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  1. A polite reminder that you can still suggest records for this! It'll close on New Year's Day so just keep ‘em coming. 1. "You Won't Get What You Want" by Daughters 2. "Vile Luxury" by Imperial Triumphant 3. "II: Sojourn" by Wytch Hazel 4. "The Sciences" by Sleep I’m really, really biased. I’ve been trying to make these reviews come out one a week, and when Daughters got added to the list it was like an act of supreme will to not just listen to it first, write the review, and then post it later like “OF COURSE I LISTENED TO THEM IN ORDER LOL.” I love Daughters. I loved Hell Songs and the self-titled. Daughters back then is exactly the example of a band being in a genre but not being beholden to all these old traditions and openly questioning what makes heavy guitar music heavy. It’s not just a few pedals and decibels. At the same time, they’ve straight up called their new album “You Won’t Get What You Want” and the only single I’ve heard is a long, arena-rock-ish variant of their particular style of noise rock. So maybe I’m not ready for the Long Daughters Record of 2018. Here we go!
  2. 1. “Vile Luxury” by Imperial Triumphant 2. "II: Sojourn" by Wytch Hazel 3. “The Sciences” by Sleep I, probably unsurprisingly, know nothing about Wytch Hazel. I did not think I should google them because of that band name and a similar theory re: Imperial Triumphant, where I was afraid that what I would find would bias me. I know Curt said they’re Thin Lizzy-esque. I don’t know that I’ve ever heard a Thin Lizzy song, or at least known as it was happening that it was a song by Thin Lizzy. So we’ve got our expectations set? Good. I’m at home for this one so no Bus Note Transcription.
  3. For a tiny example, the first enemy in the Forest of the Fallen Giants in Scholar of the First Sin is now an Ogre. You know, this guy?
  4. So it's worth noting that Scholar of the First Sin is a re-release designed with purposefully harder enemy encounters for the entire length of the game. It was the version put out a year later that's was also the PS4/Xbone HD Remaster version. So base, launch Dark Souls 2 and Scholar Of The First Sin are VERY different experiences, and if the first time you've come to the game is through Scholar, yeah, it's brutal and unfair and poorly made, because it's made for people that already know DS2 front to back. that thing about the boss design being bogus holds between versions tho
  5. just thought I'd pop in and say I crossed 600 hours played yesterday thanks bye ("how," you may ask. well, instead of watching TV or movies I play Fire Pro.)
  6. before I start, in Rainbow Six Siege terminology, to perform an Ace is to kill every member of the opposing team in one round without dying. It is a hard and uncommon act. Now. I JUST GOT MY SECOND ACE THIS WEEK FUCK WITH ME
  7. I've been listening to this EP a bunch and I'm super conflicted about it- it's like Extreme Craftsmanship, both on flows and beats, but there's some stuff content wise I don't agree with. That said, this song is a jam.
  8. 1. “Vile Luxury” by Imperial Triumphant 2. “The Sciences” by Sleep I went into this knowing nothing about Imperial Triumphant whatsoever. I didn’t choose to look them up, because I saw that their name was the way it was, that the album was named what it was, that the tracks were named what they were, and that the cover art was what it was. I figured any additional information would further bias me towards disliking it, and so I chose to just press play without reading anything else. I made a lot of notes about this album, so get ready for a long read.
  9. While I know the name Sleep, I’ve never listened to their stuff. Other than Boris I’m not the biggest fan of stoner metal, or weed culture, or weed. Not that I begrudge that do like it- many of my close friends smoke heavy and often. It’s just that every time I’ve ever been high has been completely miserable, and then every single blood relative elder male in my family died from either cancer or alcoholism, so I’ve kind of cut back my vice intake in general to see if it’s about booze intake/smoke inhalation or if we cash out at 56 Just Cuz. That got dark. Let’s listen to a stoner metal record. As per last time, one paragraph per song.
  10. I'm plotting on getting a 4K TV next year, and that's one of the three* games I'm going to use to like test it all out. The wait is going to hurt. *Thumper and Last of Us 2 (i lost a bet)
  11. There's a Steam halloween sale. One of the things on sale is Kentucky Route Zero for $12.50. I strongly recommend this course of action if only because when Act 5 comes out you'll get all the changes that come with the console version including pacing changes in a certain cave area that are definitely and extremely appreciated, as well as getting all of the between-act vignettes packed in. So, get it, wait til you see me screaming at the top of my lungs about Act 5 being out, then play it.
  12. Today was walk #2 and it was maybe the worst time I've had in public. Four separate people looked at me like "eww" and moved either to the other side of the bus or bus stop. (the fourth one was justified, we'll get to that) I filled 1/3rd of a test fully with educated guesses and left anxious about it. the walk across campus (half a mile each way on a torn ACL, bad hip, plantar fasciitis on one foot and a blood blister on the other) was excruciating when I made it to the bathroom after half-mile #2 (which is literally uphill the whole way), the toilet on campus broke and shot my own urine back up at me. thank god it was just urine. Screwface The 4th happened after this. let a troll get to me as soon as I got home, spent an hour mad at that after I iced my legs I called my PT office only to discover they're on strike all week. on the plus side, my score on the test came in early and I did better on this test than the last so fuckin whatever I guess
  13. and now for something completely different
  14. Last week was my first week walking to class in years. i made it! I walked a grand total of a mile and a half, with a day in between. I was then kind of non functional for a few days afterwards, but hey. This week I'll be going literally twice the distance- a mile a day for three days- and I don't have any back up plans. Finna celebrate with an icebath for my feet on wednesday. Also glad I got myself a heavy duty foldable cane for my birthday, cuz I'll probably need that shit on wednesday.
  15. oh shit I totally forgot this was coming out this year, I'm fukin ready for it
  16. SHINING SOUL [3] I dunno dude. I just needed something to play in bed because I've spent a lot of time in bed nursing sore muscles the last two days. It's an extremely, EXTREMELY mindless dungeon crawler that relies on you having friends to be any fun, but since I'm playing this on a cracked 3DS there's not gonna be any friends coming. It was probably way better when you had friends to play it with. RETURN OF THE OBRA DINN [4] So I posted about this at the start of the month, forgot that it was coming out this month, then saw it go on sale yesterday and immediately bought it and spent all day (Thursday is my Saturday) playing it. It's fucking fantastic. It's a Whodunnit for 60 Sailors, and it's an excellent example of non-linear storytelling. If spending $20 for a 7 hour trip to a spooky place that you can only really play once is worth it for you, then absolutely go for it. I'd say it's one of my favorite games of the year, but I have had strong dislike for extremely many of the games that came out this year, so what's that really worth to y'all?
  17. Hi! This is open for business again, thanks to the two hours a day I spend on public transport monday through wednesday. As with last year, only nominate one album. If you nominate two, I will listen to zero. There's three additional caveats: 1) Since I'll be listening to the album on the bus and making notes on the bus, the style of writing might be different. Before I was just typing while the music was going. Can't really do that on a bus (I don't have a laptop, before you ask). 2) Also, because of the whole bus thing, they'll be coming out slower than they did last year. As an added benefit, this means if you're next up you'll have more time to change your mind if something comes out. Also if you want to hear whatever else is happening this year (I know new Solange is on the horizon so I understand) before suggesting anything, the cut off date is the same as last year: December 31st. 3) No Kanye West anything. I didn't listen to Pusha T's new album because of Kanye. If I'm not going to listen to my favorite rapper's new album for my own satisfaction, I'm not going to listen to whatever else he did this year for yours. Sorry Teyana Taylor. Oh, and for the record, my album of the year is "In A Poem Unlimited" by U.S. Girls. I think it's perfect. Start to finish perfect.
  18. ok look i know that this is my second post about this record in this post, but I listened to it again on my bus ride home today and goddamn this is my favorite beat of the year. listen to this album.
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