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  1. They’ve finally disappeared so far up their own asses that they have a sequel to a movie in post-production and a remake of the same movie in pre-production.
  2. If memory serves, Tribute to the Troops was JBL’s idea, and he’s probably been jazzed to take credit for it until right now.
  3. My supremely genteel grandmother was one of those old people who would just show up at the movie theater and see whatever showtime was coming up soon, so she saw Superbad and enjoyed it. Of course, she also took me to both Kill Bills because I was underage and would watch the Candyman and Hannibal Lecter movies without batting an eye.
  4. Had a thought: What’s the most wholesome R-rated movie? Sweet, breezy, and not especially filthy, but a hard R nonetheless. I’m thinking My Cousin Vinny or Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.
  5. Sure, but that’s also why when we hear or read something that is uniquely wild or disgusting, even for us, it’s notable.
  6. I’m not surprised by Nash’s response. He used to tell that story in shoot interviews about Iron Sheik slapping around a woman they brought back to their hotel room because she wouldn’t arch her back like a dog, and he delivered it like it was a lighthearted anecdote.
  7. I’m pretty sure it’s the Alfred Hitchcock Presents with Steve McQueen and Peter Lorre, but maybe Twilight Zone did it too. There’s a Tales from the Crypt with Lance Henriksen that had a really great take on it as well.
  8. Re: Four Rooms I feel like the consensus is that The Misbehavers is the best room, followed by The Man from Hollywood, then the hostage one with Jennifer Beals, and the coven of witches one is dead last. The interlude phone call with Kathy Griffin is pretty good from what I recall.
  9. There are plenty of Scott film’s I don’t care for, but I’d still argue if his movies are formulaic it’s because he was an enormous influence on the formula, and if his style seems indistinguishable from his contemporaries it’s because they were cribbing from him.
  10. It’s at least rumored to be Paul Walter Hauser, which has me very excited. It’s still wild to me that one of the greatest young characters actors working right now is also simultaneously a part-time hand for Pro Wrestling Revolver.
  11. NBK got a lot of mileage out of premiering within months of the Brown and Goldman murders and the OJ story overtaking culture.
  12. I’m glad he’s probably got another twenty years left in him to be put through the wringer by the feds. I do wonder if he’s too proud to do the standard Weinstein feeble old man transformation for courtroom appearances.
  13. According to google, Kyle Petty is 6’2”, and he looks like one of them should be carrying him in a New World Order baby sling. I know it’s breaking news, wrestlers big, but damn.
  14. The King of Strange Style! Arez is one of my favorite discoveries through Dean posts.
  15. Jeff spends at least five minutes throwing a pity party for the wrestling world he came up in disappearing because Vince is gone before Conrad brings up that there is an actual victim at the center of the story, and then Jeff goes straight into the anyone, even Vince, can be redeemed rap. It sucks.
  16. Yeah I think someone else may have attempted to nationalize, but what Vince really did was create a relationship between wrestling and pop culture. It’s had its ups and downs but that relationship has meant everything to professional wrestling as a whole ever since .
  17. *stops doing Hindu squats while hauling myself over the coals for having a McNugget meal last night* What do you mean?
  18. The thing with the footage that I keep thinking about is a possible criminal case: if prosecutors can introduce song lyrics into cases against rappers, then the Network is potentially thousands of hours of circumstantial evidence. I’m assuming a Vince-level attorney would be able to get that kept out, but if not that one Trish segment alone would finish him.
  19. Obviously this goes back to who knew what when speculation, but it’s very weird that the Bellas bridged two generations of women’s wrestling in WWE and weren't aware enough to tell their mother not to get involved with Laurinaitis.
  20. No. I could see him faking it to escape though. Paul London just needs to keep a straight face for him to pull it off this time.
  21. I keep thinking about how much power he was able to exert over this woman, and how this wasn’t even someone whose lifelong goal was to work in wrestling, and specifically for WWE. It’s chilling to think about someone whose hopes and dreams were in Vince’s hands and what they may have been put through.
  22. They set up his shares in a unique way to be able to get him out the door as soon as something like this happened, so I’d imagine yes.
  23. I’ve never been more certain that the Ashley Massaro allegations were true. Just tragic.
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