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  1. I am 100% down for DVDVR Fire Pro League. I got the PS4 version so I can do creative stuff with other people, because the PC version is where all my weird shit lives
  2. with the understanding that it's not a finished product... jesus the writing in that is horrific. judging by the trailer, cyberpunk 2077 is a game about me begging everyone to shut up.
  3. I was about to make a point about how good Capcom's PS2 run was as well (Onimusha, God Hand, Devil May Cry, Monster Hunter, the ports of their great Gamecube stuff, as well as all those fighting games) but all that's done for me is re-depress me about the garbage fire that is Capcom Fighting Games in 2018.
  4. as someone that started stockpiling PS2s, copies of FPReturns, and Capture Cards, it's still 100% more New Fire Pro than I thought I was ever gonna get so I'm like completely willing to let that stuff go. Honestly the only real downside to it is that it means the Carlzilla suite is gonna be on standby for a while. then again I am buying two copies of it for PS4* because I am a lunatic so I might not be the person to ask about that *physical and digital deluxe, so I can have the physical copy but play the digital one so I don't put wear on the disc** **i know*** ***i know
  5. This is a huge door to open because a lot of his material is flat better in live settings, but this is one of my favorite songs from my favorite album of his so I figure this is as good as I can do in a single video.
  6. I would participate with a VERY Strong, VERY Conditional Maybe. See, everyone likes coming up with ideas for wrestlers. And everyone likes cutting promos. But you know what people don't like? Writing matches. It's the busywork part. It's the thing that takes time. It's the thing that makes it hard for people to stay excited about their characters and the promos they want to cut. Now the most regular, most dependable, least "sorry for running behind"-est e-fed I was ever in used Fire Pro to make the matches instead of just sitting down and writing everything out longform. And hey, there's a new Fire Pro coming out with a function that lets you share wrestlers, so you don't have to add them to your game by hand anymore! I would be down to participate in that. I'd also be down to like help troubleshoot and develop wrasslers for people with less experience, and to weed out people trying to pull a fast one with cheap tricks. I've got well over 10,000 hours of experience with making watchable wrasslers across multiple editions of Fire Pro so I like to think I'd be okay at that. So yeah. I would help with a Fire Pro thing. I'd even be down to help with a more casual General Fire Pro League. But I've got less than zero interest in writing matches in the year 2018.
  7. WORLD OF WARCRAFT: BATTLE FOR AZEROTH (horde side) [4] So the main reason I got back into WoW was to beg a friend of mine to not play The Division 2 because I think he deserves better than that. What has ended up happening as a fun side effect of that is, I'm really enjoying this expansion quite a bit. I have oft spoke of my desire to explore creepy caves, and the environment that the Horde starts in on this expansion is just chock full of creepy caves to explore. Two of the four instances I have access to are all creepy caves of some variety, and one of those is creepy without being a cave. I'm extremely into it. That said, if you are not sold on WoW, this expansion is not going to change that. It's WoW. It's more WoW. I'm just hitting a nice little zen sweetspot on it. TEKKEN UPDATE I have settled in on Asuka as my main for the time being, because I feel if I switched characters now I'd lose everything I already know with her, end up with two characters I'm half educated on, and just get frustrated until I quit. To address an earlier comment, my goal is to Actually Learn How Tekken Works. I'm not aiming for tournament success or anything, because frankly there's no fighting game scene in San Diego so I'd have to go for LA for that and I'm Good. Four hour round trip to get my shit packed in. It's chill. I'm fine. My other goal is to eventually become secure enough with Asuka that I can try someone else and have her to fall back on if it doesn't work. Master Raven interests me a lot, but I've got enough problems dropping juggles without stances or backturn moves to worry about, so maybe later.
  8. LOL CHECKS OUT san diego is a big dumb grave dug by eternally reincarnating middle schoolers. i heard someone describe it as "boston of the west coast" and I think that's too mean to boston. san diego has boston beat on both Amount Of Fools and Strength of Racism.
  9. I know that by opening this topic to discussion I'm probably going to invoke people giving some awful opinions about games journalism, but I have to say something. the fact that the guy that got fired from IGN for Extreme Acts Of Plagiarism is from San Diego has made me ecstatic. Watch out, "RuPaul Posting A Painting Called Train Landscape When They Meant To Get The Trans Flag For Their Apology For Transphobia" and "Guy Who Stole A Tank," there's a new contender for Most San Diego Shit Ever.
  10. I mean to be fair, "Gameplay Launch Trailer" sounds better than "Definitely Finalized Assets Trailer"
  11. Still playing the same three games: Fire Pro, Rainbow Six, Tekken 7. In R6 I've finally hit a sweet spot where I have characters I both like using and am good at using on both Offense (IQ) and Defense (Smoke), and my friend group regularly has five people so I don't have to worry about not getting them. I've also got pocket characters in case they do get Got that I'm not an embarrassment with. Slow progress continues. Kind of having a Character Crisis. I'm torn between a few things here- My execution and knowledge of the game is low, and the character I want to play (Heihachi) requires literally perfect execution. So I picked up a different character in the meantime to learn systems with. They're fun but they have BIG flaws. So I'm trying to find the next step of a character to play, and I'm having quite a struggle trying to land in the right place. And on top of that, there's the fact that I have been a grappler-heavy dude in other fighting games so people are suggesting King to me, but like... I already play Fire Pro, and I've gotten back into ordering old rasslin tapes, so like there's some amount of resistance towards making Rasslin the only thing my hobbies are about. It's like Stereotype Threat. That said, I pulled him out playing against a friend and just seeing what his punches can do was pretty eye opening. I just don't know if I'm ready to do that.
  12. Okay, I have a pretty specific question. I have Carlzilla's mods installed. In tag matches, when wrestlers get thrown into opposing corners, the partner begins enters the ring and begins attacking. Is this a function of the base game, or of Carlzilla's mods? If it's the latter, how do i turn it off? If it's the former, is there any idea why this is happening in this game as opposed to The Rest Of The Series?
  13. uh, fyi, asteroids contain a kind of pulse fuel
  14. it's with a heavy heart that I must tell you that They've Done It Again
  15. I regret to inform you that I have learned how to wavedash with Heihachi in Tekken, and am beginning to do Electric Wind God Fist drills. I can only try to pick up the pieces and do better. Thank you for sticking by me in this difficult time.
  16. I have played 45 minutes of La-Mulana 2. I got crushed by the ceiling for standing in the wrong place. Can Confirm: Is La-Mulana 2.
  17. I just got the Edit Legend achievement. That's the one where you make 100 edits. 99 of them are original edits. On a related note, I passed the 520 hours played mark. here's the one non-original edit
  18. I'll try to use as few words as possible here, because I'm well aware I could rant about this game for a month straight (thus "no") The overwhelming praise and success of god of war makes me concerned that I played the wrong game, and there's some other god of war out there that has all the things that people have talked up it's also caused me to retroactively love Mortal Kombat X
  19. After spending five hours on a new save, I went back to my old save. They might have flushed all the stuff I made. I didn't have the heart to go try to scour the planets again to find it. Then I went back to my new save and got a frigate, which seemed like something that would never have happened in the last game. Also I made myself into my own personal chill gek homie. I dunno. I love the hell out of this game, even including all the ways it's thorny and stabs my hands when I try to hold it aloft and show it off to people. It might be because I don't fuck with any other survival games, so this is My Survival Game.
  20. I've been playing some old Genesis games that I've never beaten. I don't know why. Here's some thoughts on them. GENERATIONS LOST [3] The genre of the Tall Platformer is one that has ultimately been lost to time. There's plenty of NES platformer remakes out there, but very few like Genesis style "Moving Slowly Through Eerie Spaces With Vague Super Powers". I dont know if this is a good thing, it is just a thing I've noticed. Anyways, most of my enjoyment for this game is rooted in how weird I found it as a kid. It is bone simple as an adult. Beating it felt like this weird release but it also felt underwhelming cuz when I was a child, this game had this place in my mind of being this gigantic open world that I never saw all of, and uh, no. no kid. it aint. It's fine though. BEYOND OASIS [4] JESUS FUCKING CHRIST this is the most stressful zelda ever made. There was a point where I was getting my ass kicked so firmly by a dungeon that I thought "oh well clearly this is like third to last or something." I looked up a full playthrough of the game, and in a 3 and a half hour video, this was maybe 30 minutes in. It has only gotten harder. It has only gotten harsher. I have only gotten more resourceful. See, the hook is that it has fighting game inputs. Your primary weapon is extremely weak. There are other weapons, but the advantage that your weakest weapon has is a moveset. Tap to stab, hold to slash. double tap a direction and attack to do a running slash. Triple tap plus attack to do a multi hit stab. Hold B and hit forward back forward to... well, you get the idea. There's an input in there that are SNK Fighting Game Complicated. I have only pulled it off once, on accident. Also, where Zelda has items like the hookshot and whatever, Beyond Oasis has familiars that are summoned by casting a magic spell on certain surfaces. Each familiar has it's own move set, with a seperate attack button just for them. So managing combat becomes about managing both your own model and the properties of the AI partner you have with you. At another point I looked up a guide just to see if I was missing something about the game, and came upon the description of a kind of item I have zero idea even existed in the game. I was halfway through it and I had missed several enormous secrets areas- including TWO secret dungeons- that come with extremely helpful items at the end of them. Opposite of how Generations Lost left me, I am flummoxed with how much bigger this game is than it seemed to me years ago. Very strong recommendation if you're looking for a hidden gem. Oh, and it's a Yuzo Kashiro soundtrack so it's fukin jams for days
  21. I mean, wait to see if it's stable on x-box? Launching a large online game is still a shaky proposition. It's extremely hard to have the right guess on amount of servers for player load. Mechanically, I've actually loved it since launch, but I am weird and I just wanted Space Oregon Trail With Spooky Caves and got it, so someone else is going to have to take that question.
  22. I dont know if this is better for the metal thread because they've been like borderline for years, so I'm going to post it here with the warning that it's discordant as fuck Daughters are back. Their self-titled album is one of my favorite rock records. They seem to be posturing for an even larger, more theatrical thing, and I am down.
  23. The music industry also flat out doesn't care like others do. Exhibit A: Chris Brown.
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