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  1. I don’t know what was funnier about the Observer coverage. The line about Rampage now looking like his idol Junkyard Dog or the wrestling bubble line about someone coming out to a wrestling theme which was Limp Bizkit Rollin which correct me if I’m wrong was not created specifically for wrestling.
  2. I like to imagine it’s a homage to the Ali match with him laying on the ground trying to kick Ali’s legs the whole time.
  3. 2. Kenny? Sure. The Bucks got over in PWG though. 3. US fans just don’t have the patience for every match on a show being 20-30 minutes so you get stuff like “Let’s go red shoes” when they get tired of duel chants. 4. I don’t see this one at all. NJPW on TNT? Would be doing WWE backstage numbers(100-200k). New Japan needed to keep the Bullet Club strong after Kenny and the Bucks left but they just kind of let it blend in to the background.
  4. Is it really that different though? Any time a match starts getting good on either show it always turns in to dueling chants. Aren’t they still darkening the crowd and filming Finn’s entrance to avoid showing everyone in the crowd still going along with it? I will admit when it comes to the latter NXT does try harder to make the distinction between face/heel clearer but come match time it’s all out the window on either show.
  5. They should just go full overkill mode and put Bray’s mask on his knee pads, gloves and boots and just about anywhere they can squeeze it in. On a different note “Crying Vince McMahon” was not something I expected to happen so often in his older days-
  6. Was Pentagon doing a La Parka tribute in this match with the “dancing”? Also you could tell early on the Lucha Bros were hella worried about tagging in and out properly to the point Fenix looked confused as shit about whether he was the legal man or not a few times and for the last 1/3 they were just like fuck it and went back to not giving a shit.
  7. Shawn Spears finally involved in something great and it wasn’t on TV.
  8. How about we just break from this whole “Trilogy” mindset if they want to try to be unique and stop living in the past.
  9. Haven’t listened to the Observer in some time so I can’t speak to the AEW criticism but as for WWE it always felt like Dave had to be the “positive light” about the product to Bryan’s ranting and raving about everything on the show being garbage. Is this still the case?
  10. Would it be more fair to say Dave expected AEW to be more like a televised version of PWG and not NJPW?! Just throwing it out there.
  11. Honky’s evil laugh at 3:25 that even makes RF gasp is fucking amazing.
  12. I see your AEW prediction record going 2-2 with this one.
  13. “Got to get your shit in” or they had to do their robot match spots like TJP discussed in his Reddit ama. Charlotte should really dial it back a bit and just ride her last name instead of the Indy darling style she does now at least until she finds her figurative Steamboat to go all out with. That said I don’t want to just single her out. Becky needs to watch a shitload of post neck break peak SCSA and Sasha is looking to build an injury list to rival Foley’s without even doing the hardcore crap. I understand at the beginning of this “revolution” the need to go out and make an impression but I think enough time has passed and the women are established enough now.
  14. Sucked it up and moved on? *cough* WuM *cough*
  15. RRR

    Random music thoughts

    Was it really worth dropping Juice World’s name so soon after his death for one of the (two)most reviled diss tracks of all time? Garbage ,not even gonna post the other one with Suge Knights prison phone call intro/outro.
  16. Jerry Lynn now looks like the love child of DDP and Eric Young.
  17. I think it’s DDP with Orange Cassidy?! This board will never turn on Murdoch. Not saying whether they should or shouldn’t it’s just not gonna happen. Honestly I think we need a filter for this “Fuck Whoever” posts so people can stop slowing down the board with them and wasting people’s time checking threads for new posts only to read the same old shit.
  18. Yea they could have just called me Canadian and I would have flipped shit like Sami.
  19. Good point although in my defense after Thanos nuked the area it was just kind of a giant flattened dirt mound. OG Superman had the benefit of not having to deal with Zod and co till his second movie where he did a lot to mature up until that point. I’m not saying he’s completely innocent or that it doesn’t go against his character I just didn’t find it as blatantIy offensive as Batman just clipping bad guys left and right in BvS. If I had a problem with anything in MoS it was Russell Crowe showing back up. You had Costner doing an amazing job up until that point all flushed down the toilet just so we could try to make his death even more tragic but actually taking away from it.
  20. Shazam felt kind of like the love child of Homecoming and Kick Ass. I think it just took time for the “Nolan effect” to wear off and DC to stop listening to the people that trolled them with bullshit nitpicking like all the destruction caused to the city in MoS causing them to make it central to the plot of BvS and the finale of Justice League having to take place in like some Chernobyl esque desolate city. Marvel kind of fell for the same crap after the first Avengers but worked it in to Civil War leading to major battles only taking place in Wakanda now conveniently.
  21. Does “The Shadow Know” this for sure though?
  22. Anyone remember when Bryan Alvarez’s big thing with TNA was that no matter who they brought in within weeks that wrestler “was just another guy on the show”. That’s pretty much every non-nxt signee now.
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