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  1. https://twitter.com/Maffewgregg/status/1805293039046332891
  2. well luckily the rumor about WM only being in Vegas is now officially dead.
  3. I am not sure that Too Cold Scorpio can claim "self defense" when you apparently stabbed him in the head, chest, leg, AND stomach . https://twitter.com/TMZ/status/1805141806293622993
  4. The the full 9 minute version of the Jarrett promo on AEW social media explains even more if that was possible. The fact that his best friend and mom died on the same day of year you understand why he was so broken for a number of years
  5. That Jeff Jarrett promo was basically AEW telling people that thinks he didn't belong in Owen Cup to fuck off and was beautiful. Now it makes me hope this Wild Card isn't someone that needs to win
  6. I would think the thing that terrifies Florida more is that they lost game 6 and Connor McDavid did absolutely nothing in the game. Literally nothing
  7. So now the biggest question when Roman comes back is who is their 4th. He may get the Usos back. I mean are they going to jump the gu. and try to get Zilla Fatu from GCW in. I can't picture the Rock turning again with a match against Cody apparent
  8. Those cheeks were puckered after 1st period of game 5. Now it is so tight the jaws of life can't get in it. The shocking thing is how easy it has looked after Game 4.
  9. I generally don't have a dog in the fight in the Stanley Cup. But I desperately want a Game 7 tonight for two reasons. The obvious is that a Game 7 Stanley Cup game is probably the best thing in sports. The other is watching most of southern Florida either completely losing their shit or pretending to lose their shit over the Greg Cote "McOverated" comment and the impact it or may have not had on this series.
  10. The problem JJ has is that the only way the Lakers are going to be good again is to the one thing that the Lakers hate to do and that is rebuild with younger talent. Even when Kobe was at the end of the line with some of the worst Laker teams ever, their strategy is just to sign some past it's prime free agent and hope for the best.
  11. Yeah if you really want to piss off Bret ask him what he thinks about the angle where D-X claims that the Hart Foundation wrote racist graffiti in the Nation of Domination locker room
  12. Athena wasn't just the face of Ring Of Honor women's Division, she was one of the few faces in the entire company. If ROH had any traction beside the hardcores, she would be top 5 woman in industry. Hopefully this is just an angle like Billie and her neck. The best part of angle will be Ian wanting to see the best in all while Caprice knows the history and what she is capable of.
  13. Not sure what is weirder: seeing Jeff Jarrett in a dark match in 2024 or seeing his tag team partner Jay Lethal who was last in that building winning the ROH world title in a dark match. It was a nice touch for Karen to put over that Sonjay Dutt graduated for George Mason. While in terms of wins or losses it was a bad night, AEW was smart in using the talent local to the area with both Serena and Nyla in the Owen Cup matches and Lio Rush
  14. Especially since Tony seemed to actually feel sorry for Russo and thought that he gets way too much hate by everyone Love that of all the people that think that Goldberg was trying to injure someone on purpose, it is Vince Russo and NOT Bret Hart. As much as Bret despises Goldberg even he admits that it was a complete accident
  15. Once again Kevin Nash made him look like an idiot in this one. I love the part of him talking about "You take the blood bath and run if after the Fingerpoke of Doom and tell me what really killed WCW" . To use a baseball analogy, the Fingerpoke of Doom happened when the game was 1-1 and the bases are loaded. The Kevin Nash bloodbath happened when the game was 7-1 in the 7th inning and half the crowd left the stadium So wait we are now telling me Tony Shiavone is the one responsible for David Arquette for winning the title. Is that something people have talked about before? That is such typical Russo that he wants all of the credit for Arquette winning the title but wants none of the responsibility of coming up with it
  16. He might believe in the power of a big booty but HBK does not believe in Joe Hendry apparently
  17. When the Oilers decided to wake up they didn't fuck around. That 8-1 win wasn't the fluke that people thought it was. Although the Panthers just scored
  18. Speaking of Gable, I thought he re-signed with the company. He was definitely booked as someone who isn't.
  19. Again the problem with this is going to be the same issue Bray Wyatt had. I know we are supposed to not speak ill of the dead but when the bell rang for the most part the matches weren't very good. At least during the end of his run as his WM match against Cena and Taker were good and his matches with Bryan were very good. But after that not so much as it was mostly bells and whistles. Is Bo Dallas better in the ring than Bray? I don't think so. right now the best wrestler in this faction is Nikki Cross and they will probably make her a manager only. Someone needs to be the Luke Harper of the group and not sure who that is
  20. It is nice to know that even with Triple H under the reign that the draft doesn't mean shit. Punk showing up at Smackdown only because it is in Chicago. although I assume they will do something about Punk and Wade Barrett since Wade said he should have been fired It is funny that Joe Gacy who in CZW was originally called "Sloppy Joe" by the marks because of his in ring look and is now debuting on the main roster as a pig with serious weight problem.
  21. Supposedly Bill Bellichek is dating a 24 year old former cheerleader. That mid life crisis is a hell of a drug
  22. Speaking of Utah hockey, they unveiled their logo and sweaters and damn talk about boring. The colors aren't bad. I hope that when they get a name they do something else
  23. The first game of the NBA Final had maybe 2 minutes of dialogue during halftime and almost double the people talking about it. Could you imagine how pissed off Barkley would be.
  24. So today is the championship game featuring the USFL champion Birmingham vs the XFL champion San Antonio. So far a really boring game. I guess the biggest story in this game is the FOX debut of Tom Brady in the booth.
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