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  1. Every week Limitless Wrestling The Road is a fun watch. This week the above match was great.
  2. I doubt Heather Monroe is on CWFH much longer. She moved to Florida a few weeks ago. So did Andy Brown,which is why SoCal Distancing broke up.
  3. Looks like I will watch the Lake Charles LA airings again this week off Youtube.
  4. Thx. I will look for it in a bit. Gotta make a long phone call and been watching stuff on IWTV while doing this each week.
  5. Which beyond event was that on? I loved what Anthony Greene I saw on Limitless Wrestling The Road Season 1.
  6. They posted Tony Atlas vs Vic Steamboat 100 times....
  7. So the airing on Z Living repeated lots of segments. Which means I didn't see the main event. Remembered on Youtube they put up the Lake Charles LA airings. And at the 28 minute mark I see that CHampionship Wrestling GUlf Coast airs an ad for the podast I co host,King of Wrestling Podcast. Appears all I missed was the tag team main event. Damn good match. Love how Papo slaps his belly like Kamala and has the One Man Gang skull on his tights. When we interviewed him weeks ago he talked about how those two plus Bam Bam Bigelow were his faves when he was younger.
  8. This was the first PPV I attended. Hadn't watched much WCW when it was leading up to it. Was over in Mobile AL at the record store. Saw a poster for the event. Had just finished high school. Dad got him and I tickets as my birthday present that year. Ended up 4th or 5th row right next to the ramp. We show up a few times during the Cactus vs Sting match. 2 things I remember about this event. Across the arena for us was a platform where a bunch of people from a home for special needs adults were sitting. Most of the faces came out and took pics with these adults. But Ron Simmons was out there from when we got there until right before the dark match started. Somewhere's in a bin I got a picture of Ron giving this one dwarf a piggy back ride. The other thing is after the dark match TOny Schivonne got on the mic. "OK We go live on PPV in 5 minutes so I want everybody to stand up and wave your arms all over the place to show how excited yall are" Then you hear someone in the crowd yell "YEA THAT WAY IT WILL COVER UP ALL THE EMPTY SEATS." I know official stuff says they drew 5k. There is no way there was 5k in there. The floor was full. But 90% of the riser and bleacher seats were empty. I'm guessing at most 1k and I doubt it was that many.
  9. Hell yea on Barrett. He works for my local indie and we have been saying for a few years that he should be signed somewhere big.
  10. Saw that Heather Monroe has moved to Florida. So that is 2 CWFH mainstays in Florida now. Andy Brown moved down there a few months ago.
  11. I spent last weekend at my girl's apartment. So when I got home Sunday Maggot Ass aka Maggie was super happy to see me. Kept running her paws thru my goatee. And giving me kisses.
  12. Read about 75% of Mark Frost's Twin Peaks the Final Dossier. Was gonna finish it when my copy of Kenneth Anger's Hollywood Babylon came in. Started it and damn this is good.
  13. It's worth the 5 bucks a month for me cause they have every episode of Code Monkeys and the Savage Dragon cartoon.
  14. That means Mississippi might get a PPV for the first time since .... What one of the Uncensored events? Do wonder where they will run. The biggest place in Jackson is a shithole. Might run Biloxi cause of the huge arena. Or maybe Tupelo.
  15. I've enjoy the few Pit Fighter shows I have watched. Plus them having Jon Davis in this one has me watching it live.
  16. I hate this time of year in MS. One day it will be high of 38 and low of 22. Then the next it is 78 and low of 55. I stay with constant sinus issues.
  17. Damn I might have to buy a Batman title for the first time in years. Love Liam's art and Ennis is normally pretty good.
  18. At a quick glance I thought that was a Nick Gage action figure.
  19. For me Moose vs Kenny is just a better match. Not that Swann vs Kenny is gonna be bad. I guess FinnJuice is in Impact for a bit with them winning the tag belts. Wish Jazz and Jordynne had won. Just so Jazz could have another title run before she retires.
  20. This week wasn't bad. But next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BU KU DAO,still shocked they haven't made him change his name,vs TJP. So happy that Bu Ku Dao is getting seen world wide. Less than 10 years ago we were seeing him almost every month. Wrestling in front of between 70 to 100 people in a community Little Theater in McComb MS. Hope MLW brings back the Bu Ku Dao or DIE! shirt.
  21. Met him right at 2 years ago when he worked the first and only Hoodmark Lucha Libre show. Was him vs Matt Cross in the main event for the Hoodmark Lucha Libre title.Matt Cross won. After Hoodmark folded I ended up with the belt.
  22. Yep a fed in MS has every show as a "benefit show" IE they get the venue for free the give 1 buck off each ticket sold to whoever the benefit is for. Thankfully more and more places have learned they are getting scammed. Won't name the fed,but they are the only MS based fed on FITE.
  23. CWFH now has a affiliate fed in Memphis. Ran by Dustin Starr. We interviewed Dustin last week and he confirmed that Derrick king will work with Championship wrestling from Memphis. And every ep of Championship wrestling from Memphis will be uploaded to Youtube.
  24. [url=https://ibb.co/1fKM996][img]https://i.ibb.co/C5v6nn2/20210217-234834.jpg[/img][/url] Snowed/iced in since Monday. Tonight read 3 TPBs by the fire.
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