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  1. Potential torn Achilles reported for Tim Patrick: He missed all of last year with a torn ACL. Shit break.
  2. Without any insider information whatsoever, my guess is that the Colts are "calling his bluff" if they think Taylor shouldn't be on the PUP list but he is milking it just so he doesn't have to practice/show he is unhappy. I can't see any other logical reason (even if its still questionable tactics) they'd be threatening NFI as obviously his other injuries are related to last season so PUP would be the right spot for him.
  3. Its annoying but I am hoping if they get any of their wrestlers better known in the US, maybe they will get some via Super7 or something since they have worked with New Japan in the past. Stardom sees their merch sales so I can't question their methods, they know their business better than I do, but hopefully if they grow enough we'll get something more interesting than mini-tapestries and stickers
  4. I mean he just had a four star match two months ago that was universally liked (against Strong), so people in this thread are certainly really over-reacting to a rumor. I expect it from a couple of the people here but seems like everyone just flew straight to the worst case scenario just based off one rumor. Not that I see what the big deal is even if that match happens. You can have Jericho/Ospreay as a special attraction match and still have Punk/Starks, Bucks/FTR, Omega against someone, Cole/MJF, etc. It doesn't magically become a VHS quality event and TK is shook because Jericho may wrestle Ospreay, I worry about you guys sometimes.
  5. No argument there, but as far as I know she's only the second female wrestler to get one, so still a pretty notable accomplishment. I think she's great, I'm mostly curious with her if Sonny's prior assessment of her (that she is too small/short to be the Ace) still holds true, even though she is really popular she still hasn't really risen up the card. Not that "popular upper midcarder that sells tons of merch" is a terrible spot, just interested to see if she ever gets a shot at the top.
  6. Ah that looks right. I've never minded signing up for obscure wrestling services if they let me to watch wrestling (and give a little support) but they need to market it a little better, I've always been interested in the lower wrestling promotions just to see what they are bringing to the table. And its only 500 yen a month.
  7. I don't know how they decide on these things and the behind-the-scenes of it but that's actually a pretty big deal. Usually only the tippy top wrestlers get 16d figures, I'll definitely be getting one. I uh found online all of the Evolution shows floating around but I can't for the life of me find where they were originally broadcast. Their youtube only has digests, anyone know where or how they aired? I tracked down the Hot Shushu events since they are on DVD, I like collecting obscure Joshi promotion events if I can find them.
  8. There is some conflicting information on it, I've seen a few places say they may need to do a "full" repair (including Ian Rapoport) and he'll be out until December. It may just depend on once the surgeon gets in there and the amount of repair needed.
  9. Before any Cincy fans panic, remember that esp in preseason teams are very liberal with their "cart" usage. There is just no reason to take any risks or to go faster than they need to. That being said, Burrow hurt his calf and was taken away on a cart. Hopefully calf and not heel, hard to tell which he grabbed at the initial injury.
  10. Preseason always scares me. I mean injuries happen all season but really the only news is bad news for the next five weeks and it sucks losing players before they even get a chance to start the year.
  11. Two Game Boy Color games added to Nintendo Switch Online. I haven't played them before but having more Zelda games to play can never be bad. The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons
  12. The contract feels like an L for Barkley, based on how he has been talking. I don't blame him for signing it, its money, but basically he now has to report five weeks sooner than he was probably going to and apparently some/all of the bonus money is based on the Giants making the playoffs, not his performance. Plus he didn't even get a "no tag next year" provision.
  13. You can tell that WWE is hot right now as the house show in Fairfax tonight was packed. Over 6,000 people, filled up to the nosebleeds (in a smaller building) in most sections. There was an injury in the main event with a decent amount of blood, I *think* it was Finn Balor's back and that he bled on Seth. They immediately went to the finish but neither wrestler was attended to at ringside so I don't think it was anything too serious, just a decent cut. The turnbuckle was exposed for a spot, I think it just caught someone. EDIT to add: From pictures online, looks like it was Seth that was cut but he cut a promo after the match so shouldn't be anything to keep him out.
  14. As a general rule, cards from 1988 to the mid-90s have little to no value. There are exceptions here and there but those years fall into when they were mass producing cards, but there weren't yet a lot of the serial/autograph/etc special cards that can rise above even mass production. To give you an idea, when I was younger the 1989 Ken Griffey Jr. RC was a hot card, but so many were made now it has very limited value. PSA has graded the card 97,893 times, which doesn't even take into account other grading companies and ungraded cards. When there are hundreds of thousands of each card made, getting any value is brutal. But if you have any cards ranging from like 1981 to 1986 there is some value there if it is the right card/rookie card. Its tough though, I had a lot of cards in my collection in that era too and while they were fun to collect, to say they didn't hold their value would be an understatement. Topps Tiffany is one exception since it was more limited, so if you have any Topps Tiffany rookie cards of the bigger players they will sell ok but that's about all I can think of off the top of my head from that era.
  15. If we are making up reasons Allie Katch isn't in AEW, I think "she isn't a very good wrestler" would be a better made-up reason.
  16. Following my rule of only going to wrestling shows within 20 minutes of my home, I'm going to my first WWE event since... fuck... maybe 2017? WWE is rolling through next weekend for a house show in Fairfax VA, I get to see Asuka for just the second time so I'm happy. Announced card so far (subject to change): WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: SETH "FREAKIN" ROLLINS VS DAMIAN PRIEST WWE WOMEN'S WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: NATALYA VS RHEA RIPLEY WWE WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP TRIPLE THREAT MATCH: BIANCA BELAIR VS ASUKA VS CHARLOTTE FLAIR UNITED STATES CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: AJ STYLES VS AUSTIN THEORY CODY RHODES VS FINN BALOR W/ DOMINIK MYSTERIO PRETTY DEADLY BOBBY LASHLEY THE USOS AND MANY MORE!
  17. I don't know if they would rather us just forget that match ever happened but I always hoped they'd run another one just to do the ending better. Its tough as the last one was a really good match but all anyone remembers (understandably) is the botched ending. If TK had any pride he'd want to run that shit back and have a better 'moment' to put in their dynamite intros.
  18. What's particularly nutty is the Marlins this year are 1-9 against the Braves (with a -54 run diff to boot), and 50-28 against everyone else. I know baseball loves their whacky stats but that has to be a record difference of some sort.
  19. Are you forgetting the classic Legends' House?? Its fun to look back at early WWE Network when they tried to have different original programing, before giving up because no one cared.
  20. In what universe was Trench a "really big swing"? He was the lowest ranking lackey of a Rampage faction, he had so little TV time he still doesn't have a cagematch profile.
  21. Yea this was my assumption too, no other reason for Eddie to run out just to get beat up except to have all eight in the ring to establish who the participants would be.
  22. Sting clearly does not share my concern for his general well-being. Why'd they put the tables so far away
  23. Unless I am dumb and didn't see it, I'm not overly amused about the lack of tournament mode. I wouldn't think it would add a lot to coding, but that is how my brother and I have co-oped wrestling games forever. Set up a tag team tournament, tornado tag, and we can just play as different teams and have fun along the way without having to constantly jump out to the main screen again. Didn't see a way to even do tornado tags. Also no GM/Universe style mode. It feels very barebones mode-wise, I told my brother we should just hold off on playing it together until we see if they add any extra modes/features. The gameplay is fun, no real complaints there, just wish there were more game mode options.
  24. That's the only one I could find, I assume its the full one.
  25. Everyone is being very nice not talking about Sting, which as a big fan of Sting I appreciate. I don't think wrestlers should automatically stop wrestling at a certain age, or certain condition, but if a match is happening and I spend more time being concerned about a wrestler than enjoying what they are doing, maybe time to consider hanging it up. I will say, and I don't think this was his fault, but something was really off with the table spot and aftermath. First, he took the table bump super odd, almost like he was supposed to roll off but forgot he was 62 and not 22 and didn't make it. If he wasn't supposed to roll off (which would have made sense and still told the same Sammy/Jericho story), he took the bump in the weirdest way possible, in a half 'roll off' position. Then, like 15 seconds later he is back in the ring like nothing happened, on offense. And it didn't come across as him 'hulking up' but just him hitting his next spot. So either the timing was messed up, he was supposed to move, or they were just going spot-to-spot-to-spot even if it made no sense. Anyway that was a weird match.
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