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  1. Who is the lineal champion? I want them to win the 24/7 so it's kind of official then.
  2. Wrestlemania just got one match longer The 8 Hour Champion
  3. I've seen children of bodom (one of the best guitatist) and behemoth in concert! I knew a few others. I used to be all about melodic pirate folk death metal but i have softened with age, i guess. I like that he has the freedom to wear what he wants. I wonder what Daniel listens to?
  4. In the introduce yourself thread i said he was my favorite, I ve watched him since I was a child. The world's strongest, and one of the greatest men, Mark Henry. It makes me regret not going to NOC2011 in buffalo even more. I just ordered a weight bench, and paid my air bill. A small town Silsbee, Texas boy done proud. Excellent.
  5. I just joined, I'm 30, I remember the sleeze thread, what year was that?
  6. Greetings, I am cole, I've been lurking forever (green and yellow green and yellow) and decided to register finally. My board name is to honor my cat Eli ( rip) of twenty years Eli aka flea-li aka the arsonist aka The Big Boss My earliest wrestling memories is wcw luchadores between 8-9pm, my bedtime. and Bill Goldberg debut vs hugh morris, my older brothers watched wrestling i remember their friends coming over for ppvs and they would go.to burt flickinger for ecw. I also remember and may still have the have the tape somewhere of king of death match Kawasaki dream 1995. I was 7 or 8. I tape traded a bit in early ROH days while in hs These days I watch Mostly wwe. I follow.the sheets and am interested in the backstage politics and goings on of.the whole industry worldwide, the culture and lifestyle fascinates me. I wrestled in High school because of pro wrestling. My all-time favorites are Mark Henry, goldust, and briscoe brothers, currently my favorites are, Andrade(cien almas), KO, elias, the usos (also a twin) and pentagon I'm pretty excited about AEW starting up. so I might contribute my opinion and viewpoints or continue to lurk but here I can talk.about wrestling with people.who understand so thanks to Phil Rippa and the mods for this board all these years Cole aka Bigbosseli I
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