new reply and I click through to it, it'll change to this, and all pages going forward while in that session, it'll let me embed and all other features. https://ibb.co/dpJmNdG No idea how to fix it, but at least the error can be visualized.
  13. I'm okay with this change! I mean, I'm personally a Baker fan so its a little disappointing but I think a Soho/Storm match will deliver more than a triple threat.
  14. I think next week will be Chuck Taylor vs Danielson, with the announcement blowing away the Kentucky crowd.
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sx5a2sY7Nho Another AprEW, this time Darius Martin against Jimmy Jacobs while he was wrestling as Airwolf
  16. I appreciate the Porky for Pork connection here, excited to watch! For you, one final AprEW match! https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2yg6sd Adam Page as a Hangboy facing off against the American Wolves!
  17. People in hotels waiting for others to get ready.
  18. She can retain never defeated by submission or pinfall as the criteria, I think Mark Sterling would defend that argument
  19. I thought Jarrett was gone by the time Jericho jumped over but they coexisted from August to October! Sidenote of missed opportunities: Ken Shamrock left just so shortly before Kurt Angle debuted, we could've gotten that.
  20. Hager dumps Jericho and jumps ship to Global Force, leading to Jericho vs Jarrett. Book it!
  21. That I haven't got a clue on, I mainly watch everything on my Desktop.
  22. It's 9.99 a month, I don't know if there is an annual option.
  23. Gringo Loco is in GLEAT now? Amazing, that's a way to get me to tune in.
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