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  1. I think this is what it comes down to and I could have articulated that better. Arguably between Schiavone, Jericho, Tazz, now Big Show, there’s enough familiar voices from the boom times to make the lapsed casual fan take notice. And between Dustin, Arn, CD and others there are enough vets with experience in the ‘old school’ business who can be voices to push back against the excesses of the modern style and ground the show in the drama of athletic competition, if there is appetite for that. And that’s the other part of it. Without seeing the inner workings of the promotion, there’s little evidence in the last 18 months that AEW’s vision has been honed by the output of consultation with JR in his official capacity. And if that’s the case, and if some of his positive bases are already covered by others, why keep him around, except for the big-picture ‘good for business/good for TNT’ arguments that justify things like the Shaq match but don’t make for a compelling and high-quality show. I would say it’s not worth it but to your point, opinions vary.
  2. Good shout. Also, the morbid curiosity of Bad Luck Fale work as the little guy for him.
  3. No it's the other DVDVR trope that did it. Good thing that the clue was in the 'Big' and not in the 'News'. I'm pretty sure that 54 year-old PN News has less to offer than 49 year-old Wight, but the way they are snapping up mid-90's WCW locker room, I wouldn't 100% bet against it. On balance, I think he'll be an asset with the backstage insight, the charisma and the humour. I second the replacement of JR. I'm puzzled what he offers in a consultative capacity that can't be substituted by the sum total of all the other experienced hands they now have, and it's pretty much consensus that the wheels are falling off regarding his commentary. edit to add: Just saw @El Gran Gordi's suggestion. I was more thinking the whiny turn-of-millennium indie rockers Travis. It gets Show's cry-baby vibe and the repetitive use of the word 'turn' is self-explanatory.
  4. Well Deeb and Riho tore the damn house down. Such a great match and one of those times a full capacity crowd is sorely missed. I know they would have been sucked in and molten for the home stretch just like the Nyla/Riho match near the start of the promotion. It's sad that Deeb was robbed of that after that performance. I was most hyped for Santana and Ortiz vs the Bucks, having prayed for months for PnP to be featured at the top of the division. And they just get a generic Inner Circle faction entrance? Oh well, I'll be glad when the Inner Circle explodes and they come out of the background. I was thoroughly entertained by the match itself and biting on all the near-falls by the end, but alas the dream was not to be. They are really running with the 'Marvez is everywhere' bit. Kenny's wonky delivery does weirdly fit in the kid's classroom setting though. The FTR match was just one tag too much. Nice that they got to perform in front of Dory though, that presumably meant a lot considering how much they revere tag team history. As @El Gran Gordimentioned in the other thread I said my piece about Butcher's gear after seeing it on Dark a few weeks back - a curious and unflattering choice when the team's look is arguably its biggest strength. I did enjoy the happy-go-lucky babyface pseudo-improvised Archer/Fenix offence, like some movie odd couple. Mox and Kingston of course were gold on the mic beforehand. Less is more with Sting, but at least it was (for better or worse) eventful with some physicality this week. I vaguely recall in Mick Foley's first book he talks about his matches with Vader and the physics of the powerbomb, driving your head and neck down with maximum velocity, and I couldn't help thinking of that seeing Sting flung to the mat. (A side note - it's probably just me but there's something hilarious about taking a hoodie and cutting so much of it away that it's basically two scraps of material, front and back, but still keeping the hood and drawstrings attached. Maybe it's a gym rat fashion thing). Great show overall. Edit because I forgot to mention, enjoying the developments of Hangman and his continuing saga of suitors, this time with a Big Money Match with Big Money Matt.
  5. Came off Corbin's head originally. I wonder where it's been hiding the past year?
  6. The mask-equivalent of 'he's balding so let's do a Hair match and make an angle out of it' Edit on the Mike Bailey shout-out (which I appreciated but forgot to mention above): in fairness to Tony, 'shades of [virtually unknown indy wrestler]' as a throwaway comment on a national show does scream 'i know more about pro-wrestling than anyone else in the room' from Excalibur. It wouldn't be the same if he approached it like he normally does with the Mike Tenay approach of inviting us in to share the learning experience.
  7. Cheers @The Natural, ZSJ's smug mug is (among many other things) what's great about wrestling. And we're not too dissimilar when it comes to the politics either (though I hastily add that I won't get into it here!). If the forbidden door did open, I do wonder how he'd fare in a featured position on Dynamite. He does thrive though in the no-holds-barred promo setting of New Japan.
  8. That Dynamite just flew by with so much to enjoy. Kingston/Archer was everything I hoped for (aside from Eddie going arse over tit on that chokeslam) being two of my favourites on the roster. Loved the dynamics and violence between the two, and boy did Lance just keel over like a big redwood with the loaded punch. Very satisfying. Enjoyed the pace of Jungle Boy/Dax and the match flow did feel like a throwback (although maybe I just have had that word hammered into my brain through the repetition on commentary). Is the Tarzan Boy sing-a-long the most rhythmically complex wrestling chant that could potentially catch on fire? It reminds me of a soccer chant, I could imagine a full stadium joyously belting it out after a few beers. The juxtaposition of Mox's stripped-down, unplugged, what-you-see-is-what-you-get presentation and PAC's spooky church hall CRT TV-induced rage is quite striking. Thunder Rosa's exasperated eye-roll after the run-in was not quite at the famous Rock gif level but pretty respectable nonetheless, after another great Britt character performance. I still have a soft spot for Pillman. He's not bad and he threw a mean missile dropkick so that has to count for something, right? Griff did look great though with all his flurries of offence and I was definitely ready for an upset. But I guess Jericho had to prove his haters and doubters wrong with a vintage Lionsault. You just knew the amazing Grayson hot tag was coming and it was all the sweeter when it came, for me both he and Silver are neck-and-neck on the best hot tags in the company. I also don't have a problem with the Good Brothers bringing some ole Biz Cliz entertainment on a Wednesday.
  9. Between Jericho and the Top Flight guy already mentioned and Quen catching his foot on the top rope on way down for the Shooting Star press (which could have ended far worse) it was not a good night for the flippy-do's. I will say though that Darius' tope did look truly suicidal like he was trying to do a number on Hardy, not just give him a slight nudge like Pretty Peter's. And Santana and Ortiz again are just bit players in the background, can't wait for them to have a featured run after the coming-out party of the brawl last year. At least 'Charles' is in a prominent storyline, albeit as a whipped emasculated servant. I have to say, Omega's get-up was phenomenal. My late dad had some truly seizure-inducing paisley shirts just like that. Enjoyed Hirsch/Ford and Mox/Comoroto (having been just introduced to him last night on Dark or the first time) the most out of all the matches tonight. That main they announced for Beach Blast in a couple of weeks should be a riot too, depending on the level of shenanigans involved.
  10. I was trying to think who he reminded me of! I caught Dark for the first time in ages, watching in the background between playing games. Sammy and Lucha Bros matches were entertaining for what they were, and the banter throughout did not disappoint. I can't say I'm a fan of Butcher's new baggy trousers, they make his legs look skinnier and less flattering on his gut so he's uncomfortably reminiscent of sweatpants-clad Beyond the Mat era Jake the Snake. Considering his look is arguably his biggest positive, it's a puzzling choice.
  11. Tony S on another level with the facial reactions. Tony K seems to be having shoot with these. Also Tony K never shifting from his knuckles behind the biceps power pose even while mouthing off is hilarious.
  12. Aaaand Bruce has been kicked. Addendum to the article below. And finally the apology comes from Wade. What a stupid hill for Mitchell to die on. Edit: Apologies, just saw this was also posted in the RIP thread.
  13. Pretty much the dictionary definition of mealy mouthed. An explanation, no apology, no acknowledgement of the insensitivity and offensiveness of the whole thrust of the article. Poor.
  14. I've been a Torch subscriber for a couple of years now and have really enjoyed hearing the diverse range of opinions and analysis across their various contributors, even/especially those that are different from my own position. This is not that. This is a callous and hurtful disregard for a community of grieving friends, family and well-wishers of a beloved man. It is also a mind boggling lapse in editorial judgement on the part of Wade Keller to let this see the light of day barely 24 hours removed from the terrible news - I had naively thought him better than that. I'm not big on performative outrage but I don't plan to give Bruce Mitchell a lick of attention in the future.
  15. Fucking hell. Completely shocked. His wife sent out a message saying that he sadly succumbed to a non-COVID related lung issue. So sad for his family.
  16. Not sure if this is too random to belong here, but with the news that Russia is forbidden from using their country name, flag and anthem for the next two Olympics, my mind obviously went to wrestling, having all the athletes embrace their ‘otherness’ and insist on being announced ‘...from Parts Unknown......’ with some kickarse alternative flag and entrance music. Just a thought.
  17. Id love Curry Man to get involved but that might be a bit trickier to pull off. But yeah, what the hell else is Austin Aries doing nowadays anyway?
  18. Yeah that was Vince’s carny arrogance on full display, selling the perception of change to investors who don’t know better, papering over it. Just like Heyman and Bischoff coming in. And Raw Underground. And Retribution. And the Thunderdome. And the global NXT expansion. And ‘you are The Authority’. And the draft. And Tyson Fury/Cain Velasquez. And the NXT fresh meat into the Raw grinder. I love some of the WWE talent and the occasional show. I cannot stand its leadership, strategy, and what has been evidenced of its culture. I think the fervour around the historic low numbers is also those living in naive optimism of a mythical ‘tipping point’ that lights a fire under Vince, ignite innovation etc but to your point it’ll never happen or happen way too late
  19. Meltzer confirmed that Snoop will be doing commentary when he appears on Dynamite.
  20. This week felt like last in that the pacing was high and it was packed but nothing felt stuffed in or cobbled together without thought. Sticking two tag matches back-to-back might have appeared to be a mis-step on the face of it but they were different and (if I recall) we got the Sting hug and Taz reaction in between. Seeing the Varsity Blondes in the mix with FTR was a highlight, those guys have that rookie underdog charm and are starting to get into their groove. TH2 were crazy though Angelico doing his finishing submission on Matt’s injured leg should have either been a quick tap to fight another day or a very quick save by Nick, not the swanton, to highlight the jeopardy. OC/MJF was good stuff as expected as was all the Kenny cockiness.
  21. Shit that is pretty impressive. Also 2nd in demo (18-49) and tied 3rd best all time in the demo. They seem to be steadily onwards and upwards and reaping the dividends for consistent entertainment and intrigue. Btw a highlight of the week is seeing what reaction gif @Andy in Kansaspulls out in response to the ratings.
  22. So glad I waited until evening local time and avoided getting spoiled. I can't believe how many noteworthy things were baked into a two-hour TV show, without it feeling over-rushed or jumbled. Would be nice not to have any 'person X wasn't really eliminated' spots at all, but at least they somewhat subverted it in this Battle Royal. Sammy bumping like a loon for Miro just standing up is on-brand for him, and very much enjoyed seeing Miro and Jungle Boy getting to shine. I bet you could cut glass with Wardlow's nipples with that windchill, but I digress. He was integral in the first few high profile AEW angles but I agree on Jericho giving us a chance to miss him. I expect under normal circumstances he would have had natural breaks with Fozzy touring etc. which I feel would have been more effective. Yes Sting is old and decrepit but when he's coming out to Schiavone's announcing, brandishing his bat, cupping his hands and shouting in the middle of the AEW ring, it's still a spectacle. And then the main event war, the end to one of the best and most consistent top babyface championship runs in recent memory, and the start of the Winter of Omega (was mentioning the season in the title an allusion to 'Summer of Punk'?). There's something to be said for predictability, there's also something for leaving you going 'What the fuck is happening?' and having your mind spin with the possibilities. I was thinking about the AEW video game exactly like one of the comments above, and how Impact could have its own sub-division but no idea how the licensing and such would work for that. As for cross-promotional matches, I'd love to see Leyla Hirsch take on Jordynne Grace and see them throw each other around the ring.
  23. Really enjoyable show, bookended with great matches. I do like seeing Butcher and Blade with a W. Is there a reason why Brodie Lee isn’t around? It was all Evil Uno, and I don’t think he even mentioned Brodie. Or is it like where Lance Archer just disappeared and wasn’t mentioned for a couple of months, like they always need to have a monster on the bench to keep them fresh.
  24. It’s a step up from Rufio or Smee (...or is it?) I can’t help but envision a Puke-esque Vince pitch ‘He emanates from Red Hook and he’ll hook ya. That’s the hook, pal. And he’ll get his hooks in you. And you’ll be hooked. It’s that simple, quite frankly.’ Edit in aid of my community reputation at 666: at home, he puts those hooks in the ceiling for that well-hung feeling
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