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  1. Drew was pushed before that, he was demoted because of the issues between him and his ex. He came back took care of his issues and did fine. Not the same thing. Also, delete my last sentence and I'd still win the argument because Drew didn't burn bridges the way Cody did.
  2. Here's the big issue. WWE won't acknowledge AEW and for Cody to be perceived as this huge star they would have to mention his past accomplishments. They won't mention former ROH Champ, AEW TV Champ, etc. The other issue is, Cody was never main event material in WWE. I'm willing to bet 90% of the people here can't remember his last WWE feud without googling it. He is coming in as a way of Vince "sticking it to the competition" as well as his way of burying Cody just like he tried with Dusty. Just wait for it.
  3. hopefully bigger than the balls it took for him to go back after burying them for 3 yrs.
  4. I hope his future is polka dots and rainbows literally. I was a fan of Cody the person. Not a huge fan but I always liked what he did and wanted to do. With the exception of going out of his way to bury the WWE. Now he is going back there and to me he is more than a hypocrite it's just cringe. It wouldn't look so bad if he didn't go out of his way to bury them but he did and it's going to bite him in the ass. It will never happen but I'd love to hear him drowned in chants of "You sold out' the second he debuts. No bigger sellout currently than Cody.
  5. if you haven't yet I love his 1991 run in GWF as a heel Lightning Kid. He was on fire even then and was the heel you wanted to see get their ass kicked. Tremendous worker.
  6. it's weird for me it's always the nostalgia. Is XX better than VII? Probably is. But when ever I want to watch a Mania it will always be IV-X based off of nostalgia.
  7. I would have loved to have scrapped the Lawler/Yankum stuff if it meant a longer run with Hakushi. Lawler and Bret had the 93 feud it didn't need to be revisited.
  8. Maybe a dumb question but does this happen in both the Xbox and PS versions?? I wanted to buy the game to play this weekend but will hold off if it's buggy.
  9. I saw you mentioned 1997 as Bret's best year. I always think it's a toss up between 1992 and 1997. 92 had the matches with Piper, Flair, the ladder and survivor series matches with Shawn, Bulldog that really put him into the heavyweight title picture. Singles wise everything from Summerslam 91 onward was good from Bret. 92 and 97 were great yrs for Bret
  10. I also want to add something that has been extremely irritating. Aubrey Edwards always has to get herself over. Every time the wrestlers are near her she is doing her dancing around or her huff and puff. A great referee (I bet we have some on this board right now) will go unseen. A ref is there to supervise the match not to draw the attention from the wrestlers. Unless the plan is for her to become a wrestler in which case it would 100% make sense. It's gotten progressively worse as of late. Slamming that hand on the tacks with no hesitation also brought down this match for me.
  11. I didn't read the whole 9 pages so I apologize if it's been mentioned but the lack of selling in the main event totally ruined it for me. Sure they had some good spots but the selling (especially Baker's) was not good. Before anyone says otherwise please go back and re-watch the match and I am sure you will agree. The Hardy's got a great match out of Private Party. I was pleasantly surprised. Scorpio Sky-Wardlow was pretty much how I expected. I don't see them hotshotting a title this quick and the Wardlow-MJF feud will not need a title. The opening 6 man tag was fun and had just the right amount of time. Another fine AEW show! Congrats to Thunder Rosa. She has come a long long way from teaming with Holidead.
  12. I am reading the same! Are you reading the comics or the omnibus books? If you are reading the Omnibus books "Captain America Lives" goes on sale every couple of days on Amazon. Have you read Brubaker's Daredevil?? Also, I just was in Orlando and checked out Marvel island. Very underwhelmed with the Marvel store and the Comic shop. No DD tee shirts, Very limited merch. Was expecting to drop a couple hundred on shirts and only spent $15 on a Punisher bottle opener.
  13. Nothing makes me happier than watching old Clash of the Champions. Nov 90 was the first WCW show I ever saw as a kid. Love going back into the rabbit hole. Jan 1992 is one of my favorite ones. If you haven't watched Steiners Vs Hughes and Vader please do so and let me know your thoughts!!
  14. she is hot but her OF is a cashgrab (at least according to reddit) she charges people $100 of more for a 2 minute interview and it's not even R rated content. Not sure of her mothly fee but to pay a monthly charge and then have to be asked to pay an extra $100+ is kind of carny. Plus most of it will leak on reddit or other sites anyway. Similar to that Dr. Phil chick.
  15. some of Excaliburs early PWG commentary was questionable. Eddie Kingston has made some remarks in IWA-MS interviews as well. They are still on Highmark Network for anyone wanting to search them out.
  16. Knowing everyone on that list (some for 10+ years) I am not shocked. Bobby Fish may have done it to help a friend too though as his values don't seem to align with Drake's. I'l share a quick story about Bobby: He had a tshirt that read "left kick ER, right kick funeral" I wore it to work on a casual day not thinking anything of it. They sent me home to change shirts. I told him the story and he was pissed and wanted to talk to the person making that decision. He even offered me some free merch because he was so upset. So wanting to help kickstart something for a friend I can absolutely see him doing.
  17. I was at the show where Jay apologized. Some peoples mindsets will never change. Sadly he said what he said and shouldn't have but others have gotten second chances. Professional wrestling is a weird biz.
  18. I agree on the WCW as well. One of my favorite pairings of all time is Jim Ross and Paul E from the WCW years. They fed off of each other brilliantly. I always felt like Joey Styles was meant to be an amped up Paul E. Tony at Bash at the Beach "Hulk Hogan you can go straight to hell!!" Is one I still use with some of my friends.
  19. this is absolutely true, they were known as Ric Flair and his ex wives.
  20. I was doing commentary on one of Lee Moriarty's first matches and used the JR Classic "come on kid!! Time to make yourself famous!!" I always loved that line from the Jeff Hardy-Undertaker ladder match.
  21. We probably had one ages ago but we should have a whole topic on best commentary lines. I urge everyone to watch Summerslam 89. Ventura was on fire from the opening match. He gave credit to the faces and the heels. He pointed out the Brainbusters weren't defending their belts because they hadn't won them when the contracts were signed. Schiavonne looked dumb saying "well they could have added them to the contract later" Jesse as most people would said "would you have done that" I mean the guy was on fire the whole show. Also the show as a whole is really fun to watch.
  22. My dad went to some estate sale and brought me back a Mankind WWF beanie baby in the box. I still have it, Figured one day it would be good for Ebay. Or a giant Foley fan. Whichever comes first. He also strangely enough brought back talking DDP and Nash wrestling buddies, and a DDP bobble head.
  23. Has to be a favor to Booker. Did she wrestle more than 20 matches?
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