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  1. Next year when Cody Rhodes comes back, HHH will recreate the Flair For The Gold angle with Roman Reigns (hopefully with late 70s/early 80s Harley Race facial hair) begging someone to take the money after putting a bounty out on Cody. And it will be so much better than when HHH tried to play the role of Harley Race back in 2003.
  2. I wanted an episode where one of the bad guys got out of jail and were looking to get revenge on those meddling kids
  3. I'm all in for more Kiera Hogan on my TV screen
  4. I'm not as down on him as most here are but a few weeks ago, I actually had a nightmare that Adam Cole won the AEW title. I really hope that ends up remaining a bad dream like the other 2 times in my life that I had a bad dream related to wrestling (Hogan coming back and taking the WCW from Booker T in 2000 and Hogan winning the TNA title in 2010).
  5. Stu Grayson as the modern day version of Eric Embry going against a Devastation Incorporated type stable.
  6. Not sure how the brackets are going to go for the tournament but I was hoping when they announced Baker being in a qualifying match that the end game would be Baker vs Hayter which would lead to their split.
  7. I want Deeb vs Rosa but I also see her being the one to end the streak if they decide to go with Jade as a face.
  8. It's like Christian deciding to join The Alliance during the Invasion angle
  9. FTR firing Tully is a rare case where I want that 'heel pretending to be at odds with another heel just to reconcile in order to double cross the face' swerve that Russo would always use. FTR will probably be alright as faces but I'd rather see them as heels. Now that Wardlow is out, I want a backstage segment where all of the people Shawn Spears hit with a chair after Wardlow's matches get their payback.
  10. My first thought when Wardlow won the Face Of The Revolution match and then left MJF hanging was that Scorpio would win followed by Wardlow getting a Diesel vs Backlund style victory. Hopefully Scorpio gets a few defenses in before dropping it.
  11. Another reality show they could do is one with legends living together. Arn, Tully, and Sting as roommates.
  12. A reality show featuring Sting & Darby to replace Rhodes To The Top is a show I can get into.
  13. So with Kingston teaming up with Santana and Ortiz, I guess this means that Kingston is forgiven for running over that kid during the LAX vs OG'z feud in Impact.
  14. I died laughing as soon as he offered to put his car on the line. I just have this picture in my head of Miro destroying the car like it's the bonus level of Street Fighter II.
  15. During the Invasion angle, Booker T who was WCW World and US Champion gave the US Title to Kanyon
  16. Shaq is the HOF signing that Paul Wight was referring to. He can disappear because he's going to be using one of his old gimmicks.
  17. What if Crockett tries to get started on PPV a year earlier at Starrcade 86 instead of 87? I know WWF had a few PPVs but without Wrestlemania 3, is Vince able to pull the same shit he did a year later to sabotage Crockett's show? Would they still go with Nikita, who was fresh off his face turn, or if not, what would be an option strong enough for their first PPV main event? If they still go with Nikita, I have to think that they give him a win since it would be their 1st PPV instead of doing the non-finish. I wonder if it would be less of an slap in the face to the Mid-Atlantic fans running Chicago the next year if their debut PPV is in Greensboro/Atlanta.
  18. I'd love for Vince to pull a Suge Knight move after Snoop left Death Row for No Limit and get the rapper Top Dogg who was a Snoop soundalike.
  19. When they announced Eric B in the townhall meeting before they mentioned from Wisconsin, I was really hoping it would be
  20. The story was when he came clean, his wife made him tell everything and she snitched on Lex (and I think Rick Steiner) and his wife told the other wives about the affairs. So that's the only time Sting did the turn on Luger first.
  21. It was Gary Hart. In his book he talked about Sting being a big time primadonna during his time in JCP 88-89. Beyond that, I haven't heard much negative talk about him backstage. In the early 90s observers, Dave Meltzer would constantly bring up Sting refusing to job to Terry Funk as an example whenever there was an issue of talent in WCW refusing to do a job. But the majority of his peers from WCW and TNA speak highly of him so he might have chilled out after that period.
  22. Not sure of full cards but a 2 main events I can think of: I'm pretty sure we get a Savage vs Undertaker PPV match in late 1991 In 1994, between the Rumble and Wrestlemania X there would be a PPV main event between Bret and Luger to determine who gets the title shot against Yokozuna
  23. I think Alberto Del Rio was fired/stripped in 2017
  24. I'm not as anti-Jarrett as most but that Monty turn, especially after how everyone was behind him at the Final Resolution PPV, was the most frustrating to watch in real time. I remember him retaining the NWA Title against Raven was considered a bad move by just about everyone that was covering NWA-TNA at the time, but they really dropped the ball with Monty. I think if he gets the belt, at best, Monty keeps it until they debut on Spike TV when they reset back to the same old with Jarrett as champion again. One of the best things about Kurt Angle's arrival was that they didn't have to keep going back to Jeff Jarrett for the babyface chases the heel story.
  25. If he stays long enough, I could see Tony in a producer role. I don't think JR's fate changes if things are the same in WCW. If he remains an announcer with WWF, I could see him regressing into dying WCW era Tony if things remain the same in WWF (ie the Russo style of the late 90s).
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