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  1. Drew’s raw power and wedgie abilities with NoFlip’s punching and other arm related strikes, The Young Bucks are no match.
  2. @just drew and @NoFistsJustFlips is not a feud I want to see booked. Tag team on the other hand? Sign me up!
  3. That video took me back to video production school. Only ran the switcher a few times on some projects and it can be intense but exhilarating. “Ready” would mean prepare for a certain shot. They might have every camera on monitor with a Live TNT specific one and then the Ready one which is like the up next shot. ”Take” would mean cut to it. So you see the fan that was crying of joy and he’d quickly Ready and Take. If director knew CM Punk would be climbing the turn buckle he’d Ready the shot and wait until that sweet moment of him raising his arms or what-have you to take the shot. If he didn’t want a hard cut he’d say “Dissolve” after Ready or Take and it would be a smoother transition. I really enjoyed how he was talking to the camera people as well, directing them to be prepared not to be in the shot and where to raise, lower, or tighten in (follow) CM Punk. Such teamwork. The pride you could see as a few of the guys excitedly raise their hands. It can be such a stressful job and they killed it here. These people are like the Offensive Line in football. When they do their job the stars can shine and you rarely notice the edits because they are so natural. When they fail, the quarterback gets sacked/ we see what Jericho landed on., etc.
  4. I love wrestling but it is nothing to name call and belittle over. My goal here is to have fun and occasionally participate in good discussions. It is easy to be caught up in ideologies and take things too seriously. But we should check ourselves that we’re not crossing a line. I enjoy WWE. There is a magic to it that doesn’t exist elsewhere. It can also hurt me, but as a Minnesota Vikings fan I’m used to it. There is so much content that I can’t keep up. AEW is my favorite thing right now (if they can get Bryan Danielson for sure) but if they add more hours of shows and PPVS I’d struggle. Ramble. Wrestling is neat. Be nice to each other. Derp. Be my friend.
  5. Foreshadowing? Or loving wife?
  6. That’s all fair thoughts and really beautifully put, @cubbymark. I have heard a few others elsewhere have similar opinions on 2019 or bust. Listening to the media scrum, although it isn’t outright said, you can get a vibe that he wouldn’t have been interested as having a EVP or non-wrestler role. I can understand him waiting it out because his heart wasn’t quite in it and I can understand you not being moved by the recent moment.
  7. He’s in a trio with Jim Currently and Jim Previous.
  8. I’d love to see Jurassic Express doing radio interviews across the country. Luchasauras in character, Jungle Boy talking about his father, and Marko Stunt being crazy and little.
  9. Spam Derp Here’s a trailer to my film on the festival circuit, Ode to the Whale of Christ. 30 minute B&W silent film, a woman carries around a man who is eternally asleep. By the end of the year it should’ve finished with its premier obligations so I’ll hopefully be able to upload it in full. In the meantime, here are some reviews that have been coming in for it: Rome Prisma Independent Review A Philosophical & Aesthetics Analysis by K. Akrivos, PhD Luminous Frames review Lots of hard work went into this passion project. I’m happy to say it is doing alright with small festivals. End of spam.
  10. Here it is on YouTube. Great stuff! Edit: this guy has plenty of videos on his page. Just watched the Jumbo one and the Great Sasuke one.
  11. PAC hasn’t been as bastardly since returning.
  12. From what I can tell the collective casual discussion casual narrative casual is less comparative in literal use and more a vague “hey other NXT talent, we put 2.0 in a cute program with Sting and when we got Spears we put him with Cody and he’s now in a top heel faction” statement from AEW. Is that literally the case? Probably not but cute to think so. I could be misreading the narrative casual narrative. As for liking 2.0, they are new and fun. This is their 2nd (I think) Dynamite and they had funny online bits. People are going to enjoy talking about what’s relevant and different from previous weeks. Maybe the gimmick doesn’t work long term and maybe it does. Maybe they turn face and people keep enjoying them. I don’t see the problem with them, unless if they’re not your taste and that’s fine too. They went from a team I didn’t care much about debuting to actually excited to see what they’ll do next. In a short period, that’s a success. If they can’t maintain people’s interest, they’ll be filtered out or become a Dark feature.
  13. Wife and I watched these and other mob movies around the time the Irishman came out and they were so fun to revisit. The Godfather 1 and 2 was her first time watching them. I made myself Godfather cocktails (scotch and amaretto) and was pleasantly tipsy.
  14. I’m an AEW fan but I’m also a huge UUDD Uno fan. Cole as Chugs with that group of friends makes me so happy. Da Party is my weekly before bed watch that I’m somehow most excited for. Whatever makes him happy is the way to go, obviously, and hopefully he can make him and his family a lot of money.
  15. I don’t know the details and there is probably issues on both sides, but I will say that when you lose a family member (especially your kid or spouse) you remember the people that reached out and the ones that didn’t. Even if I’m no longer close with someone that I used to be, I’d personally still reach out to give condolences. All that aside, most stories I hear involving Ric he comes off childlike. I do sympathize with his anxiety, depression, and agoraphobia. That’s not an excuse for actions like harassment though. I know people like Ric that have so many issues but at the same time need to be the life of the party. Self medicating with drugs and alcohol can lead to terrible things. Add on top potential narcissism and a feeling like you’re big enough to get away with anything and you end up with situations like the plane ride from hell. I’m rambling here. I didn’t know about the wiener stuff on the plane and I’m pretty bummed out.
  16. Split the marketing. Dark Dominos will be edgy and full of people cutting each other. Dominos Classic will be mat based pizza and family friendly breadsticks.
  17. Goodear goes hard in the paint. I say this not as criticism but awe. Also, I’m not tagging him in fear of potentially receiving his wrath.
  18. Who were wrestlers that were helped or hurt by the change in show presentation during the pandemic?
  19. Tipsy so I hope I type this well. Was at a bar with my brother and I was explaining the Nick Cage-Dominos commercial situation and a guy next to us was a wrestling fan. So we said MDK a lot and talked a bit about Adam Page. Lol. Good night.
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