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  1. They're usually better than the Brazilian cards on FS1 back during the Fox era. Man, you want to talk about dragging. This one had four entertaining fights. I will take 4 out of 5.
  2. Apparently you don't remember some of the first three title fight cards. All those went well into the night. I'm totally use to it now.
  3. The Durinho one is going to be intriguing because he can't just be in top position. Other than that, basically no one.
  4. Yes they did but I don't miss staying up to 5 or 6 in the morning with sprewellrimz. I do miss the weird Japanese commercials that would pop up on the illegal stream (I didn't get AXS fka HDNet until 2017).
  5. I like how Jorge comes out to the Scarface music but he looks like the undercover cop who arrested Tony when they were counting the laundered money and gave Tony a lecture for making immigrants look bad.
  6. We also need a weird old person misspelling/autocorrect. So we might end up with "Sex gifts" instead, which would be a whole different meaning.
  7. If Max pulls this off, trainers across the world are going get their fees reduced in favor of online training.
  8. Jon is getting up in terms of wear and tear on his body, but I think DC's window to beat Jon was the fight in Anaheim. If he didn't beat Jon that night, I don't think he's ever going to beat him. He went strike for strike with Jon before the high kick.
  9. PLZ DON'T GET COVID YALL Also it's weird Jairzinho is fighting before Ngannou after getting sent off to Arrakis.
  10. Yes because there hasn't been a bigger company man in combat sports since Bruce Prichard started defending giving Terry Taylor the Red Rooster gimmick.
  11. Two years in the UFC and it was obvious even to me he was gonna be at least a perennial title challenger. Who does talent scouting for Bellator? Stevie Wonder? I mean they have AJ McKee who is a stud but this guy Petr Yan was just in ACB looking like Jesus.
  12. Just when it look like Petr Yan was starting to wilt, he was able to turn the tide. That's youth on his side. BTW I looked up what I said before Petr's first UFC fight. Take a gander: I EVEN BROUGHT UP TOM DUQUESNOY! HOORAY FOR ME.
  13. Petr Yan is what I expected Tom Duquesnoy to be except Yan has stellar takedown defense. So I still win in the end.
  14. Dude, when Petr Yan was looking like a hybrid of Nicolino Locche and Jose Aldo in ACB styling on fools, I didn't imagine he would actually fight Jose Aldo. I could not ask for more in life.
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