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  1. Don't worry it's not just you who can't watch Peep show, the first few seasons were fine, but it actually gets MORE cringeworthy in the latter seasons, I'd find myself turning over the channel for 2 minutes then flipping back to see if their situation had improved. It hadn't! I have a huge crush on Dobby though.
  2. Who's actually medically cleared to come back? Sheamus & Christian? If Jericho is in Pittsburgh you can almost guarantee him showing up. I don't think we'll ever see Bourne again, hasn't he been waiting to come back for ages? I don't even know what happened to RVD since his recent comeback, did he get fired again or just a part timer now? So Sheamus, Christian and Jericho = 28, but could take out a few nobodies for any other surprises.
  3. Authority makes Bryan & Punk no's 1 + 2 entrants, with the shield and NAO and Wyatts being numbers 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10. I have the mind of an evil genius. They get chucked out after putting up a good fight leaving the heels to implode. Shield dominate until Batista throws out Rollins and Ambrose. Reigns has a good showing before being thrown out as well.
  4. Just change that 8 next to Chelsea into a 9.
  5. Just how badly are we going to get beat today? It could be one of those bizarro things where we're so bad we confuse the Chelsea players and fluke a win....no, no it won't.
  6. The last two series of Torchwood were excellent, definitely not a sign of desperation.
  7. I still want Bryan vs heel authority HBK, and Punk vs HHH and then we can get Bryan/Punk vs DX in HIAC, please and thank you.
  8. Ryback = male AJ? Did he skip? Please say he skipped.
  9. Just watched Prometheus for the 2nd time. Fassbender's android walk freaks me out. I liked the attention to detail, when his head is detached the left side of his face sags as if non-functional. Some dumb lines and a few plot-holes, but an above average sci-fi film and has high re-watch value. Seriously though, Charlize just drop and roll, drop and roll literally 2 metres to safety like Shaw did, that's all you had to do.
  10. His costume was meant to be the J├Ąger-suicide-bomber. Either way he's a stupid twat. If I was getting paid those amounts to play in the epl, I wouldn't drink alcohol or wear stupid fancy dress costumes, sign me up Moyes! (How bad can I be? Seriously, Sunderland?)
  11. Was watching this Roman Reigns spear montage, because why not? And I came to the conclusion that Ziggler would bump out of his actual skin if he could.
  12. Horrible Histories Series 1 - 5. Live action sketch show based on Terry Deary's books, won a few bafta's last few years. Those of you who know a bit of British comedy will see lots of recognisable faces. Really funny, educational and is funny for adults just as much as for kids. Type it in youtube and watch a few of the sketches, guarantee you'll fall in love with it, especially the musical pieces. Infact...:
  13. Quite off topic, but I need you guys' help. A software company I use for my e-commerce business is having a contest, with the top 3 getting reduced or free subscriptions. I would really appreciate it if even a few of you could vote for us here: http://woobox.com/mkzryt/vote/for/1803831 many thanks! The link is to their facebook contest page, safe as long as you don't mind seeing a man in tights.
  14. Yeah I was gonna turn off, but honestly watch to the end. What am I watching? I don't know, but it's awesome.
  15. At least she can bump. Alicia Fox has been with the company for years and still lands on her coccyx for everything and can't run the ropes. It's like they don't even bother training them anymore.
  16. Can anyone pm me goodhelmets email again? I have lost it and wish to give him some of my money.
  17. That champions league draw is very interesting for the English sides, Man United and Chelsea both struggling get the easier draws, but could still lose. Arsenal and City get the tough draws, but are in good form. English teams could win all 4 or lose all 4, very interesting indeed.
  18. Used to collect GI Joe's the little ones, still get myself one a year. Mostly though it's films and music, my music collection is purely digital, and I've been thinking of doing the same with converting my films to avi and mp4 and getting rid of the actual discs/cases, but it's a grey area (or a black and white one shit I don't know) and the future hasn't quite caught up with us yet. Would be nice to have every single piece of visual media I own at the tap of a button.
  19. There's a few of us around still, we're just...quiet.
  20. Am I the only one who finds Tamina really, really hot? Like she is my favourite by far, only Summer Rae and Naomi, maybe AJ come anywhere close for me. It upsets me that they don't let her smile because she is a heel and heels don't smile. I want her to be divas champ not jobbing to Natalya. Sorry gush over.
  21. Leonidas

    The Cover Shtick

    Ok this was awesome thanks for posting. He looks like Goldust.
  22. Was awesome to see Dr Who on the big screen. They didn't do much with 3D apart from the paintings and the Daleks attacking Galiffrey. First time I've ever been to a movie where the audience applauded at the end. Roll on Christmas special!
  23. Swordfish is in my top 20 movies of all time, just a very enjoyable action flick with a perfect cast where it looks like everyone had a great time filming it and really works. Rat Race doesn't get the love it deserves, one of my favourite comedies in modern times. Huge cast. Jon Lovitz accidentally doing a Hitler speech at a WW2 veterans gathering gets me everytime.
  24. Just re-watched Rumble 2004, 2 things sprang out at me. We basically do have Benoit in 2013, he just looks smaller and has a beard. I guarantee if Benoit didn't do what he did, he'd be doing all that Bryan's done, awkward hug it out with Kane, AJ as his crazy gf, the works. Ironically he could have done with a real life Dr Shelby. Also JR and Tazz were on commentary, JR is actually so good, like it's been so long I forgot? Tazz was good too, you know what with actually calling the names of moves, he even specified what sort of suplex was being thrown instead of everything just being "modified".
  25. Sabotage my only reaction was "Hey it's Brad from HIMYM!"
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