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  1. If we count 2010 as being in this decade, there's also WrestleMania 26 to consider. But it could have been better if Punk and Mysterio had a little more time (maybe if they gave some of the Hart/McMahon time to it).
  2. I actually said this very thing earlier to my father. Though it's hard to imagine Brock losing to anyone (besides Reigns), let alone Rollins, at this point.
  3. In that wrestling fans have a potentially wide variety of opinions? My comment is based on my opinion that every match on the show was good. Even Rollins/Ambrose (which was the most poorly produced match in context). That's pretty hard to do for a main roster WWE PPV. And note that I wrote "one of". Let's not go crazy here. What do you think is "one of" the best WWE PPVs of the past decade? Not being rhetorical. Just actually curious.
  4. Wow. Everything on the card was good to great. Not a single bad match from pre-show start to main show end. WWE PPV of the year. One of the best WWE PPVs of the decade I think. EDIT: Portions bolded so people pay proper attention.
  5. The New Daniel Bryan is my hero. I'm gonna kick some jerk in the groin in his honor.
  6. I certainly agree (except I wouldn't say it's small), but the company won't care. They only have the capacity to care about a few stars at a time. It's the same company that had the entire roster go on strike except the very few "important people". Then proceeded to bury everyone except those most important people. I think it was over Miz and R-Truth attacking people or something. Maybe I'm remembering wrong... It was a good show though. Especially after the horrendous Raw from the prior night.
  7. Heh. I'm sorry and maybe embarrassed to say that I took a while to figure out what you meant by "Primus song". Because you're talking about a band I've never heard while I'm talking about the Cybertronian deity. Because yep I'm a major Transformers NERRRRRRD. But then maybe you knew that. I don't know. Aaand of course the band I haven't heard is as old as Transformers is. Heh.
  8. Thank Primus (or the deity/non-deity of your choice) Shane didn't turn heel like the rumors kept saying he would. ...That's still coming, isn't it?
  9. Other thoughts: Does anyone find all the pee stuff funny besides Vince? When Corey Graves chided Bayley for the "third grade insult" or whatever, I just thought back to last week's crappy scene with the (very bad) pee puns. Also, I ended up feeling sorry for Drake Maverick in it all. So this week what was I supposed to think? In WWE, Drake's theft and soiling of the robe is usually considered face behavior. Speaking of Drake Maverick... "Drake Maverick peed his pants and he'd make a better GM than you." He already is the best GM WWE has on 205 Live. Why do the Lucha House Party refuse to ever play fair? Are we supposed to like them for this? They created rules where they're always fighting three-on-two. They don't tag in. I don't think the legal man even has to get the pin. How are they not heels?
  10. This comes with Vince's belief that everywhere that isn't WWE = high school gym. Remember when Daniel Bryan talked about how he was so passionate for the business that he'd keep wrestling even if it wasn't in WWE? And Cena was like "Well I'm so passionate for the business that I'd NEVER wrestle in the high school gyms/bingo halls." And they acted like Cena got one over on Bryan?
  11. Do WWE not realize they write the same stuff on repeat? Even if it's done all on ONE show? Corbin gets swarm of wrestlers to attack Elias. Nia gets swarm of wrestlers to attack Nattie and Rhonda. Alexa gets swarm of wrestlers to attack Sasha and Bayley. Corbin gets swarm of wrestlers to attack Balor. All on the same show. But I guess at least the babyface women will actually try to help each other out when they're in trouble.
  12. Raw: Corbin and Alexa compete to see who can get the audience to change the channel quicker. Dreadful show.
  13. "Racist Dawg" I think. But then we find out it was because the dog's owner really only hates wrestlers, or something.
  14. Hmm. Braun chases Owens (to presumably eat him) and trashes his car = Okay. Finn and Corbin fight each other during their match and ruin it = Okay. Lashley and Roman argue and their fighting costs them the match = Okay. Bayley attacks Sasha after their match = COUNSELING FOR BOTH NOW OR THEY'RE FIRED. This can all only mean one thing... Kurt Angle is sexist. #AlexaWasRight (Also, WWE REALLY likes booking people who hate each other as tag partners.)
  15. WAS a jerk. Then she grew a spine and did what had to be done.
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