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  1. More offended their discussing Load and Reload
  2. When you made the “weenie ass” comment I was like who stole Triple H’s terrible jokes book then you referenced skinny fat and I was like nope it’s Triple H himself in all his unfunny glory.
  3. FTFY How about we just call a guy Covid-19 and have him wear a mask that looks like the virus.
  4. Vince apologist. ^^ Vince has the final say on everything if your not on the payroll stop defending him everywhere. Never understand the Vince fascination on here. Ooooooh he calls people PAL let’s all harp on that for a thousand years or hey he doesn’t like people sneezing OMG what a man of mystery and intrigue. Anyways on a lighter note I hope next season they do an episode of who took Lex Luger’s DMX cd back in WCW so we can put that mystery to rest.
  5. Martha was spot on about the WWE HOF. Bullshit show put on once a year to make money and give people rings. Cooperstown it is not.
  6. The problem with TNA was that they took “cast-off” WWE guys and made them seem less important then WWE did except in rare cases like Lashley.
  7. TF is up with her mouth. Also Green Meanie you want to try and space out the gifs next time please?!
  8. You are the one person in the world who maintains this. The only thing similar to his earlier heel runs was the unprofessional behavior was on full display in the ring as opposed to mostly backstage.
  9. Is this the byproduct of everyone in wrestling having contracts now? Like who gives a shit what the fans want because we’re getting paid either way?!
  10. I like when he refers to Dave as a “jock sniffer” which may be one of the biggest cases of the pot calling the kettle black considering Eric had his head so far up Hogan’s ass at one point he could probably write a thousand word essay describing the joy he took in sniffing Hogan’s jock. At least Dave’s heroes aren’t Biker wannabes.
  11. Two guys seeking thrills if I ever saw them.
  12. I’m still trying to figure out which one of them said this. The one who puts her makeup on with a paint brush or the one who married Spears?!
  13. His knowledge of the past is appreciated but his opinions on the current are out of touch. Just the way it is.
  14. Yea if paint by numbers isn’t gonna share his login for his premium onlyfans account then lock this sucker down!!
  15. You joke but he’s had enough gimmicks to do a firefly funhouse match at next years Mania.
  16. Take the 24/7 title and just melt it down or shoot it in to space. Not like it got a single person over since it was introduced.
  17. He is known far and wide across the wrestling portion of the net for his ways. Didn’t he quit the observer site when Bryan pointed out his name is actually Trevor spelled backwards?!
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