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  1. My AFL membership finally paid off. Became a full member with GF seats after 9 years on the wait list and it's the year we make it. Just got my seats for the GF, Level 2 Southern Stand down the city end. Should be a cracking game and hopefully my Dogs can win it.
  2. The last couple of minutes of the show appeared planned and didn't seem like they were wasting time to me. It was messy but you can make out that Ziggler was asking Shane what he was doing out there and playing up his displeasure about his presence, which I highly doubt would be a shoot, and would also play into his earlier promo about the show not being about authority figures anymore. They are clearly going somewhere with this and it wouldn't shock me if this a trigger for a Dolph turn (possibly aided by HHH, because you know, the show isn't about Authority figures anymore) and not an Ambrose turn. For some reason it appears they are still not quite ready to give up on him and a heel turn may freshen him up a bit. How that works with his HBK tribute gimmick I don't know
  3. I'm a degenerate gambler and my bookmaker has a market for the mystery opponent. 8 hours ago DB was 6-1 and Samoa Joe was 12-1, they have both now shortened to 2-1
  4. I hope at some point we get Stingdow.
  5. With BPP I don't think it would be shoot-y sounding fuck HHH promos, I'm pretty sure he'd just straight out say fuck HHH.
  6. So I had been checking the local sports books to see if they had any markets for the Rumble, and as of about 10 hrs ago (11pm Sunday Night Australian) most of them had Bryan as 2nd fav for between $6-$8.50 (6-1 to 8.5-1) with Batista 1.80 favourite. I check this morning, almost all of them now have DB as $1.50 favourite with Batista out to $2.50. I'm really annoyed I didn't join up with one and put $100 in him to win it now.
  7. http://rspw.org/petrie/970526.txt http://rspw.org/petrie/970630.txt
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