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  1. Just watched bte, this is such good shit, pal. The world is not ready for pentagon on Wednesday. I love pro wrestling.
  2. Bayley had AEW colored gear tonight... Bayley to AEW confirmed!
  3. thank you, friend. Lower bowl, center ring, facing the hard cam. Should be good! We have always gotten nosebleeds when we go, last time for raw we got bumped up nicely, but these are better. Super pumped to see the new set and return of pyro! My draft picks are, Andrade , KO, and Randy, for the women, alexa, Sasha, lacey Evans
  4. Cleatus in the war room was very funny to me. The scouts must be snoozing, because Brock Lesnar is still on the board. I purchased really nice tickets for my twin bro and I for november 1st Smackdown in Buffalo , for our birthday. (Nov 15th) I hope Andrade is drafted by blue.
  5. How do you get disqualified in hell? With vince's pop culture lag, you' de think he'd have read dante's inferno by now. It's only been 700 years
  6. Yes, I and we understand the novelty and nostalgia, as marks, but on the death slot friday night, they doubled the usual, and won the week/night.
  7. Ok, maybe not watching for the first time, but Friday beat Wednesday 's shows combined, and monday. Raw september: 2.5, 2.1, 2.2, 2.2 Smackdown September: 1.8, 2.1, 2.1, 2.1 So either The Rock drew and held 2 million more, or millions more.had access
  8. Yes. 2.7 for.raw. 2mil for AEW with the repeat and canada. 900k for nxt. 4 million for smackdown?. I understand the curiosity, and The Rock, the most electrifying man in all entertainment, but the second.hour didnt fall off much, so who.are the extra 1.3? The damn numbers game...
  9. Set looks awesome. loved Rock/Corbin/Becky there is much negativity here in this thread amongst the hardcores, but for the millions (...and millions) of people without cable or the network, who could have watched pro wrestling for the first time yesterday I think the show came off well. The overnights just came in, 4 million. so, if you're not going to watch any more, the mcmahons are headed to the pay windah regardless of our 9.99 a month. It is a business, after all...
  10. What were the dark matches, pre/post? Is 2 contract cutler really hurt? I haven't found anything. 2 million with the replay and Canada, they must be over the moon! Hope they retain. What a week!
  11. The rating is in my predicted range, excellent number,and weel see the +3s this weekend, it's nearly 4x their YouTube subscribers, which i based my guess on. I can't wait for.the tag tourney and for my twin bro to see pentagon. im in love with riho, just from her segment on road to, and yesterday, all I know of her. The only thing id have rather seen live on nxt was the return of blackheart TC. Grand slam day one overall I'd say, what more could we expect day one T.V., They'll work out the kinks. And again, thank The American Dream, Dusty Rhodes whatever you watched last night
  12. I wish Dusty was here for today. His babies and his nxt baby. What a night, I'll really comment 2m
  13. Cracker Barrel presents: Wednesday Night Dynamite Watch Party. I'm all in!
  14. Right,the last one they just played the online stuff, this was excellent. I saw hangman at Roh in buffalo a year ago but like him even more now #cowboyshit, also now I'm ln love with riho. I'm making catfish nuggets and a pizza tomorrow night. Can't wait!.have fun niko! Hope.they visit buffalo soon.
  15. I loved the show tonight! Very well done. My twin bro, who's not a freak like me, is hooked. Cody was great. Even more excited now than I posted yesterday
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