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  1. And it breaks my carny heart to realize after watching that VICE doc S2E1a, that no money mark, however moneyed or marky, will ever be able to promote Malenko v. Guerrero 30 Years Later. That was/still is my "shit", as the kids say, and those matches, those two great workers and yes, even Mr. Paul Heyman, were able to open a lot of people's eyes as to thee possibilities of what pro wrestling could be. It was some real machining there, lads... on thee sentimental tip, RAF
  2. The Fantastics are so brilliant, but if you cannot appreciate the sheer clubberin' savagery of the mighty Kiwi Sheepherders, then you might have been brought up wrong, son. They essentially fight with a collection of dirty sticks and string. Singlets and fatigues and boots = strong proto-FMW style consciousness, too. This makes my heart ache it is so good. - RAF
  3. 04/27/14 at thee 2300 Arena I escorted my young daughter to see a Masked Mania lucha show, and boy howdy was it muy bueno. She brought flowers for Cassandro, I paid like a mark for a pic with Sabu and her (when she hit the "pointing to Allah" pose he cracked up), the minis!, and heel Cassidy - so good. The match that blew me away was Negro Navarro v. Solarr. I recalled it now due to Dean's postings above of the match archetype I never knew I loved before: Grizzled Wrestling Machine against Grizzled Wrestling Machine. Lierally, the kind of match where you realize that those two raw-boned codgers gave FORGOTTEN more about rassling than all the rest of the greenhorns on the card might ever know. 1 Latin Dragon & Ultimo Panda Hallowicked & Frightmare Tag Team match 2 Amasis & Ophidian & Green Ant Chuck Taylor, Orange Cassidy & Papadon Trios match 3 Negro Navarro Solar FLLM Masters Championship match 4 Mini Mariachi Pierrothito PWR World Mini's Championship Match 5 Christina Von Eerie Sumie Sakai PWR World Women's Championship Match 6 Cassandro Matt Cross Challenge Match 7 Damian 666, Bestia 666 & Sabu BLK Jeez & Ruckus & Homicide Lucha Hardcore Match 8 Dr. Wagner Jr. LA Park IWL Heavyweight Championship Match Found it: las niñas siempre necesitan más lucha libre, RAF
  4. We forget how much that we, as a viewer, bring to the pro wrestling experience. Suspension of disbelief is very necessary to enjoy a match/card/worker and slick production makes it easier to watch and hides a stableful of sins.. People are quick to assume that if like a wrestler, then s/he is a good worker. and therefore good at every aspect of it. The lighting, production, camerawork, crowd noise, announcing, spectacle, resolution, arenas themselves, all contribute to our experience. Truly great workers can turn it out under most circumstances but that is rare. One rightfully alters one's mindset when viewing a second gen VHS indy tape, as compared to a major recent PPV - if the bells and whistles that you are used to getting with a particular show are not there, it can be jarring, and we have to contribute more to get more. This is why a match like the Lawler/Funk Empty Arena match is rightfully revered: not every worker could have pulled that off (and Lance Russel was a necessary component). If you start to eliminate some factors or elements (entrance ramp, ring ropes, a hot crowd, in ring cameras, workers that you have an emotional attachment to, et al), folks gonna get exposed. - RAF
  5. La Momia's undulating blowhole is so perversely fascinating that I might need a Sheep Hugging to straighten out my soul as well. - flockin' it, RAF
  6. I have no objection to working the cameras when they are there, and I get the selling outside or resthold during the commercial, but straight up breaking kay fabe? That smacks of not caring at all to me. I know it's an exhibition, but I pay money and/or attention so you DO NOT rub that in my face. Suspension of disbelief, you turkeynecks: do your dang job. - RAF
  7. Whhaaat? Why did they do that? How hard is it to keep going w/o advancing the match during the breaks (not difficult at all, truly)? This is some rank insulting BS - they know better, this is just showing disrespect. I really am disappointed (in the production crew, the workers, the agents, et al) - RAF
  8. Pineapple on pizza = the most heelish of all toppings. I loved the rest on the letter, but now you an untouchable to me, sirrah. - what's next: pepperoni on a sundae?, RAF
  9. This is tremendous. PP3 comes in at 24:45 - tune in for the PYTs, be blown away by Percy's promo, check out the erotic Rude workout and wind it all up with Quiet Riot & thee Missing Link! Wow. - RAF
  10. Because making everything (meaning scary reality - adult up, gherkins) into a political conspiracy is bogus, I will just imagine a whole card of nothing but Lawler/Funk Empty Arena matches. "Mah eye, Lance! Ah caint see!" Lord Buddha, that match is genius. If they take it Saudi Arabia, that would make me so sad... - do the right thing, Mr. McMahon, RAF
  11. THEY CUT IT OFF AT THEE BEST PART!!!! HJV, dropping thee Alchemical Magickal Street Science as well as elevating thee Funky Scientific Street Magick, thee Divine Arte of Putting Asses in thee Seats, baby... - a little Funky Jew, RAF
  12. Big Bill Watts: "That is a Gawd Damn finish, you cheese-eaters!!!" - channeling, RAF p.s. - Seriously this archival French catch stuff is so great, and has made me re-think my personal history of pro wrestling styles.
  13. I've been to the last two Chikara cards, and it is always festive but it has lost some of the magic from years past. I don't "get" the Crucible stuff at all (2 minute, no rope, submission/KO matches) at all. The outstanding workers for me were mostly several of the ladies - Donna Rama, Molly McCoy, Masha Slamovich, as well as some fast learners I dig - Sonny Defarge, Boomer Hatfield, Cornelius Crummels. I am so glad the promotion is still around and want them to succeed. - RAF
  14. My personal opinion is that I want more aliens (and mummies and time-travelers) if done well and not to excess, and less "I used to be a fan and now I am a wrestler!" or "hey, I watched lots of WoS and strong style tapes, see me fail to integrate the two styles" kickpad dudes but the world has passed me by... - RAF
  15. I love thee Boogie Woogie Man for the Street Shaman that he is, but I secretly love the each and every turn by his best "friends". They are all lessons in magick, and Jimmy Valiant suffers for our illumination. As above, so below, DADDY, RAF p.s. - Dancin' Buh Buh Ray Dudley was the pinnacle of BRD gimmicks for me.
  16. Pro wrestling can be compared to performance art, but it is a facile comparison. Any performance can be named "performance art" because it itself is so broadly defined. There are similarities but pro wrestling is not fine art as it is created strictly for a monetary transaction; nor is rassling a sport, but it certainly exists in a Venn diagram of these two poles, created by a nerd who has to define and pigeonhole everything. - sui generis, RAF
  17. yeah, but where can I get my WCCW music fix? Is this "real" song or just some unnamed stock secret genius composition? I gots to know... (And viddy this sad example I had to use.) - RAF
  18. ...but the heel Alex Wrights that followed were so transcendent. - RAF
  19. I agree 100% with Mick Foley. What he brings to the table is not a couple crazy bumps in every match, but his determination to make any spot on the card, any opponent and/or and angle look great. He had creativity and drive AND lack of ego, with a unique gimmick, that worked to get him over. Also, his interviews, promos and asides were polished gems... - RAF
  20. If Bret wanted to move that machine, he should have contacted Slippery Pete and Shlomo. - RAF
  21. Good. I am not sold on KK - great look, but he does the RW Hawk/Animal "no sell a big move" altogether too many times during a match to get over for my taste. I like Lawlor: very hateable and not afraid to chickenshit it up; he carried the match. Team Filthy needs a heavy hitter, too many stooges now. The match was really to set up the eight man tag (v. Von Erichs, Davey Jr & KK). - RAF
  22. I went to the MLW card at the 2300 Arena this past Saturday. It was a long ass TV taping but well run. Strong Hearts, Injustice and (of course) Contra Unit really showed me a lot. Everyone was over. - RAF
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