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  1. medical malpractice might kill my adopted sister this week
  2. am I weird for being disappointed that it's not episodic? I liked having a single mission to sit around in and pick apart piece by piece. I will totally own that as a weird thing, I just want to know.
  3. the giant bomb streams are usually good for that. although for the last few years I've actually just done voip calls with my friends and made fun of it with them instead
  4. lol anyways, my hopes for the whole show are release dates for Eitr and Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition, and also for that leak showing Killer Queen* for Switch being real. Dragon Quest XI already has a date, and I'm still just playing Siege and Zelda so I can't imagine any major publisher's game moving me. But, I've been wrong about that before, so, who knows. oh and anything at all about UFO 50 would be nice *for every reasonable human on here that is not as deep down these awful rabbit holes as I am, Killer Queen is a 10-player indie game that's played on two enormous five player arcade cabinets. It's like super complicated Joust and Capture the Flag that also has multiple win conditions. If they're coming up with a home version I am fuckin STOKED.
  5. Everything I've seen makes that game's story look Weapons-Grade Stupid, but if you're into it for Choose Your Own Adventures and can get down with "HARK, A ROBOT RACIST" Campiness then you oughta be fine. Is worth nothing there's a pretty fukin brutal sounding torture sequence so if that's an Auto DQ for you like it is for me, there's your warning.
  7. On the Phillies subject, even though they got worked over tonight, they did manage to significantly beat their record in May last year. 2017: 6-22 2018: 14-10 I'm takin' all the silver linings I can get my hands on, because I figure losing Rhys is gonna be Bad.
  8. I'm not sure who you're mad at so I'm gonna assume Drake As someone who knows multiple people who have tried to "make it" in the entertainment industry, the through line to me seems to be that people use the Cult of Positivity thing to get people to agree to some deeply heinous shit almost as if to see if they're willing to get dirt on them to make it. Well, sometimes you go extremely too far and get into situations like Drake just has, pissing off an actual MC with the time and resources to find your checkered past and the lyricism to make everyone understand it. unless you're mad at pusha t for finding the picture in which case idk dude
  9. whoever drake pays to keep him from making professional mistakes isn't earning their check rn
  10. hey hi how're you doing why don't you take a few minutes today and like grab a book and reboot your router
  11. So it appears that my kidney stone is either a) disintegrating in my bladder (which no one told me was a possible outcome until it came up at my GP) or b) magically gone in thin air, because my pain has cleared up entirely and I did not, to my notice, shoot a rock out of my peehole. I've been off painkillers all day and I feel normal.
  12. i'll give you a clue: i set my alarm to the time that my primary care center opens cuz I'm going to need a referral to a urologist
  13. kidney stone no one to blame but myself
  14. as somone who put a grand total of 150 hours into Persona 5 and only watched a playthrough of Yakuza 0, i would say no. I would also say that I SERIOUSLY fucked up.
  15. sometimes i wonder if you are a Rolling Stone subscription from 1998 that gained sentience after a comet passed over it
  16. sir psycho sexy is objectively worse than gucci gang fight me
  17. i've come to a sleep-deprived conclusion, and here it is, because it is a random music thought. if you bought a red hot chili peppers album at any point, I don't want to hear you complain about any rappers under the age of 25, because you paid to hear anthony kiedas no matter what you tell yourself, and there's not a world where anthony kiedas is more talented than lil uzi vert or yachty or whatever that includes me in this. i bought californication. i don't like yachty. but i can't say nothing about him otherwise because god have you listened to californication lately
  18. lol i cant believe it's a worse campaign EDIT: Okay, fuck it. I'm not going to put this in the General thread but in spoiler tags you will find my review. DESTINY 2 EXPANSION II WARMIND [1]
  19. aint nothin micro about it nah it's like a minecraft mmo thing
  20. So here's a weird side effect of finishing God of War: I don't want to do anything even kind of involving a story game right now. I tried out Jalopy, which I've been wanting to play for a few months now, and bounced off it immediately because i'm not ready to care about a World yet. So this week has kind of been only Rainbow Six Siege, various phone games, and Fire Pro MoR. I just got the Stardew Valley Multiplayer Client up and running and that's been fuckin great? But I just have no taste for anything longform right now. Which is just as well, because Kentucky Route Zero Act 5 is due out this summer-ish and I need to replay the whole game cuz I lost my save, so I figure I'll be ready to do that then.
  21. as someone who loved Because The Internet and was lukewarm on Awaken My Love, this single alone makes me excited for whatever Gambino is planning
  22. somewhere Kenta Kobashi is like "SEE, LIKE THAT" somewhere else Yoshinobu Kanemaru feels like someone just walked over his grave
  23. he was disguised as BUSHI, one of Naito's cohorts who happens to wear black lipstick all the time
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