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God - I have been dragging my feet starting this and since tomorrow is the 1st - I need to get rolling

It will be different this time as instead of members picking a specific movie and no one comments on this time I will pick a theme or two for the month... and no one will comment on it.

It will be just one big old catch-all thread each movie and this way you have way more flexibility in what you watch. Ideally - I would prefer everyone watch something they haven't seen but I am also not your mother.

As per usual - the basis is folks getting themselves motivated to watch something, discovering new movies and mocking each other's hideous tastes.

I will start a July thread with this but the July Theme will be RED, WHITE OR BLUE

Which means - watch a movie with Red, White or Blue in the title

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2 hours ago, Chaos said:

I wonder how many people will use that theme to get the Three Colors Trilogy off of their piles of shame (I am one of those people).

Oops. Didnt see this before i made same reference in the other thread. 

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