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  1. There's a little bit of Fat Spanish Waiter in all of us. Edit: That sounds dirtier than I initially intended.
  2. I only caught the end of the show (I'll check out at least Charlotte's promo and the gauntlet match tonight), but my takeaway was that AJ has terrible peripheral vision. And hearing. I dunno how Orton keeps managing to sneak up on dudes. The crowd reacts when they see wrestlers sneaking up on someone. You'd think AJ would at least be savvy enough to pick up on that. Then again, Orton managed to sneak up on the camera man and Kevin Dunn. Lol, the way they shot the end of the match made it seem Orton teleported in....
  3. Question: how do the Wii/Wii U versions of multi-platform games compare to their Sony and Microsoft counterparts. About the same? At the moment, I'm thinking mostly about the Wii U versions of the Batman: Arkham games, Bayonetta, Assassins Creed III and IV, and the sports titles (Madden. Pro Evo Soccer, FIFA, etc.).
  4. What's the import gaming selection like for Nintendo Switch and PS3? Thinking about buying one console or the other this week when i trade some stuff in at the local retro store. One of the reasons i really liked PSX and PS2 collecting was they both had deep import catalogs. Own at least 100+ import only games for each system. Systems that don't have deep import catalogs (N64, Gamecube) don't tend to do as much for me as a collector. I'm really asking about physical releases, not downloadable games. I don't know if it's feasible, but I have no immediate plans to sign up for th
  5. Playing Speed Power Gunbike on the PS1. Man..... most video games would only be improved by a healthy amount of Engrish. Why "ANERGY EMPTY!! YOU ALL OVER!!” never became a meme i’ll never know (that's from SPG's game over screen). Also, had this awkward conversation with the wife Wife (a bit disapprovingly); You have an awful lot of PS1 games. Think you have 200?" Me (sheepishly): "Yeah... I ....think I have 200." I think i have 200 because I'm fairly sure the actual count is 500-600. It's been years since I've really kept track of the number, but I'm almost sure it's 5
  6. That body suit looks like it would be damn hot to wrestle in. And possibly hard to peel off while you're sweaty. I know trying to figure out WWE logic is a fool's pursuit, but, even for WWE Creative, the women's triple threat made no sense. One of the team's (the IIconics) was already in the Elim Chamber match, so they were in the match because..... ? Also, the IIconics were put in the Elim Chamber without having to qualify, for whatever reason. Jeff Hardy being the first TV challenger for a belt made of hemp has to be a rib.
  7. Supernatural is also getting another season. If there was ever a show that didn't need or deserve 15 seasons, it's.... well, ok, it's Criminal Minds, but Supernatural is in the conversation.
  8. I wish WWE was on better terms with Punk. Punk vs. Bryan for Daniel's hemp belt would be amazing.
  9. Fan, but never one of my absolute favorites. Buscema telling a crowd he does't know much about superhero comics wouldn't have a huge impact on me. On the other hand, Marshall Rogers saying he doesn't know what Batman is about would be a "stop stomping on my teen years" moment. My younger self was a huge fan of Englehart/Rogers/Austin on Batman.
  10. You know there are indy wrestling promoters out there thinking to themselves "You can simply not pay people and refuse to communicate with them. Sign me up!"
  11. This. I'm not a huge fan of JB, so it's not a "crushing my childhood" moment or anything, but, yeah, I read the rest of the tweets and was kinda deflated. Did not expect to read that John Buscema basically told the room "Yeah, I don't know much about superhero comics. I'm just paid to draw stuff." Disappointing. I understand the attitude. You can't blame him for it. Lots of people in every profession you can name aren't passionate about their jobs. I love my job, but it's typically the least interesting part of my day. At the same time, I don't wanna know. If George Perez wasn't a
  12. It's probably going to take me a while to get that image out of my head.
  13. I was more annoyed by the goofy hop on the turnbuckle post then run to the opposite corner. I think the turnbuckle hop was supposed to give him... extra momentum? Or something? Is anyone else surprised Dean never injured himself doing the suicide dive. He looked so slow and awkward doing it, I kept fearing he'd get tangled up in the ropes and face plant.
  14. It’s not nice of y’all to make fun of Seth’s nearsightedness.
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