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  1. I think the 49ers got this but it’s no thanks to Kyle Shanahan’s big game play calling. That still hasn’t changed. Their best play was a wide run, 66 YDs. They haven’t called another wide play let alone that play. The 49ers are getting beat on the edge but there’s no play call for that. Walker is underrated. Score points so that the Seahawks have to force the pass and it’s game over IMO.
  2. Any promoted CWF show in it’s peak years. It was as good as any of the more famous territories. Flair was always down there. Tons of guys were down there when they were young. Dusty Rhodes, Funks, THE CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD! I think this was my answer to a similar recent thread asking about the same thing. I found this searching for the Lawler and Dutch vs Landell and Dundee Texas Tornado match though. What’s the status on this and the Lawler vs Dutch matches? Are the still long lost?
  3. I haven’t seen the ref from the Fiesta Bowl in forever. Did he retire?
  4. I believe Dutch’s story because I happen to know that bears like sweets.
  5. I just popped in to say that I heard about this today. I don’t know what I can say. My opinion hasn’t changed since the last thread. I also heard about Billy Graham. Ugh...
  6. Detroit will play hard. The Packers will win IMO but not because the Lions won’t play hard. It’s what happens every year. This division just hands it to the Packers somehow. Then the Packers are predicted to win the SB and blow it even worse than whoever played the Packers last blew it. Boring tbh.
  7. It looks like the Seahawks are going to win. The Packers still have to win to get in right? This only puts Detroit out of it.
  8. The Charger’s coach fooling around and letting Bosa and Williams get hurt is a bigger eff up than Rex Ryan letting his 2 quarterbacks get hurt in that preseason game that time.
  9. I hate it but I don’t think it matters. They’re a tier below the real contenders.
  10. If I were a coach I would have used my automatic scoring play some time before week 18 in reverse tank scenario. But say the conspiracy is true. When asked about the draft pick Lovie should say “f^%# the draft pick.” The Bills haven’t lit it up against middle of the pack teams down the stretch. They’ve just took care of business and I think they’re still 1 of the main contenders. If anything seems rigged to me it’s the Packer and Lions. They don’t have the Rams and Packers on nationally and they don’t even have the live score up in the corner with the others. They must already have it planned for the Packers.
  11. Some people who have focused on the national anthem in the past need to watch the Bills game anthem. That’s how you unite, raise awareness, and of course play the f’ing game.
  12. Urban McVay. Seanbo Fisher.
  13. The Chiefs did something like that once before IIRC
  14. The people complaining about the tweezer picked details that don’t add up need to either play or watch or coach the game with the big boys or go home with the baby boys. Just like on the sandlot. It wasn’t going to be perfect because perfect is impossible in this case. Perfect would be that nobody got hurt to start with. Meanwhile the one who got hurt woke up he asked who won the f’n game. I’m still not over that.
  15. Jim Harbaugh is a better NFL coach than college coach IMO, and I don’t think we have to worry about him benching a quarterback whose winning for one that’s ever played ever again lol! Jimbo Fisher is every bit as big of a creepy monster as Bobby Petrino. He just hasn’t been caught with his pants down yet, but he kind of was of you Google hard enough about his wife and her little affair.
  16. I agree and I think that it could be better than good. It could be great. They could have it at Canton, the Rose Bowl, somewhere historic and...well...just plain fun. Hines Ward trucking people was awesome. Imagine a WR getting called for roughing because that’s what would be happening if he played today.
  17. Asking who won the game is a GOAT moment. Such a football player thing to do. Some football players are just plain good ole football players. So many of them now are some things I’d rather not say but many of them could go to sleep for 100 years and wake up and ask who won the game just like we would if we fell asleep in the chair during a game we were watching.
  18. Even if the Commanders would have lost out, I think the general opinion would have been that the coach got the most out of the team that he had in the situation they were in with the higher up’s drama and their weird schedule here at the end. That’s the definition of coaching. But they have managed to return to the disarray that they were at the start of the season here with only 2 weeks left (it started last week). We’ve seen collapses but they last long enough before they end to be called a collapse because it has to crumble, fall, and hit the ground. Here in 2 weeks the Commanders went from unlikely playoff team to dumpster fire. And Ron wtf.
  19. I didn’t know how the Bills were going to make it before yesterday tbh. It seems like they have a big game every week and they win it close thanks to atleast 10 just plain crazy plays by either the quarterback or a skill player. I was thinking that somebody is going to get hurt. At the very least they were going to lose to a team that they couldn’t out-barnyard. It would be a shame to because they’re not barnyarding just to barnyard it like some other quarterback driven teams have who can’t or don’t care to do anything else that takes more effort. This isn’t how they draw it up. It’s just what always happens in these big games.
  20. It’s a touchy subject to some people, but Piper in WCW was unintentionally funny many times. It was so funny that the laughter became anxiety laughter a few times. This was 1 of the many little accidents that set up Eddie’s heel turn. This was 1 of the most realistic and well done slow burning heel turns in history if you ask me. It was unusual for WCW. Eddie was just always in the wrong place at the wrong time and he would get mad every time he was blamed or questioned but he would never cross over. Then he finally did and his explanation was basically what the hell you been booing me anyway so.
  21. I agree with Mario and lostintube. I also think the league would have made the same decision ultimately even though I know all about their shit. They didn’t need much persuading it. They knew it was time to do what they had to do.
  22. No no no Twitter...definitely Twitter. And I’m not even on that crap site or Ap or whatever they call it. I just seen some of them when I finally went and looked up Skip’s Tweet.
  23. Some of the holier than thou responses are just as cringy to be freaking honest.
  24. What did I say. Tf did I even already say. This game was bomb that was going to go off. I was only wrong because the injured player didn’t even make it to the cart.
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