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  1. I started a new thread about Wrestling Ephemera, check it out. Cross posting this here, scope it out over there for some amusing details. a little batty from this quarantine thang aren't we all but still "productive", RAF
  2. You know - ephemera: Items of limited or temporary use and/or value, collectible and rare usually because people rarely save them, many having sentimental attachment or niche interest, often mass produced & made of paper or other disposable material. I went through one of my boxes of wrestling crap, Wow, I like my stuff!! I hope you dig it too. Please post your own. UTC Pavillion, Chicago IL 1992 - I am a big fan of swiping posters and whatnot, I have rarely ever bought a poster but stuff like this accrue a sense of time and place for me and thus sentimental value. How many other people took , let alone saved one of these. Plus, I don't like a Sting championship and this was a good match. My roommate totally groped Nikita Koloff's buttocks when he was thrown into the protective guardrail in front of us. Yeah, my pal Vinnie and I went to this. No Dusty but we also got the amazingly shitty debut of Lisa Sliwa, wife of NYC pest & Guardian Angel founder Curtis Sliwa. Bam Bam impressed, and I saw a youthful Paul H. when he was a fresh-faced radio DJ, photog, club promoter and go-getter as well as Larry Sharpe in a tracksuit. Anyway, I hope you were amused. - RAF p.s. Photobucket can eat a bag of pig anuses. Does anyone have a recommendation for a free hosting service? Does anybody use Google's?
  3. The American Nightmare angle is one of my top three favorite angles of all time, and all that Sullivan run is gold. I have seen a few episodes that were decent quality, but much of the rest is third of fourth generation.I don't even know if it has been all preserved. RF used to have some available but they were barely watchable. There were some commercial tapes floating around of later era stuff. Anyway, if you get a chance to see this angle in any quality, Abudadein commands thee to do it. - RAF
  4. Mr, Referee, you have a midget biting your rump. High antics! ---------------------------------------------------------- Grand Wizard performed his morning ablutions: stretch smoke shave tea laugh. ------------------------------------------------------------ The Jock's eyes bugged out and a warm stain spread out from his crotch: sugar hold. (2005) - RAF
  5. Mr. R, surely you are hip to Chris Colt (Chris Von Colt was his last (of many) gimmicks for his final run), one of the business' most forgotten & most controversial personalities, and another link in the occult chain of thee real Rock & Wrestling connection. say it ain't so, RAF
  6. 5 stars?!?!? I dug it but it is a dog's breakfast. Does Onita have a direct US equivalent? I think he is unique, very tied to the Japanese idiom & culture. I mean, I think about explaining wrestling personalities to non-fans and how long this explaining would go, and Mr. Atsushi Onita's bio would be quite involved indeed. - RAF
  7. Tully Blanchard knew where the ropes were at all times. Shrewd ring general. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Lawler's back yard was Kamala's debut jungle, then he served hot dogs. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Arcane carny lore whispered drunkenly to me: "it's freaks, geeks, and sheiks". ------------------------------------------------------------------- Jeff Hardy Girls love mall punk look, sacrificial ring lamb boy. Walker by fifty? ------------------------------------------------------------------ "Big Van Vader how do you fit on the toilet" - a 9 year old's sign. (circa 2004) - RAF
  8. NSFW? Brother, if I owned a work I would be showing this on a loop and playing "Powerhouse" by Raymond Scott continuously. Productivity and workplace morale, y'know? means of production, RAF
  9. Not for nothing, how good are the French Catch refs? I want an indy fed to do a FC gimmick match but the ref has to be smoking the whole time. French Catch needs to be the new Strong Style on the indies. - RAF
  10. I forgive you, COVID-19, for destroying our economy because you brought thee "Salt An' Peppah Jam, daddy" onto my chromebook (but not for imprisoning me with my big drunken Jersey wife). Is JYD the best worker with no wrestling moves ever? He is the proof that with charisma, interviews, a good gimmick and entrance, great booking and the right opponents, you can be on top. Kamala have a repertoire like Jushin Thunder Liger compared to him (and the Ugandan Giant was also over as heck) I can see why Mr. Dibiase did NOTHING once he got to WWF because he worked his second generation/adopted carny DNA ass off his whole career before that. The American Dream... well, he's the got dang AMerican Dream, daddy, the Red Blotch on thee Rasslin' Mt. Rushmore, baby. - RAF
  11. We are rolling now, cats. --------------------------------------------------- Wrestling Machine - new category to nerd on. Thank you, Mr. Dean. ------------------------------------------------------ French Catch?!? Sacre bleu! Where has this been all my life? Vive le frog graps! ------------------------------------------------------- Jerry Graham ruined it for the kids, with the blade. MSG riot. ------------------------------------------------------- There once was a Sudani named Abbie, who may appear to be a bit flabby, but give him a fork and some jobber dork, and soon we will all see him get stabby. (04/26/20) - RAF
  12. Not out of the realm of possibility, SK, but do you remember (I am old) or are familiar with cable pre-1978? I was hardly national, and had a very limited availability. No MTV yet, either and closed circuit was far more prevalent than PPV and not nearly as lucrative. Mr. McMahon could have even started later in my view and been as successful, since none of the other major promoters would have had the vision or initiative. VKM: inevitable. (hip reference there) - yeah we all saw the meme no need to post it GetDown, RAF
  13. VKM's takeover was successful because of technological breakthrough in media that changed the US entertainment consumption from local to national - cable, PPV, VHS, et al. Some of this he capitalized on, arguably before any of the more tradition bound promoters could (and later younger ones would not have had access to the capital and talent that WWF had). Others breakthroughs were happily timed, but he moved on it. If his control of the company came earlier, and he did not wait, it would have been much more difficult to come out on top. Hogan was a perfect choice for that time, but would not have been before that. I think that he could have found a substitute - that is what promoters and bookers do. - RAF
  14. I forgot to mention in my whinging how much I am digging everybody's contributions. We got ourselves a regular Norton Anthology over here, or at least a beatnik coffee house... - RAF
  15. Still blue. Still recuperating. Still too lazy to go into the basement. Still sad that wrestling companies want to keep making shows in Pandemika. A real gov't would be leading, not making things potentially worse. Ah, well... --------------------------------------------------- Bought me some Zubaz but took the coward's way out: Black-on-black zebra. ------------------------------------------------- Lawler liked monsters and comics and Elvis, too. He booked to his strengths. ------------------------------------------------ It all comes down to thee Hot Tag - The kids don't know. Watch some Mid-South tapes. ----------------------------------------------- My fave Rick Rude sell was the sore buttocks dance from an Atomic Drop. (04/25/20) - RAF
  16. I too hate when I accidentally post my privately commissioned videos for my own personal use on-line instead of the Fantastics vs. Sheepherders clip I just found. I feel your pain, RAF
  17. Of course I have to chime in that I ordered the BWMJV autotbio when it came out (direct from the goat farm, scribbled and dedicated). I really liked it (duh). He keeps kay fabe to a certain extent but assumes that the reader is smartened up to a degree. He talks about his hep outbreak and the reasons why he (and others) switched feds and gimmicks. He sometimes refers to certain events and things but doesn't give the details which irks me. He talks about his personal yoga techniques that keep him supple but won't give the secrets - I like to think that is because a Shaolin shaman who guards the hidden wisdoms. Anyway, if you are a fan of Mr. V and that era (which is a pretty long era) you will dig this. It is written in a conversational style and has lots of good pics. Thee Rev likes big books and lots of details and funky dancing, so a big thumbs up. MERCY BABY DADDY, RAF
  18. I am too blue to go rooting in the basement. Poems from the now, folks. (04/24/20 0309) ----------------------------------------------- I watched the first five minutes, then the last seven, pressed the "like" button. (0312) ----------------------------------------------- Rick Martel: better worker than Dino Bravo, but without cheap smokes. (0316) ------------------------------------------------ Tommy Rich pulled a knife on me. I was honored - Ex-champ. True story. (0319) -------------------------------------------- Baby Doll, I heard, was a dirty jezebel. Dusty told us so. (0321) -------------------------------------------- now I am blue and tired, RAF
  19. Stop the madness. - RAF (who would gladly wear a jacket like that but with Jimmy Valiant or Dusty Rhodes or the North-South Connection on it) p.s. - Happy Anniversary Mr. Triple HHH
  20. Who would buy that? I mean, I have a vivid imagination and decent logic skills, and I cannot conceive of a person or situation where this is exchanged for money. - RAF
  21. INDY DARLING GETS CALLED UP Puro? Yes, but he can't work these big crowds: his small moves, facials, patter. ------------------------------------------------------------------ ITEMS LEFT AT AN EMPTY LOCKERROOM, 1985 Wet towels, used gigs, dirty needles, beer cans and empty Sno Seals. (2007) --------------------------------------------------------------- SCENES FROM A SHOOT PANDEMIC: DEAR MR MCMAHON You're really going to go back live? Contract slave! But Cody? Et tu? (04/22/20) - RAF
  22. Man, I wish I still had the VHS tape with the Humongus/Roberts feud on it, so action packed and expertly booked. It got great coverage in the Apter mags as well. The idea that Lord H's mask made him immune to the DDT was brilliant, with Jake using a cattle prod as an equalizer, zapping LH through the eyehole & making him discard the mask and finally - BANG!!, that climactic DDT. I only see a penultimate cage match online. Ah well... - RAF p.s. Mr. Roberts being the machine here, but Van Camp is no slacker. This is the later feud from Mid-South, which I think was not as involved or long as the SWCW/Continental one (facts subject to my bad memory).
  23. Ring jacket in a dead worker's closet, soon to go to a thrift store. ------------------------------------- The boots with spats on them are rare now; rodeo style are defunct. --------------------------------------- Ludwig Borga sat in the gym. He thinks that he wants a cigarette.. (circa 2008) - RAF
  24. And the Weaver Sleeper vs. the Raschke Iron Claw at the end! - RAF
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