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  1. The Kris schedule thing isn't necessarily a big deal. Neither is one Creeper missing punches. Neither are the ref snafus when taken individually or the audio problems or the stop-start booking. It's all those things together that become worrisome and symptoms of a poor management structure. I've brought up 'growing pains' a few times in the past and to be honest I think the first calendar year of Dynamite will have more issues like this come up. When Nitro debuted, WCW had a lot of experience running TV already even if it wasn't in that format, but AEW is starting somewhat from scratch and while they've brought in experienced people it takes time to gel. My hope is this break will allow everyone to re-focus and iron out these minor distractions that take away from an overall good product.
  2. Those Global Wars shows that came through Toronto every spring were great. I got to see Tanahashi wrestle live and in his prime in a minor league hockey arena, only Ring of Honor did that. It truly is a shame they've long since eaten up the good will from those times because they had a solid shot at being a #2 for a second there.
  3. Hook 'Jacob Fatu in AEW' to my veins, yo.
  4. The rankings shouldn't count for 1/1 anyway since that's the day they reset. Statlander won her title shot in a match so that would carry over year to year but technically none of those women should qualify for a title shot. The fact they have to scramble to put something together when they should have had a lot of advance notice is some amateur hour stuff but here we are. I'd have preferred if they'd just given the match to the #2 contender or have an open challenge. Props to Kris for keeping her word when both promotions were fine with her not especially given the prominent nature of this match, shows class. Edit: Sorry, I didn't realize Britt Baker was the #2 again somehow. Kayfabe wise that still makes sense to me but I'd prefer a different challenger.
  5. The other thing that may have sunk NJPW conquering the US is that while there are undoubtedly a contingent of real fans, a lot the "New Japan fans" in the States are actually "the last half of WrestleKingdom" fans. What I mean is, having a big show in the states or putting big matches on someone else's show is a what most people want. They want Okada/Omega or Tanahashi/Ibushi or Ospreay/Takahashi. Some fans want the G1, but most fans just want the finals. An actual touring promotion with all the meaningless 6 and 8-man tags is way harder to sell without more developed TV (or online) presence. Even with the Elite on the roster, that's still only maximum two matches a card they could carry as names and I'm not convinced NJPW would have got them as over as AEW did to support that anyway. That being said, a full on NJPW:USA with a dedicated roster and team may have been another story and if that's the thing that AEW kiboshed I'd be pissed too. I wouldn't blame anyone though. Everyone saw the hole in the market, it was just a matter of who got there and New Japan tried but didn't quite get there in time. That's business, baby.
  6. It does feel a little like they're throwing a lot of shit at the wall and seeing what sticks. Maybe they're only thinking as far as it's an anniversary edition of Dynamite and they want a big match for it. A bit short sighted if you ask me but that seems to be a re-occurring theme with AEW booking.
  7. Not surprised. They put on two BIG matches to get that, and since PPV buys don't matter to them anymore they may as well. Ripley is ratings!
  8. The alien gimmick aside, I like that Statlander was given a chance to shine, knocked it out of the park, and has been on a hot streak ever since. It’s exactly the kind of push I hope for but never happens in the ‘E. Is she ready to be champ on national TV? No idea, but it feels great to see someone ride a wave rather than get knocked off because it wasn’t the plan. Her and Riho will have an awesome match one day.
  9. Playing catch up but I liked what I saw of the show. Jericho/Jungleboy was great and I dug Statlander/Baker too. Not sure how things will shake out with the women but I’m definitely more interested than I was. Those two and Priestly, Shida, Shanna, Rose, and Swole are a good base to build off of. I almost forgot about Brandi’s thing because it’s so skippable when I’m not watching live. I wish that wasn’t the angle dominating that division right now, I feel like it’s stunting some organic stories that are coming up. The booking of the tag division is kind of a mess. A hot new tag team debuts one week and loses to two singles guys in their second match? BS. The Dark Order dominate the Elite but can’t actually win any matches of consequence? BS. Your champs are your least over team? BS. I’ll give AEW this, they are giving the Dark Order a full shot to get over. If fans still aren’t biting in 2020, it’ll be time to rethink things but you can’t say they didn’t get a chance. The PAC/Omega/Page three way feud is interesting. If it ends in Page and PAC being allies I’ll be pleased. They’ve been building Page well right from the start and a vicious heel run could put him over the top. Good shit.
  10. Deadline did a write up of Smackdown doing well on Fridays and this is the pic they used. So safe to say nobody's working the wrestling beat over there.
  11. I think “it only takes one night” is why people still watch WWE. Any given moment they could push the wrestler you like to the moon. Also at any given moment, they could bury them deeper than a septic tank. Hope springs eternal and all.
  12. I think all of @Goodear‘s points are valid but I still think it was a good show because the stuff I liked overshadowed the stuff I didn’t and clearly the opposite was true for him. Can we move on now?
  13. I’m stoked for the Feb PPV, I’m going to try to grab some good seats if they aren’t hugely expensive. I’m hoping that we’ll get The Match Beyond as some suspect or at least MJF/Cody or Wardlow/Cody in some form as well as Jericho/Moxley. I think SCU are kind of a dead act so I wouldn’t be surprised if the Bucks take the titles and we have PnP/Bucks for the belts in a big time gimmick match. They could do Dustin/Hager or Luchasaurus/Hager if he’s still employed by then. Maybe Riho/Shida/Statlander or something along those lines. Nyla Rose/Awesome Kong? A lot could change in 2 months but those seem like good ideas at this point. AEW has been doing a good job of getting some angles going so the key in my book is to have a card that doesn’t look thrown together. Every match should be there for a good reason and I’d hope they keep the random multi-man train wreck matches to a minimum. Janella/Spears might not be a main event in any arena in the world but I’d much prefer those dudes paying off an angle than a 4-way tag with people flying everywhere but none of it means anything. With only a few PPVs a year, I imagine the show will be stacked though.
  14. Really enjoyable episode but I have to say I'm not really digging MJF recently. His promos aren't hitting for me and the constant egging on of the crowd is lame. He's good enough to get boos just talking, he doesn't have to ask the crowd if that upsets them once a minute. Making that dude kiss the ring was good, I liked that, but in my opinion less is more with MJF and he could have achieved the same goal in a fraction of the time after that. And it's not "then he's doing his job as a heel" dislike, I just don't think he's that good right now. When Jericho or Cody are on the mic, I'm having a hell of a time. I don't know why it's not clicking with young Maxwell. Aside from that, I liked a lot of the matches. Emi is still a skip for me but Swole has a lot going for her. Would like to see something from Riho next week, I'm not down with champs not showing up for weeks on end in any promotion. She doesn't need to wrestle if she's not in the country but film some promos or vignettes or an update of her tour in Japan to show her expanding AEW's rep there, ANYTHING. From the outside looking in, she's not exactly the stereotypical wrestler, that makes her special in her own right but if there are new people tuning in and you aren't showing what she can do it might be a tough sell. Shit, people who watch every week and are fans of AEW aren't sold either. Right now it feels like we're just figuring out who's going to take the title off her rather than a legit contender. Is there any word when she'll be back on TV? I haven't read anything but I'm not as plugged in as some. Blade and Butcher looked pretty good. I'm always a fan of new tag teams being dominant from the bell in their first match, but showing the wrestling hierarchy through some quick tags set the story well enough. I'm stoked Allie and Pepper are together on TV again but I agree that Williams could have higher potential. As an aside, I'm glad we're getting some bigger dudes on the roster. They are my preferred kind of wrestler. I like what they're doing with Adam Page. He's getting more of a BMF walk to the ring (tm Steve Austin) and the no nonsense attitude is refreshing, especially next to Omega. The match was fun, Janella tying up Tully was funny, Kip and Penelope are a good act. The undercard isn't as solid as the main event scene but they're getting some stuff going. I want to see what Janella/Spears will be like. What a great night of wrestling all around! It's easy for me to criticize from a distance but the truth is I look forward to Wednesdays every week and my kvetching is purely because I want AEW to succeed and for some reason I think I know how to go about that.
  15. So they could be free for the Feb AEW PPV. Brodie Lee as Moxley’s surprise second against the Inner Circle would be sick. I too want to see what Hunico can do on his own. From what I recall he always seemed quite talented but I’ve never seen his Chikara or Mexican work. It’s tough situation for him, at least the Ascension had their own gimmick and you could see their faces, Arias has been under another man’s mask for years now.
  16. You guys said it all already but I wanted to chime in that the women’s division is really coming together. Statlander winning was done really well and Shanna attacking Nyla was rad too. I need this Brandi thing to start working a little better. I think she’s going for a spooky, female Heenan family more than another cult but it’s hard to tell and two cults on one show is too many. Maybe they need a head booker instead of everyone booking their own stuff?
  17. The Kai/Yim brawl into the Ripley/Baszler fight was such a great segment. I dug Xia Li going down swinging too. That division has so much talent and they’re using everyone perfectly right now. Put the title on Keith Lee. Shit, put every title on Keith Lee and then have him win the Rumble and pin Lesnar. The last time I had that opinion of a wrestler was Braun Strowman but Lee is more polished and can actually talk. It’s clear they know they have something with him, I hope they can get the most of this momentum.
  18. Well, there was that business with Scarlet and Killer Kross a few months ago (and may be ongoing for Kross).
  19. Btw, I think I’m done with Marko Stunt. He’s just not good enough to make up for the lack of size. I enjoyed the way Jimmy Havoc sold for him on Dark a few weeks back, he wouldn’t go down totally on moves and looked more pissed off by Stunt than hurt, but dudes are selling for him as if he’s 6’ and it’s dumb. I’ll keep an open mind but he might be a bridge too far for my suspension of disbelief.
  20. They've had some finishes recently that have gotten them out of some questionable match booking (PAC/Page and PAC/Omega are what come to mind). Shida/Statlander and Mox/Janella don't seem like good calls now but I'm willing to let it play out. Statlander's bad record will be wiped clean in a month anyway.
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