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  1. Bret's been a bitter old man since he was in his 20's so no suprise he's already going a bit senile. Last few times I've seen Joe do the muscle buster he seems to be doing it a lot less like a brain buster like he use to and more like a basic suplex where he just falls on his back with his opponent. That said the powerbomb is already a dangerous move inside the ring and this whole trend of finding stupid places to execute it not in the ring needs to go away.
  2. I hope this all is a work and DB makes a champion versus champion match at the upcoming Clash. IC champ versus NXT champ!
  3. Someone link 5 Miz promos that are half as good as the talking smack one. I'm not talking like oh he didn't trip over his words and acted cocky really well promos. Show me a time where this guy sold one PPV buy or moved the ratings meter by .01 of a point or helped the company turn 1 cent of a profit because your work or promos don't mean shit if it doesn't lead to any of those things. Was really hoping this debate would die a fiery death after more then one person compared The Miz to the fucking Rock...The Rock I mean come on.
  4. Maybe AJ can get Corbin as a bodyguard by getting him a Bosley treatment to fix his hair. I can already see Baron's inset promo before his best of 5000 match with Dolph. "I cut this hair, I comb this hair, I mess this hair up if I want to. THIS is MY hair." (I watch too much El Rey)
  5. Miz could start cutting better promos then flair and dusty combined and it still wouldn't make up for the fact he is the drizzling shits in the ring after 10 years. I know the hive is in a big man crush with the miz atm and I'll probably be labeled a hater for stating such blasphemy but the truth hurts. Not even a huge DB fan so I'm not trying to defend him I just don't get the miz revolution happening on this board lately. I mean the Spielberg reference was funny the first five backstage skits he name dropped him...
  6. He was about to hit the perfect plex and gave the crowd a look like it was gonna be his finish but then it got reversed. Would have been much better then the pump handle slam.
  7. Seems like the wellness policy has changed significantly from the elevated liver enzymes days to ok let's only announce these failures when we want to.
  8. I feel like I go hot and cold on Lesnar and giving the lack of anything meaningful he's done since beating Taker at Mania unless you count a UFC return made moot shortly thereafter I'm super cold on him right now and just thinking fuck it, beat him. If Orton's next program is AJ like all signs point to I'm hoping both guys are feuding coming off a win with possibly number one contender ship thrown in.
  9. Yea I was a bit confused towards the end when so many people were on the floor selling and thought maybe it was elimination. What a mess and just a terrible way to showcase anyone.
  10. I think if Corgan had given Paul E. a shitload of bank roll and he blew it all on coke and lawsuits and ECW still wound up going the same route of eventual death it still would have been a better deal then what Corgan has got with TNA.
  11. Throw in a years' membership to the jelly of the month club? It's the gift that keeps on giving.
  12. What happens in the Wyatt family stays in the Wyatt family? Either way Randy Orton is still not sure who is the pitchers or the catchers in the bunch.
  13. Why did he get Shines deportation reversed?
  14. I know he's not an active wrestler but suckas cannot forget Booker T. Hes already 1-0 against Bautista. Also he is an O.G. Considering Conor would make Neville look huge is also a factor.
  15. The camera work during Murphy's entrance nearly gave me a damn seizure.
  16. The stips were not just the beer but also he would stop have to using his country music entrance song and a couple other things like no more motorized beer cooler to assure you if the match happens no way Storm is losing. Shame cause Drakes one of the highlights of Impact while Storm's act is so tired.
  17. This times a million. His build didn't bother me and the submission stuff was fine but his selling particularly on that move was just as bad as anything Lun did.
  18. The Miz's two real accomplishments. 1. Marrying Maryse 2. Looking good enough in a tag team with John Morrison to fool people in to thinking he had potential to be a credible World Champ which he never was. Even with his wife now he still has channel changing heat and can be shit in the ring even when he has the best people their to carry him.
  19. Do I get to be the first person to mention Viperville?? Does cobra commander know about this shit? When they had the 15 people out on the apron to start the show and DB announced the battle royal I thought he was gonna say fuck it and go LU style and tell all the women their in it too so it wouldn't have been as sad too watch depending on your perspective I suppose.
  20. Relax its just Paige...
  21. It's obviously going to be snoop.
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