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  1. Julio did eh but I didn't really have anyone else that did better. Thanks to Jeremy Hill being a bust, I am only 7.9 points behind in a full point PPR league with Travis Kelce left to play. I might just pull this off thanks to Aaron Rodgers and waiver wire pickup Cameron Meredith. In anger I dropped Sammy Watkins last week and of course he would blow up this week.
  2. I am trusting you Julio. Can't imagine sitting him against the team he put 300 yards on. Live by the Julio, die by the Julio I suppose
  3. I went to pick up Ty Montgomery and someone beat me to it by eight minutes. I played Sammy Watkins in the spot I had for him. I hate fantasty football but at least this week I play to win my money back
  4. Ty Montgomery is going to be money tomorrow. Freezing game, Arod hurt, Starks out and Michael banged up. Ty gonna feast Peterson was doing terrible before the injury. I would go Inman 100%
  5. Faced with the dilemma of if I should bench Julio Jones or not. He is injured and will probably be used as a decoy. Picked up Gabriel to use if need be. Julio has burned me before but if he goes off I don't want to be the guy who lost in the playoffs because he benched Julio. I hate this game
  6. funny how fantasy works. A last minute need for Jordan howard has led to him being the MVP of my team and straight into the playoffs
  7. Besides some bruising and the stitches I don't think it will be any long term damage. My five year old is taking it like a trooper and thanks to Zootopia she understands that the dog "went savage" and has to move to a home without small children.
  8. My dog bit my 14 month old in the face, doing some damage and causing her to get a stitch in four puncture marks. Dog is 8 or 9 and sadly we have to get rid of her. Had her for six years, kind of bummed but we got lucky this time. The one bite was two inches from her eye.
  9. Yeah as a Packers fan if someone besides them has to win the division I would hope for the Lions. Those fans have suffered enough
  10. Guy eliminated from playoff contention sent in a deal giving up Doug Baldwin and Zach Ertz for Delanie Walker and.....Marvin Jones to someone who will make the playoffs. I call bullshit and thankfully the trade gets vetoed. Dude offers me Allen Robinson for Michael Thomas straight up. I take it and it gets vetoed out of spite.
  11. The front reminds me of those shirts that you get on the boardwalk from the shady shops that have ridiculous shirts like If you can read this, the bitch fell off. The back ruins it though.
  12. In a strange twist, Ty Montgomery won me the week. When he was a late scratch, the only option I had was Jordan Howard. Won by eight.
  13. Julio Jones will be the death of me Ty Montgomery boned me hard as well
  14. People really don't get that NXT is more a tool to sell network subscriptions then it is to develop guys.
  15. He shouldn't have a job in three days.
  16. I am out of town for work and my hotel doesn't have the NFL network. I spent about ten minutes debating with myself about going to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the game. I hate Buffalo Wild Wings.
  17. They are both on bye and play next week.
  18. Jay Ajayi is this years Devonte Freeman. I'm not a believer in him for the long run.
  19. I am up by 13 and my opponent has Baldwin and the Arizona D. Only reason I am torturing myself
  20. I know I'm late but so tired of everyone knowing that Oliver Queen is the Green Arrow. Why does he think he can trust these dumb vigilantes
  21. Tweaked myself out of a win this week by a 12:50 change to my lineup. Dumb. Just need Doug Martin to come back healthy and I should be ready to dig myself out of the 2-4 hole I am currently in.
  22. He would have been in the pro bowl that one year but he was too busy playing in the Super Bowl. Kaep was figured out by the league and regressed but still better than the Blaine train. Making the change hurts no one.
  23. I AM SO OLD I will still reference a Dildo Blender to people that don't even like wrestling and it still makes me laugh. I think Duggan being the guy makes it that much better
  24. Suplex City has ruined Brock to me. The match at Mania was brutal with the counter and how terrible it was built around how many suplexes he could throw.
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