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  1. I hope that's the case. I don't think MJF needs Regal attached to his side all of the time so I hope Regal ends up managing other wrestlers to go after Moxley to keep him occupied and away from MJF.
  2. I love how much they look like they actually want to be there and don't look embarrassed to be on a wrestling show. Swerve has been great doing his heel work on his own but I really want the return of heel Rick Ross managing him and cutting promos on Keith Lee.
  3. If there's no screwjob, I could see Hogan trying to pull something like that. Even without the screwjob, there's still Hogan's issues with the physical shape Sting was in (which always seemed suspect to me that Hogan didn't speak up about it until the last minute if it was really an issue).
  4. DDP should have definitely gotten a reign as a babyface even if it was 1-3 months. As far as ending the streak, he and Bret are my only real choices as people who I wanted to end the streak. DDP should have at least gotten a singles PPV main event against Hollywood Hogan. People always talk about WCW not pushing the younger talent but I feel like they left so much money on the table with their established talent in 98. Sting/Goldberg should have been a PPV match instead of a match thrown out on Nitro with Hogan getting involved. When they finally had their PPV match in 1999, it was after WCW lost its momentum. Hogan and Nash definitely should have had a match in 1998 when the nWo split up. Of course Hogan and Bret was probably the biggest missed opportunity. Even a Sting/Nash match, which ended up as 2 Nitro main events with no finish, should have been an obvious PPV match
  5. I want Jamie to win but there's a small part that wants Toni to keep it until she can beat Thunder Rosa so Jamie's first title win is for the real championship.
  6. If we have a WCW where there's no Hogan and no Hacksaw Jim Duggan squashing Stunning Steve Austin, is Austin ready to be in the world title picture in the fall/winter of 94 or is that too early for him?
  7. Same here and I LOL'ed at Matt Hardy rapping Chuck D's verse from "Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos" in his backstage segment with Stokely and Ethan Page.
  8. I hope that Wardlow won't actually trust Spears so when the turn happens he doesn't look like an idiot.
  9. Joe defeating Jericho for the belt is my choice if Garcia isn't the end game or it's not going back to Claudio
  10. I thought that entrance theme was awesome back in the day. The instrumental sounded like a knock off of Ol' Dirty Bastard's song "Shimmy Shimmy Ya". After 3 Count split, he was on fire with The entrance, the vertebraker, and the feud with Chavo (who was at his best as heel Cruiserweight Champion towards the end of WCW). Then he goes to WWF as Gregory Helms, comes out to a generic theme, and loses the CW title to Kidman in his first appearance. I would start watching WWE again if they had Truth go back to his angry heel rapper gimmick from early NWA-TNA
  11. Not invited to National Scissoring Day Dynamite
  12. Nyla Rose "that's why your eyebrow looks ashy". Greatest insult ever!
  13. So many awesome possibilities from a lengthy ROH title run for Jericho. They can do former champion Claudio trying to regain his title, Joe vs. Jericho, Jericho vs former champion Jay Briscoe (not sure what their status is), Jericho vs Garcia.
  14. I want Danielson to win the belt if they're going to give him a lengthy reign before dropping it to MJF (even though I'm not really excited for an MJF reign, I get putting it on him), if MJF is getting it at or before Full Gear, I'd rather have Moxley get the win. I want Danielson to hold onto the belt until Double Or Nothing but would be fine if he could at least make it to Revolution.
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