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  1. They had great chemistry. Holden was one of the best celebrity guest stars they ever had on Lucy, and they had scores of them during that Hollywood season.
  2. You Can’t Canadian Destroyer Copeland being a recurring spot would be fun. Actually I’d love a veteran coming into the company from elsewhere after spending months of prep time mastering counters for super kicks, cutters, and topes and never getting hit with any.
  3. I would like people to start losing titles because their competitor was the better wrestler on that night and not because of the injury piling up story. Unless they start an angle where someone like Roddy wins a title and comes out mummified in athletic tape and then no-sells the injuries in the final stretch to steal wins.
  4. I genuinely think we’re on it right now.
  5. Our mom and pop video store had a “Special Interest” section tucked away from the rest of the aisles that was aerobics, WWF, a couple of Starrcades, Foxy Boxing, and then the porn curtain. It really put my mom’s mind at ease about me getting into wrestling.
  6. David Gordon Green’s transition from respected indie auteur to studio hack has been like something out of a lazily constructed fictional Hollywood cautionary tale. I’m sure he’s got a pretty sweet in-ground pool though, so who am I? I have plenty of time for both cuts of Exorcist III. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Schrader’s Dominion cut all the way through, just The Beginning, which sucks quite a bit. I’ve experienced Pep Boys waiting rooms more entertaining than The Heretic.
  7. For every great match Sting has had there’s like five sports entertainmenty segments that people remember more, for better or worse.
  8. He used it on Angle in the Summerslam match so they could do a Bret callback where Angle reversed it for a false finish.
  9. The first time they had an audio issue. It sounded like the ringside mics were still on and picking up the video feed of the segment in the arena.
  10. “We’ll be right back after these very, very important sponsors.” This was mostly a bad show, but the last 25 minutes or so was fantastic.
  11. In the last few years I’ve mostly associated that song with Into the Spiderverse.
  12. The spate of normal posters repackaging themselves is freaking me out. This is what it must feel like to live in Gotham City and open up the paper every week to see a new member of the Rogues’ Gallery debut.
  13. The commentary on Zero Hour was part of what convinced me not to order the show. I want every announcer in the company besides Ex, Taz, and Schiavone to fall off the face of the Earth.
  14. I know it was Barnett’s home base, but I was very heartened by what a strong Bloodsport chant he and Claudio got during their mic exchange. Bloodsport rules.
  15. Put Skye in Bullet Club Gold, pair her with Joliet Juice, and make them the King and Queen of the Chicago market.
  16. I’m going to chalk this up to poor chemistry, but Omega/Jericho vs Gates of Agony was simultaneously not snug enough and also dangerously sloppy.
  17. When the ECW Zombie cut that promo saying, “Ahh ugh ehh,” …I felt that.
  18. Stat should go back to the beleaguered mother promos where she threatens to make her opponents do chores. She had a rough time tonight.
  19. And to think, I spent part of the 90s alone in a room full of posters being horny for Shawn Michaels for free.
  20. @Contentious C I tried to look up the old post, but if you search Wicked Prayer on here the first 18 hits are separate posts by you shitting on it lol.
  21. I’m going to guess the blowoff to all this next year will be a Stadium Stampede with Undisputed Elite vs a reformed babyface Pinnacle.
  22. Gambon as the crime boss in The Cook, The Thief, His Wife & Her Lover is one of the great monsters in cinema.
  23. “The International Title will now only be defended at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds!”
  24. Danielson published an honest-to-goodness love letter to Vince and then cut a promo saying WWE wasn’t really wrestling on his first night with AEW.
  25. I think you’re thinking of a work in very specific terms as opposed to the everything is a work philosophy. Jade wanted to get over how happy she was to be with WWE in her statement, and she shrewdly did it in terms she knew they’d love. Their perspective is that they’re the only real place to work that everyone else aspires to be there, so that’s how she framed it because she was essentially doing media for them.
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