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  1. Randy Johnson's perfecto in Atlanta. Tom Glavine shutting out the Indians in game 6 of the '95 series. The Hawks' last stand in Atlanta vs. the Celtics. (08?09?) Game 6 of the first round.
  2. Where on earth did the Falcons find Worrilow and Vaughn? Nice....
  3. Piranesi, I know how much a team so strikingly different than yours, what with all the minorities and guys I can pick out of a lineup on it, can just scare the bejesus out of you, but embrace it. Sam Holbrook won't bail you out this year. We are coming for your souls, and when we bury you, we'll do it it under the ground, so that your whitewashed soul won't ascend. Mash. City.
  4. What's a cruisegoer? I need to know if I should object or not...
  5. Passed my level 1 Test for Krav Maga today. At 6'3, 260-ish pounds, i am now OFFICIALLY the real life kung fu panda...
  6. I can't find it, but the Geico one about the camel freaking out because it's hump day gets me every time...
  7. There's about fifteen Braves who'd fall under that category. Freddie Freeman works best, seeing as how he's the 1b....
  8. Hey Bryce Harper- Don't fight a team with Evan Gattis, Justin Upton, Freddie Freeman, Dan Uggla, Jason Heyward, and Brian McCann on it. Take your base, and your medicine. Douche.
  9. I'd watch that. "Dude, you know how many people walk on that fake putt-putt turf between Washings? Stay down..."
  10. I'd unapologetically watch heel AJ run from face Kharma for longer than I'd care to quantify. Jus watch the shit out of it...
  11. That's the perfect way to say that, Gregg. My wife, who isn't a "fan" per se, but who's been remarkable in her evaluation of guys on the surface level, HATES Corey graves. Graves reeks of a guy who hates bands after they get signed to big labels and is super pretentious about his super pretentiousness. Seems like the kind of guy who'd go to a party at the playboy mansion and complain about the background music.
  12. I do think the love experience varies from park to park. Atlanta has lots of shade because its hot! Some other parks I've been to didn't need as much shade. I enjoyed the bleacher experience in Cleveland and Seattle. (Shout out to Safeco and that usher who got us better seats bc he heard we were out of towners.) I do see how a persons opinion on live baseball (and all outdoor sport) could vary based on location.
  13. Sam Holbrook is an idea. Not a man. You can't kill an idea. The idea is order. Structure. Stability. Tradition. LOL. That's cute. Watch us go ahead and stamp out this "idea". The Atlanta Braves: Enemy to Structure. And two games up on STL...
  14. It's gonna take a box knife between the ribs to stop these Bravos. WE. CANT. BE. STOPPED. See you real soon, piranesi. And without Sam Holbrook.
  15. To me, this is like when a million hillbillies on facebook started posting pictures of white kids who'd been killed by black people during the Trayvon Martin thing. I hate this "They can do it, but we can't?" nonsense.
  16. Best: Gotta be HHH/Undertaker in Atlanta for Wrestlemania. Just an unbelievable atmosphere and the reactions were fantastic. Crowd was much more 50/50 than I thought they would be. Worst match: I'm tempted to nominate Lawler/Cole from the same show, but that doesn't seem fair to Cole, as I feel like the match should involve two wrestlers, but I sat through a couple of absolutely godawful Nitros in Atlanta, and 15 yr old me having to sit through that 30 minute segment where Roddy Piper picked a bunch of unknown for "Team Piper" was paramount to a grounding. Seriously, I would've rather been in school.
  17. My nephew plays with the DC Comics and Marvel legoes. I got to watch him today. The Justice League and the Avengers teamed up to whip the ass of every other lego figure in the house. Good day.
  18. Big Shaft A Walk to Remember the Titans Prom Night of the Living Dead Peter Pandemic
  19. I would've enjoyed an "Attitude" era Sting mixing it up w Austin, Rock, Angle, Foley et al. Vince was pretty loyal to his own guys, but Jericho, Big Show, Jeff Jarrett, among others, came over and made a big difference, so it wasn't unprecedented. A Sting/Austin program would've been fun, followed by their inevitable team-up against HHH's DX. I would've enjoyed him interacting with a young Edge, a program with Kane would've been many dollars, and the big showdown with Undertaker would've been just fantastic.
  20. Corey Graves has "indy sleazebag" written all over him. I can't see him doing much on the main roster...
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