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  1. How much experience on the indies did Solo have before NXT? I know it is in his blood (pun intended) but he was only in NXT 2.0 for about a year
  2. I wonder how much of this is a joke because CM Punk said he never watched a Rocky movie. Which I would argue is so much worse because there was about 6 of them.
  3. So I assume that Theory is cutting an empty arena promo because Triple H realizes he seriously fucked up by having Cena nuke him a couple weeks ago?
  4. I am not sure they started being specific with Unsportsmanlike penalties but Houston is getting creative. One was kicked out for a "low blow" as called and another gets a 15 for squirting a water bottle at the back of an official Watching Wade Phillips losing his shit on questionable calls is a treat
  5. 16 years ago today George Mason went to the final four. That same coach is going to the Final Four. Hard not to root for him And yes Miami is officially a basketball school
  6. well UCONN vs Gonzaga was a competitive game and then Timme got into major foul trouble and Gonzaga just died since then
  7. Not sure you can be anymore clutch under pressure than Florida Atlantic in the last minute. They probably had to score 2 or 3 in every possession and did.
  8. And the overall #1 is down to San Diego State. Yes we actually could see Princeton vs SDSU for a final 4 spot
  9. Well whether he likes it or not, he won't have much choice if the WWE wants it . Which for at least a good year or so they don't. The way I can see a heel turn happen is if they book him like Seth Rollins last title reign and the fans just hate him so much that he has to
  10. Since it seems that they hyping up the "respected by everyone" thing, the only answer I can think of Tim White. Although I actually thought he was already in the Hall of Fame.
  11. If ever there was a time to reveal that he faked his death I can't think of one
  12. So after almost 20 years in the business of doing the same shit and frankly even worse in some cases, people apparently are now bothered about Sexxy Eddy and what he does in the ring. At the Sunday night GCW show, he did his moonsault while naked with his hands covering his dick move against Matt Cardona. Now people are screaming WILL SOMEONE THINK OF THE CHILDREN. Even though it was an 18+ show on the ticket to begin with and in Toronto
  13. You know it is the lowest level tournament when you didn't even know that a quarter of the colleges existed. I mean USC Upstate and Tarleton?
  14. Meanwhile Princeton is putting a whooping on Missouri
  15. While the announcers probably were overplaying it, it is clear that Purdue wasn't just playing scared they were playing terrified. And there were guys wide open who wanted nothing to do with the ball Holy shit this FDU coach is hyped as fuck.
  16. Purdue is proving to everyone that they probably shouldn't have been a #1 seed
  17. Okay what the hell did Davey Richards do this time that he is getting removed from everything including his own wrestling school
  18. Kennesaw State almost pulled off their first tournament win in their first ever appearance but Xavier held on.
  19. I need to know how many takes there was on the Bud Light commercial with the lady holding about 6 full glasses without spilling a drop. If it is under 2, she needs to run for president
  20. Of course Arizona is struggling against Princeton. Not sure if there is a harder team to predict than them
  21. Furman was pretty much the "upset flavor of the week" by most and they just proved why. What the hell was that Not a great day if you have Virginia in your name.
  22. it seems like the purpose of QTV is so they can have a Ryan Satin parody character because unless the real TMZ people show up this is awful
  23. The Stugotz rant in 2024 on this is going to be glorious
  24. I almost feel sorry for the Jets knowing they have to sit through 95% of a conversation talking about his favorite drugs and how the "mainstream media" is destroying America only to have to wait for a "decision". At least when Lebron did the end result was going to a charity. This is basically Aaron Rodger jerking himself off for hours with a bunch of yes men.
  25. I am only a minute into the Big City version of the game between Capitals and Rangers and Kevin Weeks cartoon image is the stuff of nightmares I dont know if this is better than the Nick NFL version because the quality of action at times is shaky but it is fun to watch and doesn't take away from following the action.
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