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  1. This is a basic problem with wrestling heel/face logic. Every time someone turns face (apparently with the exception of Dolph Ziggler) they gain some superpowers or super-ability-to-kick-out. Especially the top babyfaces. They've been Supermen for a long time. You become a face, you get some kind fo Hulk-up powerup. Turning face is like taking a PED. Meanwhile the heels are fallible, and so have to work harder and be more cunning. But given this, wouldn't "turning face" be the ultimate heel move? You suddenly get this huge advantage you didn't have before (super-heart?). I think that's why a lot of smarks cheer heels. There's a way in which the Faces, if they are kayfabe-conscious, are pulling off a scam that makes them the ultimate heels...and a heel who doesn't exploit that becomes somehow enobled by not taking the easy way out. I know it's mixing kayfabe logic and non-kayfabe logic...but it's hard not to nowadays when guys like Cena and Punk want their character to be an extension of their backstage image. I was thinking something like this the other day when I was watching Chuck Klosterman talk about his new book, which is about evil in popular culture. Part of it is about why people feel drawn to villains. One thing he pointed out was that actors always say the villain roles are more "interesting" but he thinks what they really mean is that those characters are more real. They are flawed and human. I think this absolutely applies to wrestling. The traditional super hero character (Cena or Hogan being the obvious examples) aren't real human beings. We're not perfectly moral and we don't always do the right thing. We're complicated. Randy Savage was fascinating, a ball of energy and neuroses and excitement. CM Punk is thoughtful and principled and stubborn. They're great characters, in a way that Hogan and Cena are not. Say what now?
  2. The Usos did the Haka and summoned Mark Henry. Everything after that was gravy to me. Damn good match, though.
  3. With the way he's been written the last 15+ years, you could pretty much say the same about Bats, too.
  4. Bah, he was drunk and said something really stupid in a public setting. If he'd been sober and saying this, then I could see a reason for the shitstorm and all the shunning from his teammates. As it is, Cooper comes off like a pariah and his teammates(especially Shady, who has no right to be critical of anybody given what's come out about him in regard to his ex-girlfriend) come off like childish assholes. Maybe things are a bit different in the locker room when the cameras aren't there, but right now everyone looks bad.
  5. Okay, I'm black and what Cooper said was obviously really stupid, but all this crap that's come out of it is fucking ridiculous.
  6. They're actually talking Titans now, shockingly enough. I wish we could ship Evans, Casserly, and Jamie Dukes to the fucking sun. UGH...
  7. He'd have made a great Doctor Psycho pre-Nu52. Went and saw The Wolverine against my better judgment to day and... it was okay. The first two-thirds of the movie were pretty good and the bullet train fight was damn good even with that dumb bit of Wolverine flying right at the camera screaming with his claws out. Wasn't a big fan of the big twist reveal of the Silver Samurai and the endgame of the big plot. Mariko and Yukio were really good. End of credits scene was nice and hopefully the next X-Men movie will set the franchise back where it should've been. It really annoyed me how they were selective in when they translated the Japanese and when they didn't. Regardless, this was far better than that horseshit Origins movie and I'll probably end up catching it again later.
  8. It's like NFL Network thinks there's only 8-9 teams in the entire league...
  9. APO... AlwaysPissedOff, izzat you? And Catwoman would totally be on my list here, if my "review" for that one wasn't like two sentences long. One and the same. I went to see it with one of my cousins and literally after we were walking out of the theater, he said that he thought it was better than Spider-Man 1, which almost made me have an aneurysm on the spot.
  10. I'll go with Catwoman, but FF: The Spirits Within is giving it a serious run for it's money.
  11. Eh, a lot of them come in that big to begin with.
  12. I hated how the Avengers were shoehorned into what should've been an X-event and were basically written to be the heroes of the story. 'Course, Scott basically ends up being right in the end, but Bendis and the rest of the hacks involved with AvX demonized the shit out of him until the X-fan backlash happened. I kinda wish DC would try a few animated movies featuring other characters rather than going back to the Batman well again, but I know they'd never sell, sadly. Still wondering why Marvel isn't taking advantage of the animated movie market and putting some Avenger and X-Men stories out there. Hell, throw cosmic characters a bone too.
  13. It may be a bit of personal bias against Wolverine, but I hated the fuck out of Wolverine and the X-Men. I tried to give it a chance, but the failure to flip Scott and Logan's roles by making Cyclops into a complete and utter moron just killed any interest I had in it. I did like the Nightcrawler/Scarlet Witch bits and the Polaris bits from the Xavier storyline, but those were woefully few and far between. Doing AoA in the second season would've been interesting, but the writing would've needed a major overhaul, IMO.
  14. Eh... wouldn't touch Manziel until the 3rd round personally. Off-field issues aside, I just don't see his game transitioning well to the pros and really question his football IQ.
  15. Finally got my tower back and rejoined the league. Plan on bowing to me this year, bitches!
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