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  1. Those figures look great, I hope Dustin, Pentagon and OC are in series 2!
  2. hilarious, Matt did this to knick and brendon, last week, and 2 cold Scorpio this week on BTE, had me rolling. Shitty Barista/wtf.gif
  3. I'm pretty sure I will be going to dynamite in Rochester N.Y. next month. It's a bit of a drive after work, but I love this so much. I hope to see Dustin wrestle, but it's going to be awesome regardless.
  4. Who would win?, A CFL team or the teams we saw today?
  5. Was Vince there today? He must have been. did they show him on camera?
  6. The Blue Meanie, on Twitter said the first game was a sell out and the merch stand lines were crazy. I enjoyed watching today, for the love of football. I will probably get a N.Y. Guardians t shirt, the logo is cool
  7. I love football and.I love pentagon. Ciero meido. So this is so cool. Still taking Chiefs -1.5
  8. who do you think or would like to see, the surprise or legend entrants be? Mark Henry and the Hurricane
  9. We just had sports books open here in western NY, I might bet my (future) farm on KC -1.5, and be closer to an actual farm. Vegas is sharp, but I think that is ridiculous. O/U 54? I'm not sure...
  10. A rematch of Superbowl 1 would be a nice ending for NFL100.
  11. Who is the wrestler of the decade? Jericho or Bryan is my vote
  12. the "do ya!" gag from bte gets me every time
  13. What an excellent night of professional wrestling on both shows. I can't remember the last wrestler I've heard billed from buffalo, and I have seen etid a few times so I marked out for bbb. I love Wednesdays.
  14. Watching Jericho again, I didn't catch it the first time around and didn't know, Tony Kahn is from Champaign Illinois. "Who the hell is Tony?" so good. Enjoy your bubbly niko!
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