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  1. Yeah, I remember it now. There was a niggling doubt in my mind when I posted that question. That match you guys pieced together. I watched it as part of Secret Santo. It was Tito, Chavo, and Andre working a trios match in Japan. Tito was mainly in there to take bumps and perhaps he was kinda sorta working heel, but he was teamed with Andre who was totally the rampaging bad guy in that match. Fascinating stuff. Surprised it slipped my mind.
  2. I didn't enjoy Night 2 as much as I enjoyed Night 1, and Misu v Ishii is still my favourite match of the tournament by a wide margin (and to be honest it will be very very tough to top)... but there was still a lot to like. I loved Liger on commentary, "boo-humming" (hum-booing??) and getting very into everything. I loved that Osaka crowd, doing the very best they could under the circumstances. There were some really surprising finishes as well as quite a few near-falls and false finishes that I bought into, which is something i always enjoy. Tana's high fly flow to the
  3. Based on my limited experience at New Japan live shows, the fans in Kansai love him for it. So, yeah, very much like Cutler and Avalon in that sense.
  4. Not a whole lot recently. I thought he had a good match v Hiromu in the NJ Cup.
  5. A couple of historically great death matches?
  6. I pity Gary Hart. Imagine the awful humiliation of having your head shaved bald!
  7. As I said in the G1 thread, this match gets stiff enough to make Shinobu Kandori puke:
  8. Looking forward to Tana v Naito tomorrow.
  9. Very very good first night of action. Spoiler-free thoughts: Young Boys match was perfectly cromulent. I'm looking forward to seeing more out o these guys as the tournament goes on. Ospreay has obviously added a LOT of muscle to his frame, but he can still fly. Jeff Cobb has a very weird-looking body, like he's made of stuck-together parts of different action figures. He hit some very impressive-looking power moves in his match with Taichi. MiSu v Ishii was everything i hoped it wold be. They just beat the living shit out of each other. It was glorious. Totally agree
  10. Good Lord! Suzuki v Ishii was stiff enough to make Shinobu Kandori puke.
  11. It seems totally appropriate that a guy named Hayabusa should feel an urgent sense of concern about the possibility of pro wrestlers getting injured.
  12. I'm pretty damned excited for tonight. Okada v Ibushi! Shingo v Jay! MISU v ISHII!!!!!
  13. Watching The Roadies in Japan is just tremendous fun. They had such a great aura and were so incredibly over everywhere they went. You can hear how excited the Japanese crowd were to see them. I was lucky enough to get to hang out and go to a couple of shows with Yuji Tsuruta back when he was living in Osaka around 2013. He told me a story of watching his dad fight the Road Warriors when he was a kid (perhaps that very same match that you posted)! He asked his dad why he didn't beat them and Jumbo's reply was basically "Did you see the size of those guys?" and Yuji, at the time, was like
  14. I'd be pretty satisfied with that, actually. I had a fair bit of of fun with that game.
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