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  1. Of all the thing I'm a little sad they made the Mandarin's rings into generic blue tech bangles.
  2. Oh my god if they reveal Mobius is a Gruenwald variant I'm going to need to take the day off.
  3. With this Supergirl costume and the new Shazam costume, it's safe to say someone at DCEU has a fetish for weird abdominal hyper-definition.
  4. Gwen's (supposedly) got her own Spider-Verse spin-off coming where it's all various Spiders-Woman
  5. Perhaps Kang has deposed them and set up Ravonna as a figurehead to keep people away. "They're far too busy to see you, try back later"
  6. It's as plain as the nose on Owen's face.
  7. Scarlett would've been first if not for the Pandemic. ...I think There's a couple of SW actors that have announced Producer Credits. Diego Luna has one for his up coming show
  8. Design aesthetic wise I was getting a LOST vibe, but if Dharma were an inter-dimensional agency.
  9. Josta was actually Gru's drink of choice! It being 25 years since his death made me kind of emotional seeing it.
  10. I kept getting distracted by Mark Gruenwald being there all the time, and then the Josta showed up and I about lost it. Such a great detail/homage.
  11. The TVA is in charge of *everything* nothing besides their equipment works within their buildings. Otherwise they'd be targets for heists all the time.
  12. People always wanted to see Peter B. as 616 Spidey, but he and MJ divorced, they didn't magic their marriage away so older creators could have the Spider-Man they grew up with. All that said, I really, really hope they have Spiders-Man in the sequel. Special thanks to autocorrect for reminding me of them.
  13. There was an African American Jessica Drew on Earth-1815. I wouldn't look her up though.
  14. Do you think it kills Snyder that Lindelof's Watchmen theoretically made the world a better place by bringing the Tulsa Massacre into the mainstream spotlight? Biden was just at the centenary, and was the first President to acknowledge it happened, and that's gotta all be traced of HBO's Watchmen.
  15. Based on the bus used in it, it's gotta be an early 2k period piece
  16. I believe it was stated that Coleman is playing Constantine's grabdmother
  17. Vulture's tech guy was The Tinkerer, not The Mad Thinker
  18. Flash and Supergirl both have dipped to "late 90s syndication" levels of quality this year. It's really sad.
  19. Quantumania is definitely February 17th. It's our wedding anniversary, so my brain always sends up a flare when I see it.
  20. I mean they built the set, they could have filmed whomever they wanted in the scene before they struck it. Thematically it wouldn't work for Rhodey to be there with the Captains America.
  21. I'm heartened they changed her name to GPC. I may back the Kickstarter for that reason alone.
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