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  1. TK hired Miro and Brodie, who were treated and seen as mid card guys in WWE, and worked with the both of them to the extent where they are/were doing career best work in AEW. I’ve no idea if he’d hire “Bray”, but I’ve no doubt the two of them would come up with some awesome shit together.
  2. Maybe it’s the pure emotion and pay off, but I’d rank Lucha Bros vs YB as the best. Builds off everything the YB have done as heels, with none of their tricks working combined with Fenix making some crazy comebacks with insane near falls and minimal attempts to escape the cage. That said, AEW is an embarrassment of riches. Every big show seems to have at least one genuine MOTY candidate.
  3. The idea someone had above of 2.0 and Garcia walking to ringside, and Darby/Punk beating them up then continuing the match like nothing happened is perfect. Mid card goofs and a young, serious wrestler trying to ruin main event matches is a brilliant, brilliant thing.
  4. Absolutely. London would fit the vibe of AEW perfectly.
  5. I mean… I don’t hate WWE, but the presentation is just absurd currently. Like Cena comes back, yay… oh cool, it’s Balor vs Reigns. Wait, Corbin has the contract… but Cena beat him up and signed up. I’m not thinking it’s cool we’re getting Cena vs Reigns, I’m thinking the following. 1) WWE thinks the audience is full of idiots who don’t understand how contracts work. 2) WWE doesn’t listen to their crowds, who were buzzed about Balor vs Reigns. 3) If the goal was Cena vs Reigns, why tease Balor vs Reigns? It’s the new WWE style of just booking random stuff to fill air time. The reason I like AEW is it’s a TV show that rewards you, it’s not the same people every single week doing the same things, and there’s logic to what they do. Like sure, I’d rather have Page vs Omega at All Out… but Christian vs Kenny has been a slow burn since March. So what I’m trying to say is that if WWE goes head to head with AEW, or on the same night (I’m English, earliest I can watch is the next day, work pending), I’m choosing AEW. I don’t have the time to double up, so WWE moves down the priority list. Now that said, I’ll watch Summerslam tonight because there’s no AEW.
  6. The people dunking on him are pathetic losers who live in a sea of anxiety over what people think of wrestling. I’ve seen it a lot on Twitter and Reddit, these are the sort of people who are almost embarrassed to admit they watch wrestling because they think people will make fun of them for it. It’s actually kind of hilarious, grown ass adults worried about what strangers think of their hobbies. Which is why I give crying guy props. He literally does not give a fuck about what people think of him, he’s reacting genuinely to a heartwarming moment. I’d take a million fans like him over the Twitter, Squared Circle, Scott Keith brigade.
  7. Hey we’re well past the seven years between unique angles ruling. Also, I cannot wait for Bryan Danielson on BTE. More batshit insane corpsing segments about bees and dolphins.
  8. That will go down as one of the greatest wrestling moments of all time. To quote Magneto… “the war has begun.”
  9. WWF/WWE has always been atrocious at creating new stars. Their successes seem to be happy accidents or getting fully formed acts ala Hogan that they didn’t get in the way of. And even then there’s guys like Goldberg they had a blueprint on how to push and still screwed it up. Even guys like Edge had hesitant booking, and they only got behind him big time after the Matt Hardy story broke. And even then, despite ratings going up when he was champ, they took the title off of him almost immediately.
  10. Of course he would. But Kenny and The Young Bucks are so delusional and self absorbed they forgot.
  11. The booking was grand though. Kenny values the AEW title most, he lost because The Young Bucks threw in a chair and he underestimated Christian, assuming he wouldn’t use the chair. And as it’s not a clean win, Hangman still gets his moment when he kicks out of the OWA and beats Omega clean as a whistle with the Buckshot.
  12. If Christian as champ is your take it or leave it option, you’re not making out too badly.
  13. But you’ve still got it implies doubt the person still has it. But Christian clearly never lost it. Anyway… God, I love 2.0. Their mini feud with Sting is hilarious.
  14. Only until the bell rings. Kenny can make anyone look like a threat to his title, and Christian is fantastic at constructing matches. They’ll have the crowd biting on near falls.
  15. In ring, Christian vs Omega is going to be incredible. And the crowd will be biting on the near falls by the end.
  16. All I know is that people can hate on Christian vs Omega, but the match itself is going to be fantastic and the consensus will be that Christian’s still got it, when he never lost it in the first place. Not to mention how he carries himself like a star. Dude wasn’t even slightly phased by the CM Punk chants, and got the crowd back on his side with ease.
  17. I still think breaking up UE was the dumbest thing they could’ve done. If you package deal those guys up to Raw and Smackdown, then you get around Cole’s size by having him be part of a vicious, egotistical heel faction. And by doing so you can let Cole’s talents on the mic and in ring show, and his pops, to show Vince he is a star… then break them up on Raw or SD and you’ll have Vince supporting Cole from therein aka Benoit. (I know it took Benoit four years to win the world title, but dude was consistently booked as an upper mid card guy prior to that.) But they broke up and now it’s just Cole. Most people would pick him up in a second and book him as, at the every least, an upper mid card guy… but it’s Vince. He looks for reasons not to push.
  18. Oh for sure. But Grimes ticks every box, so Vince would have to find some imaginary fault.
  19. Of everyone in NXT, I think Cameron Grimes is a sure thing to be called up and become an even bigger star. Fantastic in ring talent, great at comedy, and has some serious babyface fire. His feud with LA Knight is by far the best thing NXT has done in ages too.
  20. The blonde look should be saved for gimmick matches so you know Cody is gonna blade and bleed all over the arena.
  21. Oh I’m not talking about anyone here. It’s certain other sites and communities online. And it’s cool to dislike the match, I just think some of the online rhetoric re it is really dumb.
  22. Pat is exceptional on commentary. “Bobby said if I danced he’d beat me up but I have to dance” managed to put over Bobby and Nakamura at the same time. Cena wise… eh, Balor vs Roman can headline post Summerslam.
  23. I mean if people dislike that style fine, but what bothers me is they advertised Nick Gage the week before on Dynamite with him holding a pizza cutter. The match STARTS with him using the pizza cutter. People had two “maybe this isn’t for you” moments to latch onto… and decided to watch it anywhere just to complain about it. Just don’t watch the match if it’s that offensive to you. Watching it knowing you’ll hate it is the smuggest, most pathetic entitlement I’ve seen in ages. And it’ll be an excellent part of the MJF vs Jericho promo package. Incidentally, I loved it. Right down to Gage losing to the Judas Effect, which is perfect; really puts over it as a super finisher, as Gage can take a glass table bump, light tubes etc, but Jericho’s finishing move is so damn effective it’s a match ended against anyone. Brilliant storytelling. Also, man oh man is the “lol Hangman is done” rhetoric the worst. Not that they are definitely doing the match, but AEW has so many ways they can still do it. Gauntlet match, battle royal, Hangman putting his career on the line. But ”smart” fans are angry they’re being worked, the fucking losers. The entire point of this shit IS to make the audience feel emotions. You’re meant to be annoyed that Hangman lost. Jesus Christ…
  24. Hahn’s delivery is impeccable, Agnes constantly trolling Wanda by all but saying she knows what’s going on then undercutting it by joking about how much she hates her husband yet at the same referring a key data from the Salem Witch trials is some good shit.
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