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NXT TV SHOW (06/05/19) - No Spoilers

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Bianca is getting better with every match,  it's always nice to someone who knows what they don't know and is eager to fill that void. Belair is someone who could probably just coast on her sheer athleticism, but seems to really want to improve all aspects her game.  I think that barring something going awfully wrong, Belair is the future of women's wrestling in the US, she's already a good promo, doesn't try to do stuff that's beyond her skillset, and has become very adept at playing to the camera without being obvious about it, (something that Kenny Omega has yet to figure out after all the time he's been in the business), and most importantly (and this may be the influence of her hubby), she gets the concept of "less is more", pressing a 125-lb woman over your head looks impressive, but not if you do it every single match. Using the braid as a whip is a well-done maneuver, but not if you do it every match. Bianca seemingly gets it, which puts her way ahead of most at the same stage of the game.

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A lot of Mia's emotions pre and post match were documented by wwe, but I'm not quite sure why she was so giddy. A big show, but damn. Didnt know she and Keith Lee were dating. 

The match between she and Belair was good. The story of Mia learning to get Bianca's number has been cool to watch these past weeks. Action was solid. That high angle backdrop Bianca gave Mia got replayed a few times just so I could see how Mia didnt break her neck. I've been kinda iffy on Mia's "protect ya neck" finisher but I thought the one she hit off the second rope was cool. If Mia doesnt go on to beat Shayna or capture the title in a 3/4 way involving Io and Bianca I'm going to worry about her ability to keep her spot on the cards. Shes had to work hard to get the momentum shes gained since signing and unlike Io and Bianca I dont know if she can keep it up without going all the way over.

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