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  1. The above is akin to one of my fave rave top 30 bestest ever matches, BWindham vs. DRhodes GAB 1988, for it's sheer undiluted clawholdiness. And if by machine, you mean intelligent machines conserving their batteries and still getting over, Ima post it here: Goddamn, Barry with JJ is great. He has always been appreciated in my Temple, but Dillion's stock has risen greatly in the past year due to my choices of rassling to watch on thee interWebs. James Julius Casar Dillion: #1 Manager Of The Pandemic?
  2. Has the Mad Man Pondo book been mentioned on here? Anyway, I axed for it for Jeebus' B'day #1 from my Amazon listee, and there it was. I just read it and it was light but fun. Pondo is a sweetheart, and don't believe the trope that all deathmatch peoples are gentle intelligent humorous humanitarians - there are plenty of jag-offs. However, Mr. P is just that trope: generous, humble, funny, and smart. More of a collection of anecdotes in MMP's voice, as well as many others giving their input as well, oral history style. Yet another rassling book where I am not mentioned by name but I was in the room for a few of the selected happenings. Huh. Cool cover, too.
  3. I think I read 4 pages without comprehending a word because I could not believe that folks named DiBiase, Roberts and Rude for their least memorable workers. I don't want it to be my only gimmick, but y'all make me feel OLD. Watch any of those ICON's matches (or especially feuds) BEFORE the WWF and you will learn. Dibiase was over and a workhorse, Roberts was a master of psychology as heel or babyface or tweener, and Rude -- well, he did cruise on charisma, style and a finisher there for a bit, but the man could work and had presence, especially live. Now I like Mike Rotundo but I will not dispute his pick for some. He is of that class of workers that it wasn't that "you had to see his early stuff", it's more that he was more effective, I believe (esp. as a babyface), when he was younger. He grew up, and never really evoved. A young'un who uses veteran moves (the whole technical amateur wrestler gimmick) is great, a vet who wrestles like a vet irregardless of most-recent-gimmick is less charming. The man could go, tho'. As a passionate human, there are not too many wrestlers that I don't have a bit of a reaction to, but I would be hard-pressed to recall when Slick, Axl Rotten, Gangrel, Teijo Khan, or Warlord stirred a feeling from me. However, for workers that delight & inspire & enervate me, I can rattle off many, and then be overwhelmed with regret an minute/hour/day/week later at the many I forgot: The Sheepherders Kevin Sullivan Capt. Lou The Grand Wizard Fred Blassie Stevie Richards Horsemen Era Ric Flair Terry Funk Mike Jackson Eddie Guerrero Jimmy Valiant Sabu Buxx Belmar Perry Saturn Patti Pep Big Van Vader Midnight Express (any iteration, bonus points for JC) Oleg the Usurper Mike Jackson The Great Kabuki w/Gary Hart Claudio Castagnoli Cactus Jack Tully Blanchard w/JJ Dillion Ron Bass w/JJ Dillion Muta (esp. in the USA) Tajiri The Wild Samoans Umaga ... I could go on ...
  4. RIP. So, where is the belt now? I saw him in Florida once, I believe, and on TV numerous times. Good name, two nouns.
  6. DEAN, you have been watching my live feed again. I clean up real nice, and cook a mean pot roast. Here's how I picture us: NOT SHOWN - extensive VHS CWF collection, in order & well dusted
  7. I would pay for a Digital Versatile Disc of this event. I am agog.
  8. Thank you for this, Mr. D. Spoiler for potty mouth:
  9. Another cosmically shite day today but it's always this, kiddies: you can laugh or cry, so boot up some rasslin' promos and laugh and learn and live again --- Best Angle Ever? It is surely in the running in the RAF domain. How about some more old time religion in your grappling: Based on true events, no less. Capt. Lou is like a religion to me, so here thee Man is, laying it down: And another thing that makes RAF happy in this fractious age, when the bitch Lady Luck turns her face, is when all the heels are pals and hang out and support each other. I love that. Take it away, Messrs. Hart & Piper: I feel better now.
  10. Oh, you really don't know (and it's about more than camp)...
  11. Good article/interview with the reliable Mario Mancini: https://melmagazine.com/en-us/story/mario-mancini-interview Short & well worth the read.
  12. When RAF is feeling blue, he knows where to go. This made my day: Very aptly titled. Thee MM is criminally underrated & overlooked, in my uncontroversial opinion. Here is another because I love all of you (thanks to the genius of thee Magnificent One): Damn, son - I remember watching this last one in the realtime (or another similar one from the same taping) and being blown away. TSantana vs. Muraco as well as Santana vs. Greg Valentine over the intercontinental belt are two fond feud memories for me. Does anyone have a lead on that squash that Muraco did whilst wearing sunglasses with Gorilla M being very upset about the lack of safety and surfeit of arrogance on the part of MM? Similar timeframe to thee Meatball Hero Match, if I remember correctly (which I often do not). Fuck a team of writers, I want undiluted WorkerBrainWords.
  13. I like to think that with 30 years and some substitutions, we all could have been LA PARK.
  14. The pre-rope part has been, I believe, referred to as a "hangman/hangman submission/hangman choke", often done as a (sorta) back-to-back cravat over one shoulder, with the hands around the victim's jaw and chin to avoid being considered a choke. "It's the same but different" - Tommy Chong. I do dig the use of the ropes. Hey, me use interWeb goodly now! This is what I was thinking of... WWWF MSG 10/20/80, Rick McGraw (RIP, who was always over for a generic enhancement baby, and the first face of excessive steroid use for me and my pals) vs. The Hangman (Neil Guay)
  15. A million pink/teenybopper idol stars - I love Thee Merchant of Menace and BFulton is a vastly overlooked worker. This match was pure textbook gimmick flexing, un-innovative but the paradigm of this match-up nonetheless. These two couldn't phone it in at gunpoint. Now my cursed imagination makes me want a Cassandro v. Adrian Street feud, as well as a Bobby Fulton vs. The Masked Superstar one as well. "I'm a greedy man" - James Brown
  16. Amen. I don't even like changing trains there. However, no one complains if you smoke by the tracks so there is that. ADDENDUM: Come to think of it, I feel the same about the Trenton NJT train area, so --- Jersey sucks.
  17. Yes, but I recall them being announced as from "the Future" - both maybe? I was inconsolable for a while after 01/01/2002 that I was stuck in the "current" shitty 2002 instead of thee New Breed's Dusty-as-POTUS reality, so I guess they succeeded in their mission, or should I blame LazerTron?
  18. KK really is so very genius, a heel that delivered always and therefore was relied upon by several promotions. CAdams was also great in this era, an underdog-flavored babyface that was not as obviously propped up as the Von Erichs (excepting David (but that's a whole 'nother debate)). I contend that there is an actual technical difference between thee Asian and Asiatic Spikes, and will argue the point even if I have to make shit up out of whole cloth. Where's Bill Mercer? Someone call Muraco...
  19. [double post] The Edit button moved months ago, and still get it screwed up. Anyway, Happy B'day (yesterday) to thee Hollywood Fashion Plate of Wrestling, thee King of Men, Mr. Freddie Blassie.
  20. I went to a newly revived Pro Wrestling Explosion card this past Friday, nostalgic myself for a bit of the old CHIKARA and to see some new (to me?) talent. I will say that this quite modern style of pro wrestling presentation (and despite my or any other codger's protestations it is pro wrestling) is not up my alley. RAF is able to see'n'overcome his prejudices, baby, dontcha know, so I walked in with clear eyes and an attempt at a pure heart. To circumvent my usual lengthy diatribe I will merely state that I prefer a more "sports build" presentation to my professional wrestling. Don't tell this to my 28YO ECW besotted past self. I mean no disrespect when I say that wrestling is like pizza - I'll always eat it, and even bad pizza is still pizza. I had a good time although sometimes my heart hurt. There were some standout workers to watch for: Ryan Mooney, Travis Jacobs, and my fave raves The Hispanic Mechanics aka Jos A & (wait for it) Jos B, which is sheer genius. Special mention and Mostest Professional Award goes to Megabyte Ronnie, who overdelivered in an intergender match. Here is my take: Intergender Matches Are The Modern Equivalent Of '70s/'80s USA vs. Russia Matches. 90% of IG matches are booked the same because it is difficult to do otherwise, especially if it is a "cold" match without an angle or feud or in the case of many indies, the audience's unfamiliarity with the workers. IG and USA/USSR matches are often merely crowd pleasers, reinforcing the sensibilities of the viewers and delivering the expected beats and gratifying patterns. Does this make them bad or worthless? No, just perfunctory. Take it away, Roland Barthes, my main Froggy genius: "Wrestlers, who are very experienced, know perfectly how to direct the spontaneous episodes of the fight so as to make them conform to the image which the public has of the great legendary themes of its mythology. A wrestler can irritate or disgust, he [or she] never disappoints, for he [or she] always accomplishes completely, by a progressive solidification of signs, what the public expects of him [or her, get with it, Roland]." As I said, a fun show, but my major objection was the use of couple of workers who appeared so green as to be a danger to their opponents, and certainly to my suspension of disbelief. Part of the gimmick for this fed, and others like it, is the openness, inclusion and fairness of it's choice of workers (again, matching the imagined sensibilities of the paying crowd). Screw that, RAF wants to see bigger-than-life characters doing things beyond my ken, not folks to identify with. Just try to shock my, or at least stretch my expectations. I self-differentiated a while ago, Jack. I would go back. Support your local indies, kids!
  21. I always thought his gimmick was an incredibly amusing Horror Movie Host Who Can't Wrestle anyway. I hope he gets a gig this, it really is perfect.
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