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  1. Maybe he deleted the account or they did.
  2. That are people ugly as all sin from an objective and subjective stand-point of either gender in every sport, so list whomever.
  3. I think they stated she's 17, so she's age of consent in various places in the US. He can just go to Alabama.
  4. In a somewhat depressing scene, today was Naohiro Hoshikawa's 20th anniversary show. http://sportsnavi.yahoo.co.jp/photo/fight/all/dtl/303/1/ He and Marufuji had a quick little exhibition type thing.
  5. The mystery of Shatterstar and Longshot's connection has been revealed! They...
  6. Skimming through this, all I got out of it is that Manti Teo is dating RGIII.
  7. 15 out of the 16 analysts on ESPN.com chose the NL to win, so that worked out well.
  8. Ryan

    Archer Thread.

    You can actually buy a Poovey Farms pit crew outfit. Only 81.50 if you buy the hat with it~!
  9. Ryan

    Archer Thread.

    I should have mentioned, you can vote for more than one~!
  10. What about those dick pics Andrew Luck sent Peyton? I hear he was standing next to an electric wok...
  11. Why start a thread now? It's never too early to express your love for the show. Season 5 should kick off in January. Discuss or you shall suffer the ultimate punishment, um, ignorance of Archer.
  12. It's post-Trinity War where the bad guys officially have won and most of the heroes are "dead".
  13. Finally, the good guys get to win.
  14. Half his pitches missed the plate by a mile anyway.
  15. Ryan

    Tyson Gay / PED's

    I choose to believe everyone in every major sport is on something, so I'm not surprised when something happens to them, even the folks I root for or like. A sad, pessimistic world-view of sports it is, but it works wonders!
  16. I had visions of Batman crying and trying to leap into The Riddler's grave at Nygma's funeral.
  17. No, this is it. It's technically 8.5 since the premiere was double-length and they include the Halloween episode. They're apparently going to get Season 6 done as quick as they can, so there's not going to be as long of a wait. Next year I would hope.
  18. It almost all holds up, at least to me. Tonight is full of Guild shenanigoats.
  19. There's something wrong with criticizing Stafford? He's got his obvious flaws like any QB. Even the better ones.
  20. Have one of the players steal your kid's bike(assuming the kid's that old) for the ride over and you can probably get an autograph from whichever random schlub it is.
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