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  1. It wasn't exactly launching an angle, but Hogan walking out of 9 with the strap. "Politics, brother," was the MITB case of its time.
  2. Those are the voices I hear even when I'm reading stuff I wrote on wrestling boards.
  3. Considering Rey's price tag just for an appearance, I think he's okay with hanging at Walemania.
  4. My favorite part is that it was clearly supposed to be called Russelmania, but they couldn't negotiate the obvious proprietary hurdles.
  5. He looks like Lance Henriksen starring in The Eric Stoltz Story.
  6. I know they were just throwing every big name that worked Sting on there, but it's a bummer that Sting/Hogan is the best match on that DVD.
  7. I wouldn't be surprised if Wyatt isn't just in a backstage segment with IRS, Bo, and Mae Young's hand child by next Wrestlemania.
  8. Crushed orbital bone, Phantom of the Opera Undertaker is one of my favorite looks of his.
  9. They've changed the narrative about what wrestling is. There are no stakes anymore. We're supposed to think "Who cares who wins or what that means? They're entertaining so hard out there right now!"
  10. Sting won't be repelling from anything, but they should have the Cirque de Soleil folks to do some kind of synchronized Stinger squadron routine during his entrance.
  11. He's dropped serious weight this year, but he could get into Chris Pratt shape and he'll still rock the giant jersey because he'll never stop working the "self-effacing fat guy" gimmick.
  12. Whatever keeps Ford busy so he can't kill himself playing Red Baron is fine with me.
  13. Brock feuding with The Shield would be fun. He lawn darts Rollins, has a garbage match with Ambrose, maybe tags with Cena against them. I mean, that's probably all his dates right there, but whatevs.
  14. Understated Arnie is intriguing, even if it's in a genre I've completely lost interest in. I wish he had made that movie about the German officer saving a bus of orphans from Nazis that was talked about a few years ago.
  15. I was at the Rumble; before the show they ran Be a Star promos and such on the screen, and the place exploded with boos whenever Reigns face popped up. It wasn't a direct consequence of Bryan being eliminated, it just made matters worse. I remember the Summerslam match with Orton being pretty heatless, but Randy worked his ass off and kind've got everyone into the last few minutes.
  16. "Brock, you're going over but we need you to make Roman look really str...just don't mess up his face."
  17. Brock's new contract is probably for the same amount of dates, except now he only has to wrestle inside of a Jimmy John's adjacent to his farm.
  18. A Wrestling Isn't Wrestling on Henry would be gold. His character arc is just as wild as Hunter's. Plus, it would surely end with real Mark showing up and destroying Landis while reminding him that his heart doesn't pump kool-aid.
  19. As far as Taker, they're promoting the Bray match more as "a special appearance by The Undetaker!" than a legitimate challenge because they don't have the streak to push and no one believes Bray's going over. Seeing Taker's return is the only thing they can sell, so they kept him off TV. Hulk Hogan must be the only person in the world that wears hair extensions to create the illusion he has a skullet.
  20. Poor Reigns is stuck with the "Vince project" stigma without any of the benefits that used to afford.
  21. To be fair, Lana probably understands proper multi-hamper etiquette.
  22. I don't know if Trips is pretending. His persona being called a great frictional character in the same breath as Walter White and such kind've reinforces every booking decision ever made in his favor. I'll admit his "I have such a great sense of humor about myself and what people dislike about me" thing could be a work though.
  23. Yeah, they've actually tempered Cena's negative reactions from even a few months ago by having him against a real heel. Rusev's act is perfect because people love that it's a throwback, but they also know they're supposed to boo him. There's very little cool heel reaction.
  24. Okay, now I'm thinking Diesel pulls Vader to the ring on a rickshaw while Vader pantomimes shifting gears. Vince on commentary: "Whatta ride!!"
  25. Switching up directors and taking some time between installments has made each MI movie fresh and different. It's kind of crept up on me as one of my favorite franchises since I haven't gone to see one in a theater since 2, and I usually catch them on cable later on. I'll be showing up at the multiplex for this one.
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