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  1. That had to be from that series of cheesy tapes they released. I used to have that whole set but I don’t remember that guy at all so maybe I’m wrong. I was watching it and as the first promo went on I thought, eh, it’s actually pretty normal stuff. Then that second promo hit lol!
  2. I know this isn’t a straight up squash but it was just so dang awesome. It also gets a few squash points because Larry got pinned, laughed at in the follow up promo, laughed at on commentary, then even though it was unintentional him not showing up for the closing brawl was kind of bitch made lol! How hilarious would it have been for Dusty to roll this tape after Larry made him mad some time in 1996.
  3. They wouldn’t have played as long as they did either had they not played in this era. Rodgers has more touchdowns and barely less yards this season. If that doesn’t blow that up just look at Drew Brees. He was trash for more than a season but not if you go by bare bones stats and the 1 time he didn’t get luck vs the Rams his homers are still crying about it.
  4. Even his longevity has involved a ton of luck. In any other era he would be physically unable to play this game since before this year IMO. And say I’m wrong well that roughing hit they called against the Falcons would wouldn’t have been called. I know that was only 1 play but it’s a part of his legacy. That’s how bad of a call it was at just the perfect time like always.
  5. Man what a throw. I think the creator is laying it on a little thick, like him recognizing the defense. I think he made the throw because he didn’t recognize the defense and didn’t know that any more or less pressure was coming than usual, or that Kittle would he open 1 on 1. I think he just threw it to Kittle just like Jimmy G does in almost any bad situation. But it was still a good throw that took a set to stand there and make. This all happened as Tua, an MVP favorite, was having his worst game. Purdy can have a backup quarterback meltdown just as sure as a new MVP favorite can have 1 in a late season big game. If I’m wrong and they actually have a rookie backup who is reading defenses and throwing from the pocket vs pressure like that, then that might be who needs to start for the next 10 years lol!
  6. I think he’s an alltime great but not the greatest. If you subtract his greatness there’s more luck leftover than there is greatness if you subtract his luck IMO. Therefore I lean towards lucky even though I know he’s also good.
  7. Bucs are probably going to destroy the 49ers in a typical second game backup quarterback meltdown after a good first game showing. It will get sold as something else of course, like a winning streak by Brady. He is the luckiest player ever.
  8. I’m still a Baker fan and think people need to get over the fact that he was an asshole at the age when we were all assholes. I mean come on. Unfortunately I don’t see it working out with the Rams but maybe we’ll see a 400 YDs, 4 TD 4 INT game. That would be fun.
  9. I’m going to weigh in on this from both ends. The Cowboys won this game like they won the Lions game. They won it by alot of points but the truth is they were less than 5 YDs from losing it at clutch time. Had the Colts got that 2 point conversion it would have been alot different. On the other hand the Cowboys hadn’t cut lose like that in years. They deserve it. I went from thinking that that opening shot on Jerry Jones and that woman behind him was planned so that it could be photoshopped and made into meme to go viral to forgetting about it. And so has everybody else after that game.
  10. https://imgur.com/gallery/xaSLBui
  11. The Bears are the new Browns. That’s where they’re finally at. The Dolphins coach looks more like a Law and Order SVU guest star than he does a ball coach.
  12. Trophy reaction button. It will be narrated by Cris Collinsworth and will include things like how he’s playing in the rain (as if the other quarterback isn’t).
  13. On another forum the Packers fans have reached to the “it’s the Bears SB” excuse. That’s an outdated meme that the Steelers used to dump on the Browns, or the Pats on the Jets. That’s how bad the Packers are and how mad they are lol! Reaching that far back in the meme vault for damage control. Meanwhile the Vikings don’t look sharp at all, but it doesn’t matter because everything Kirk throws up is caught. Jefferson has a highlight reel’s worth of catches in this game that’s not even over. Gregor’s catch was an accident. They got pressure which made the ball underthrown, but all that meant was that the triple coverage was underthrown and Gregor caught it. The Jets are struggling on offense but the truth is this is normal. It happens every 2nd game a quarterback has off the bench after balling last week.
  14. Steve Young definitely. Mahomes has some of it in his but he has the GOAT dump off man on his team so he usually does that.
  15. Quarterbacks who run have translated well to the NFL. They just didn’t go down in history as running quarterbacks because of how well they threw the ball as their career went on. Eventually they quit running altogether. Of course some of them either got hurt or turned into dumpster fires in helmets. Hurts is quite possibly the smartest runner I’ve ever seen. I don’t just mean sliding. Slide so you don’t get hit says all the coaches...well just as many guys have gotten hurt doing that. Hurts is smart because he never runs straight ahead into people or straight horizontally away from people. No juking either. That’s all great when it works but that’s also how guys get messed up. He always runs to the sidelines at an angle, even if he first takes off straight. What a basic thing I know but it’s true and it’s a difference IMO.
  16. Cris and Mike left out that Rodgers threw a pick to lose that Cowboys game in 2007. I wonder if LaFleur secretly wants Rodgers gone like McCarthy did Favre. Love has already attempted more downfield passes than Rodgers.
  17. The Eagles are scary good. The truth is the Packers came to play the 3 times it looked like their season was on the line. They beat the Cowboys. They didn’t beat the Bills or even come close but that was before the Bills had their issues, and the Bills were just that much better than the Packers at their best. I think this game is the same thing. The Packers actually played well but they are just not in any potential SB champion’s league.
  18. I could see the Eagles turning this back into a route in like 4 minutes. I don’t know wtf happened on those sneaks. So dumb to try a play that you give away to the defense twice in a row. I could also see them being so shellshocked that they blow it and the Packers make it a route. I hope it’s 1 or the other because I can’t take Cris Collinsworth overselling every single play.
  19. That’s the Chiefs for you right there and the reason why they’re not ever going to be a SB favorite to me no matter how good they really are. They’ll win this game but they’re just not all in IMO. Then they tried to get cute when it was time to ice the game and then the next play they turned it over.
  20. The Browns game has been over like 10 times, just without the drama of that recent Bills game that was over as many times. Now here they are with the ball back again with 2:00 left after a 7 YD Chubbs run. Before that was a bad punt and a sack for a loss.
  21. I have a feeling Tua’s case will be decided soon though. He’s either going to beat the 49er’s ass or they’ll beat his.
  22. I think Mahomes and Tua are the most realistic choices also. There is still plenty of time left for the Chiefs to come out looking like they don’t care about playing football like they do though, and for Tua to get hurt again or lose a game which has to happen sometime just like it has to the other teams. I of course don’t want him to get hurt but I do want to see the voters in a position where they can’t vote for a quarterback. But shoot...say Mahomes and Tua blow it they’ll probably just give it to Allen whose ugly winning seems to be slowly growing on people.
  23. So are the Browns. They’re trying the short slant or the sideline duck on every 3rd down. My guy catches it or nobody catches is calls. Might as well just run it with Chubb 3 times. Atleast there would be a chance. Also what a shame about Nate Peterman after all the work that the woke mob put in this week resharing ring that Jerry Jones pic and pretending that they’d never seen it before.
  24. And sometimes you just have to freaking watch the game. Stats shmats. Watch Jefferson for a few minutes and there’s a chance you’ll see him make some kind of impossible catch in man coverage when Kirk Cousins is under pressure and just flings it, or an easy catch in triple coverage because he somehow still got open.
  25. Jefferson should be the MVP, and I hate talking about MVPs. I almost never go there.
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