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  1. Harley Race looks like the battle-hardened version of Bob Ross here Toughest oil painter on god's green earth
  2. Yeah, it's just always been funny to me how WWF emphasized its global credentials but the likes of me in the UK missed out on lots of stuff because of the emphasis on the house show business. Taker v Warrior is another big one that springs to mind from back then
  3. I was always amazed they continued the feud after Mania 7 and did this match on the house show loop when it would've been perfect for the blow-off on PPV. Of course we got the match made in hell instead which I have a fondness for
  4. They’ve been showing the old HDNET stuff pretty regularly, it’s from when McGuinness was champ and you had to be in it to win it
  5. I mean... who comes up with this terminology? Devs? Also, everyone's top 9 hardcore champs is gonna be subjective but it's a given everyone would put Crash in at #1 right?
  6. There's only one person to look to for style inspiration on #terrytuesday
  7. Random thought: I still think EARTH VS LONCE is the greatest thing that ever happened on this board
  8. I remember Stone Cold saying the pop Blackman got at a live show took him and McMahon by surprise. He’s the epitome of right guy wrong era to me, also one of the best physiques/builds I’ve seen in wrestling
  9. Speaking of Jericho and cringe... Imagine three grown men gloating they finished a bottle of Makers Mark between them.
  10. On the one hand I’m kinda sad that I’ve only ever really got to see his WWF run, but on the other hand I’m happy because it’s still shown how great Eadie was in that role
  11. Which raises a semantic question: is a world title still one that has been defended over seas (which AEW hasn’t) or is it now just a title which is shown on tv around the world?
  12. Fucking LOL to that! Anyway, wrestling trivia time. Is Sting the only person to have ever won the world title on a leap year day?
  13. Ratings talk is by far the worst hangover from the Monday Night Wars
  14. "I don't have to prove anything to me!" Masked Superstar was a pretty underrated promo
  15. I dislike that video just because it cut over the David Bowie I was listening to. In personal wrestling news, I discovered I'm a Big Josh mark while watching 1991 WCW last month. Every time he did the log roll on a guys stomach I popped.
  16. - The master of the brawl - Most versatile wrestler of all time - Longevity and ability to get over everywhere - Every promo was gold - Made you care about his match - A very giving wrestler - Cut his career in half, and you'd have two Hall-of-Famers Happy 76th birthday to (one of) the greatest of all time
  17. I love his resurrection promo after being attacked by Sullivan. "I will break these chains that bind me!"
  18. My immediate thought when reading that question was Playboy Buddy Rose MK II... or, well, MK I if you want to get technical
  19. I remember reading an interview with Jack yeeeears ago, it wasn’t intentional but they liked how the dynamic was playing out against Steamboat and Youngblood so just ran with it. The folks who run Mid Atlantic Gateway continue to do gods work
  20. I watched Halloween Havoc 91 yesterday too! What an absolute clusterfuck that match was but if it wasn’t the most amazing spectacle when I was a kid! Everyone shits on 91 WCW with Flair leaving and the influx of cartoony gimmicks, but having been working my way through all the Clash’s and PPVs since furlough I’ve got to say it’s such a breathe of fresh air when Dusty comes in. Lots of new faces and pushes and a modern presentation after Ole’s reliance on old faces and reserved booking and mediocre production. You can tell Dusty’s time in WWF had a major influence
  21. “Anyway, here’s one of my new songs. It’s called ‘somebody take the damn money!’”
  22. This thread isn’t going to do well because it doesn’t allow people to salaciously point the finger and bask in scandal... BUT I would like to add CM Punk paying off Joey Mercury’s mortgage when he was going through personal problems
  23. IIRC, Cornette and Lane had gone and the piped chants were a way to turn him without any sort of instigation. As @Infinit said, just as he seemed to be settling into working as a plucky face they turned him and put him with the Dangerous Alliance. RE: Los Angeles @Death From Above, I remember reading in Lous Thesz's book the LA territory was always awful for pay offs (perhaps for similar reasons to Florida), as a result the cards used cheap workers and the promoter was a bit of a scumbag. I can only assume it never really recovered properly from this.
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