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  1. Sonya Deville is Squidward now. *Sonya sees Mandy take Otis to the ring* Otis: OH YEAH. Sonya: Oh, that is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen! I wouldn't be caught dead with that slob. *Mandy proceeds to win match* Sonya: HUH? Uh... Say, Mandy. Do you think I could... borrow Otis... for one match? Mandy: Dyahahaha. Suuuure. Anything for my pal Sonya! Sonya: This is gonna be great! *Sonya proceeds to lose match and fall off a cliff and explode.* I hope this character change is here to stay!
  2. Heel Doink was amazing. Yet they still turned him into an annoying face and made him suck. On the random whims of a tone-deaf booker. WWE really never changes with some of their BS, you know.
  3. The problem I see is AEW is running opposite NXT. So they'd likely just blame NXT's quality for AEW beating it in ratings and think whatever garbage they put on Raw/Smackdown is still fine.
  4. I'm so glad they've resisted the urge I know they must have to split Alexa and Nikki, at least up to this point. This is the most interesting Alexa's been in years. The two work well together and the audience has accepted it. They should run with them as friends for the foreseeable future whether in singles or tags. And if one of them MUST eventually turn (which shouldn't happen), they should make it Nikki. But it's WWE, so probably they'll split up tomorrow or something. Or the draft will split them. I don't know.
  5. I really liked the Becky/Sasha match, but I'm going to go against the grain and pick a different favorite. Rowan and Harper / Roman and Bryan was the best match. I was excited for the whole thing. If I rewatched them both though, my mind could change. I don't know. But all the matches were good except for the HORRIBLE main event. Plenty of Bayley fans that didn't want her to lose the title (including me), but I figure it's mostly out of fear of WWE mistreating her in the booking again. Charlotte is also great and probably the best choice to end Bayley's reign now. I don't know who the "shorty" stuff is supposed to be funny to. Is it Vince? Is Vince the one who thinks just saying "shorty" over and over again is funny? It nearly made the otherwise decent Corbin/Gable match unwatchable for me.
  6. Welcome. Great post. Post more. But only if you really want to.
  7. I saw Zeta Gundam years ago when I watched anime daily and I think I know what you're talking about. And I felt the same way about it you did. That sort of thing is why I could never get into TV Gundam shows. But that example was one of the silliest ones they've done for sure.
  8. "Baby?" I hope it's another decade before WWE comes back to MSG.
  9. At the end of the show, after the long and uncomfortable Tim and Eric Awesome Show silent pause, Rowan should have broken the silence. "Dad?"
  10. If we count 2010 as being in this decade, there's also WrestleMania 26 to consider. But it could have been better if Punk and Mysterio had a little more time (maybe if they gave some of the Hart/McMahon time to it).
  11. I actually said this very thing earlier to my father. Though it's hard to imagine Brock losing to anyone (besides Reigns), let alone Rollins, at this point.
  12. In that wrestling fans have a potentially wide variety of opinions? My comment is based on my opinion that every match on the show was good. Even Rollins/Ambrose (which was the most poorly produced match in context). That's pretty hard to do for a main roster WWE PPV. And note that I wrote "one of". Let's not go crazy here. What do you think is "one of" the best WWE PPVs of the past decade? Not being rhetorical. Just actually curious.
  13. Wow. Everything on the card was good to great. Not a single bad match from pre-show start to main show end. WWE PPV of the year. One of the best WWE PPVs of the decade I think. EDIT: Portions bolded so people pay proper attention.
  14. The New Daniel Bryan is my hero. I'm gonna kick some jerk in the groin in his honor.
  15. I certainly agree (except I wouldn't say it's small), but the company won't care. They only have the capacity to care about a few stars at a time. It's the same company that had the entire roster go on strike except the very few "important people". Then proceeded to bury everyone except those most important people. I think it was over Miz and R-Truth attacking people or something. Maybe I'm remembering wrong... It was a good show though. Especially after the horrendous Raw from the prior night.
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