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  1. Fun show for the most part. It's good to see they have faith in Chris Sabin by not even having him in the main event. Manik is just a horrible character. Why not just let him be TJ Perkins especially if they're gonna have him without his mask backstage. Keep the mask, maybe just lose the body suit. Joe Park teaming up with Eric Young was hilarious. When he did the turnbuckle thing and then looked at Jay Bradley and said "it's the helmet" I couldn't stop laughing. The crowd wants to root for them so I am all for Joe Park slowly climbing up the standings. The Samoan Drop was a good fluke finisher for him. ODB/Gail was pretty good. You know, ODB might be something for them if they actually use her. Diva Mickie vs. Trailer ODB could be a fun feud. AJ/AA was a damn good match. It's just a shame that they were killing each other in a match no one was going to see. I really hope they didn't imply that if Bully signs the contract it's a "if he wins, Brooke gets her divorce" stipulation. That would probably be a good time to turn her against Daddy, but I suspect they won't do that. Maybe Russo left behind an old notebook of un-used ideas or something. Finally the big reveal being Tito Ortiz. You know what, I guess it makes sense since Bellator and them have a relationship. But you know what doesn't make sense? Them hyping this up like it was something that's been going on for the last two months. They only started this the other day. You could hear a pin drop when Tito came out. The crowd didn't care one bit. I'm pretty certain most of them didn't even know what this August 1st shit was. TNA is not in a position where they can twitter a feud and hope for the best. So Gunner got all pissy about people complaining and said everyone who got fired was because they needed the money for Tito. I wonder how much he got just to stand there and look glazed.
  2. Was WCW building up to a Rude/Bret match if Rick did make his comeback? There's a Bret/Curt match on a ppv in 98 where Bret wins by DQ and Rude comes into the ring and nails him with a vicious Rude Awakening. It sucks that Rude would have been just another flunky in the NWO, but that would have been a fun feud for the couple of weeks it probably would have lasted in WCW.
  3. Sid has the best job in wrestling and it amazes me he can't be bothered to do it most of the time. Show up...fist bump...powerbomb...fist bump again...leave.
  4. A-Rod is the scape goat for MLB because they turned a blind eye to Barry Bonds when he was doing so much juice his head and body quadrupled in size. Does A-Rod deserve at least a season suspension? Absolutley. If he gets life, Bud Sielig should unban Pete Rose almost imediatley.
  5. I just started watching this show and I am really kicking myself for not watching it all along. I'm about to start season 4 (I all ready know what happens up to the end of the last air episode since I read spoilers). I used to be like "come on It's Malcom's dad. He can't possibly be that good". Well he is that good and a whole lot more.
  6. Pretty sure that was me. I don't remember the particulars but I think the solution I came up with started with a monkey in High Energy pants and ended with Spacestation Buck and The Space Stud Stable stopping Hollycaust Holly and The Space Nazis from taking over the WWE Universe. The end result was the global economy got jumpstarted. If one of us hits the Powerball, we have to buy TNA or ROH for Ben. Hell lets just buy both of them and merge them. It couldn't possibly cost that much.
  7. HEY...AJ Styles was a standout wrestler at Gainesville Vocational. Thinking of stupid matches, don't know if it's on Youtube but what about Jeff Jarrett vs. Kevin Nash where if Jarrett used the El Kabong Guitar, he would be fired so he used a loophole and had the El Kabong Cello.
  8. I never understood the Nexus hate when the angle ended. They were such great heels, especially Gabriel with his 900-mile stare into the distance with smug glare. Everyone in the original Nexus group has had a good spot in the company -- Wade, Skip/Ryback and Bryan all headlined PPV's, Slater's the best jobber of his era, Gabriel's had a bunch of good matches this year and is a good babyface, Darren Young's a good enough tag guy, Otunga's a great leech and Michael Tarver's tearing up FCW and would have had a good WWE run if he wasn't a nutjob. Even their backup entrants have become something -- Curtis Axel's good for what he is and Husky/Bray leads one of the hottest acts in eons.Someone in the WWE read the talent they had on NXT Season One perfectly.That whole story arc was pretty much Orwell Writes The WWE. The peasants of NXT revolt against the machine and do so without mercy while rallying behind a charismatic leader in Wade Barrett. Then the group becomes less of a peasant revolt and more about serving Wade's interests of humiliating Cena/winning the title and eventually leads to his ousting. And in the backdrop was the Big Brother anonymous GM.Oh well. I'm a lone wolf used to riding these roads alone. Wow, The Nexus being the Animals of Animal Farm would have been incredible. Too bad the WWE didn't have the balls to pull the trigger on the Nexus and kept making them look weak come crunch time. But God forbid we don't end a show where the fans go home happy (WWE lingo there).
  9. Well with the recent trend of hell freezing over (Warrior, Bruno back in the WWE), I think if Eddie lived he would have made it to the WWE eventually to at least get a legends deal from them. Have him come out and do the stuff they won't have Lawler do anymore in Memphis and Nashville.
  10. That sums it up. It's not a wrestling show. It's a show that just happens to have wrestling on it.
  11. If they just let her wrestler in shorts, instead of pants, they'd have a new star on their hands. Well there's that scene from the coming soon clips of her and Tyson at home. That should make for some good screen cap material.
  12. You know if there were ever a thing made for reality tv, the boyfriend going after Brodus would be it. I guess that was an actual unscripted moment, otherwise he would have found Brodus and they would of had words.
  13. I thought it was a great unintentional comedy. There were a ton of continuity errors which were really glaring. At one point they clearly show 7 days before Wrestlemania on the screen and then they cut to a shot of Nattie telling Stephanie she's sorry she missed the HOF which would be six days later. So going by that, it was filmed during the next day before Wrestlemania. There was another one where The Funkettes were in their gear and then a few minutes later we see them waiting around because it wasn't done yet. I got a good laugh at how Eve stood up to the machine. If they didn't cast her on this show, we all know she would have been fired right on the spot for disobeying the VP when she told her to go blonde. She was lucky it wasn't Stephanie. I don't think she would be so understanding. The coming soon clips had a line with Stephanie telling her "don't embarass us". That sums it all up.
  14. It was the week before Road Wild 97. Luger made Hogan tap and it was so awesome. Then a week later at the PPV, Hogan won the belt back in the usual screwy NWO fashion at the time. If I remember, Luger had a guarenteed title win in his contract and it was coming up or something at the time.
  15. Alex Shelly coming back to feud with Chris Sabin would make sense from a logical standpoint. But this is TNA, so we know there's no logic involved. Assuming it is Low Ki/Senshi, who is he exactly coming after for revenge? Also why the hell haven't they been putting these videos into the shows for the last month just so when this does happen there might be some interest... Oh yeah. TNA.
  16. '98 - they cut from mid-ring with Tommy to the announce position with Joey. It's almost like watching a wrestling show with alternate commentary with how it comes off. Is this the ECW episode where they were mocking CNN or something with the "BREAKING NEWS" graphics? I didn't have the internet back then so seeing Sandman gone was a shock.
  17. It's Bob Holly....AND HELL IS COMING WITH HIM
  18. When it comes to MSG, The big problem is the new Penn Station which is supposed to be built across the street on the main post office's site is that the funding for it is stuck in limbo. They have everything for the new station designed. They just can't get the funding for it. If for some reason MSG is relocated (I can't see that happening. No Mayor wants to be the one that caused MSG to be demolished), one possible location for what would be MSG V (The fifth MSG building) 10th Avenue and 34th Street. But like I said, I just can't see MSG being torn down. If the new Penn Station funding gets moving, MSG will be safe.
  19. I saw this news bit and got a good laugh. If they get her back, I guess we know there will be a seaon 2 of Total Divas.
  20. Guessing it's an international tour which won't be taping RAW. They're going to Australia. There were other spoilers that talked about a backstage segment where Vince was with Maddox before the Cena/Ryback match and Vince says he wants a superstar like Triple H in the main event of Summerslam. I'm going to find it very funny if they made Ryback look like a puss the last couple of weeks only for him to be the new chosen one for Vince.
  21. Entirely possible, yeah. He's been working in Puerto Rico for awhile and this show had a shit-ton of PR dudes. Re the Sandman photo, it's more than a little depressing to see that he's 50 now. I find it amazing that he made it to 50. Sandman's gonna live forever.
  22. Tazz was built like a brick shithouse, looked like an evil motherfucker, and was strong as shit. He was short, sure... but definitely looked like a beast. Yeah, Tazz could hit a guy with a clothesline that looked a lot like a Rick Steiner Steinerline. He just would load up and WHAM.
  23. Nope. He just was there. I'm willing to bet some producer was walking around the halls and said "YOU...YEAH, YOU COME HERE". It was either that or they drew his name out of a hat.
  24. I was waiting for Maddox to turn to him and say "who the hell are you and how did you get in here". Riley was at his best as The Miz's flunky, so maybe they are gonna have him as Maddox's personal yes man. Thinking about it just now he's been in WWE limbo for about 2 and a half years. How the hell did he last so long? Maddox is such a swarmy little asshole. He really is the son Eric Bischoff should of had. I loved him screwing Bryan around at the start of the show. The Daniel Bryan main event was pretty awesome. Swagger looked like he didn't give a shit as usual, but wow did Antonio ever make up for that. The European Uppercut bit was amazing to watch. Cesaro could be huge for them if they just roll with him. Bryan/Ryback was a fun match in it's own right. But wow has Ryback really become a joke. Now he's saddled with The Bully gimmick. Watching him bully Josh Matthews. I was thinking to myself "Lance Russel wouldn't take that kind of shit". They really need to stop having the male announcers as wimps. Mean Gene didn't take anyone's shit. What is the purpose of SuperCena vs. Ryback in a tables match when they just had one barely a month ago? I really hope we see Bryan put Cena through a table (assuming Kane and the Wyatt's dont sacrafice him earlier in the night next week). Oh yeah, what a train wreck the Diva's segment with The Miz was. Eva Maria looked horrible in the Jessica Rabbit colored hair. I did like though how The Bella's were like "OH NO SHE DIDN'T" when she slapped Lawler since being a bitch is their gimmick. The show could be interesting, but it just depends on how much is "scripted" and is "reality". If the WWE is scripting this, it could be fairly decent train wreck television.
  25. Bully Ray doing a Midnight Rider and or Charlie Brown From Outta Town impersonation would be the best thing ever. But, champion vs. champion just means the two champions are wrestling each other. Unless different spoilers say otherwise, it doesn't say its Title vs. Title.
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