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  1. One of his biggest stars of all time was Steve Austin. It blows my mind that Vince thinks because you have a southern accent of any sort that you're unintelligent.
  2. No matter how you slice, it's really fucked up and backwards. None of it makes sense except to the workaholic, septuagenarian, energy drink addict running the company. It also just goes to show you how little respect Vince and anyone else has for anyone's intelligence. I really wish someone would sit Vince down and re-play his promo from Raw years ago where they weren't going to insult the audience's intelligence anymore because I feel like that's all they consistently do now. And Vince and presumably Bruce and others working the boys like that is ultra shitty. This ties into Hagan's review of JR's new book where this is a company that mentally and verbally abuses it's employees, but everyone cuts Vince so much slack that no one ever really goes all the way speaking the truth about what goes on.
  3. A couple other nuggets from the podcast...Vince never knew Dash and Dawson were college educated, articulate speakers until he talked to them. He assumed because they were southern that there's no way they could talk or sound intelligent. They were offered the tag titles and flat out said we don't want the titles because they don't mean anything and we'd rather lose to the tag champions every night to at least try to make the titles mean something than hold them and have it mean nothing. It's way more level headed than the Moxley podcast, but just as eye opening to how fucked up Vince and WWE are.
  4. I know we have the podcasts thread, but it's worth posting in here. The Revival on Jericho's podcast is must hear stuff. Some of it is incredibly eye opening, namely that the front office always kayfabes the boys that when leaks happens it's the boys leaking the info, but no one really believed that. So when the ridiculous outfits for the Revival leaked, Dash and Dawson weren't the ones to leak it and it definitely came from creative or the front office. When it happened they were thinking the front office tried to work them too. The rest is some of the most interesting shit since the Moxley podcast. I think it's safe to say Dash and Dawson would retire before going back to WWE.
  5. Everyone working the live show and tapings tonight tested negative for COVID19.
  6. Fire Pro is incredibly deep, but I do love VPW 2. I played around with the MMA matches in VPW 2 a ton. Now I'm tempted to re-hook up my N64 and play some of it tonight, but I'm pretty sure I threw away my translation guide from Gamefaqs.
  7. Yeah, I was thinking the same exact thing regarding Billions being this generation's Entourage, especially now that Ballers is dead and buried. I will not be the least be shocked if Chuck and Wendy wind up back together again by the end of the season.
  8. I think Becky's cameo on Billions was maybe the cringiest moment in the history of that series. Billions feels like such a dumb show that's completely on a treadmill where it's always Bobby vs Rhodes, everyone talks like a weirdo, and yet I can't stop watching. It's basically the rotisserie chicken I get from Costco that makes me really wish I had a Thanksgiving dinner (Succession) instead. Acceptable, but I know which is better.
  9. I just rewatched M:I Fallout a few days ago too. If the next M:I happens in space or if Tom Cruise actually goes to space then I'm ready to call that franchise the best ever. I'm so fucking excited for something I know next to nothing about! YAY 2020!
  10. More than anyone else on that cover, I was the most stoked for Raven being on it. I did not play WCW/nWo vs the World, but know of a couple people who did and they described it as a modern day Wrestlefest. So that combined with Raven being on the cover sold me on the game and I became an AKI wrestling fan for life.
  11. On a related note, when Roman does return, it would be a good time for him to finally change up his attire a little bit and have some new or modified music.
  12. 10 PM on FS1 is not "primetime." That's going to get maybe 200k viewers. As for what @ComingToAmerica said, that's giving WWE WAAAAAAY too much credit for being creative. They are never, ever that creative nor do they ever book that long term because Vince rewrites everything nearly every week. I don't know why you or anyone else ever thinks WWE has some grand master plan for wrestlers or situations like this. It never happens. It's good for your own personal head cannon, but it's never what happens in reality. The time or era to say "let's wait and see" with regards to WWE booking is long, long gone. We've all been burned repeatedly. To put things another way, when Roman announced he had leukemia again and had to step away, they shot an angle that very night to have Ambrose turn on Rollins when it should have been a unifying moment for the Shield members with Roman taking time off. In the weeks after that, rarely would they not mention Roman's name. Did anyone forget the bitching about how much they would bring up Roman each week or use Roman for storyline purposes or just to keep his name out there while he was sick? Our memories can't be that poor. Flash forward to now and he's not featured in the Make a Wish stuff even though aside from Cena he was the new Make a Wish guy for the company, they edited him out of the WM31 video, his name isn't mentioned at all, for the change to Braun vs Goldberg they never once mentioned Roman's name and if you only watched that one episode of SmackDown you would think it was Braun vs Goldberg all along, he's not included in merch promos, and so on. Not to mention that Vince is one of the most weirdly vindictive persons I can think of and has a very strange view when it comes to thinking of how strong someone is or isn't. And again, sooner or later Roman is going to return and they'll be right back to booking Roman in a prominent role. I highly, highly doubt they're going to bury him, but I wouldn't be shocked that if for the time being this is Vince's retaliation for Roman walking away when the company needed him the most. Vince is a weird guy. I'll buy that version of what's happening before I ever buy that this is some sort of long game that WWE is playing with Roman because WWE doesn't have a long game.
  13. I brought up Roman being written out of everything last week and that's still continuing. It's too much to be a coincidence at some point and there's been plenty of other top of the card wrestlers who get talked about while they're out. With Roman, it's like he doesn't even exist. Even still, I don't doubt he'll get pushed as the face of the company when he does return. As for AOP, they're on the shelf because either Akam or Rezar tore their bicep in a match 2 or 3 months ago. They're probably still going to be out for however many months.
  14. I somehow doubt Snipes is going to be a part of it since his head was frozen and then smashed like a watermelon at a Gallagher show. It would also be weird to see Bullock come back.
  15. I don't know...I liked the finale, but it's hard to get behind Dolores when her intention is to have human civilization collapse as a way to save humans? Like, I WANT to live in a world with something a Rehoboam that ensures bullshit like Trump getting elected doesn't happen, that global warming is fought, that wars don't happen, etc. I suppose that makes me something of a utalitarian, which I'm not sure how I feel about that, but I'm at least comfortable knowing my place in the world won't be any grander or greater than what it is. As for others who, like Caleb, will only have a life of crime or just manual labor? Like Judge Smails said, "the world needs ditch diggers too." So Dolores fucking all of that up to give humans a chance knowing full well that humans will just kill each other off doesn't really seem like she's helping humans very much, but it does sound pretty fucking ideal for humans to wipe themselves out so hosts can re-populate the world even though that's not her intent? I'm confused...So very confused by it all. And yet I still liked it. Good sci-fi now is slim pickings and I'll take what I can get. Not everything is going to be nearly perfect like The Expanse, but I'll accept something that's good 66% of the time and clunky the other 33% of the time like Westworld. I'm very curious to see where season 4 goes. Will it be in the far, bombed out future after Bernard wakes up? Will we see what leads up to that? Will Caleb be there? Some other random thoughts: This season did feel a little too inspired by the Terminator series, but slightly twisted. Caleb is obviously in the John Connor role, but again, what good is being a leader when humanity is about to kill itself off? My head is still spinning typing all of this out. Dolores and Caleb's whole scheme seems to be let's purposely burn down this house, which was perfectly adequate, committing both arson and insurance fraud in the process, and file an insurance claim to declare a total loss to then have a nice, more modern house re-built because you're too impatient or too poor to just make updates to the home over time AND hope you don't get busted for arson or insurance fraud.
  16. Alexander I would believe. I think Ricochet is one of those dudes locked in for life. They have to see money in him or at least know damn well someone else is going to make easy money off of Ricochet.
  17. I would only sign Rusev and The Revival out of everyone released. The rest need time on the indies or elsewhere to reinvent themselves.
  18. I mean, dude, I tried doing this by asking for your advice when you mentioned what you were doing with your son
  19. I really dislike X. I hate Blitzball. I also don't want to dig out old systems from storage.
  20. Right now, it feels like they're erasing Roman from their history and Roman is still with the company.
  21. I'm happy I didn't watch it now. I almost did because the commercials and previews looked good. The season finale for Dave was fucking great. I hope it sticks around for awhile because this easily fills the void left by You're the Worst.
  22. Did you get him any software for keyboarding? I'm trying to think of getting my daughter something, but I'm not sure what would be best. She's turning 10 and is doing painfully slow hunt and peck for typing. That's also how I wound up learning to type, but doing hunt and peck. I eventually got to the point where I just memorized the keyboard and I can type pretty fast that way. Like right now, I have my hands set at home row, but I'm mainly using my index fingers to type everything. I don't want her growing up learning a fucked up way to type like me.
  23. Right now we only have one gym bro, but he's also excellent at building stuff and gives you decent recipes. Other than that, we have a rhino that's all into painting, a weirdo that always wanders around at night and complains about having fleas, and I haven't met the other villager who just moved in on Wednesday. And yeah, I'm breaking my fucking back single-handedly making this island into something decent and Tom Nook just fuckin' hangs out in his hut all day drinking , talking shit about the art dealer guy, while Timmy and Tommy are notoriously shitty close talkers and are always up in your business in Nook's Cranny. And I met that art dealer and he was an alright guy and sold me a real painting. Well, at least Blathers thought it was real.
  24. I'm not even worried about that. She's seen Gamora die (and then come back to life), she's seen Black Widow die, and she's seen Iron Man die.
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