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IIRC, not only does Colon/Hansen cover the PR brawl ending but Invader/Perez covers another PR go-to ending of 


the heel being ran off down the stairs by the face

That cage match should seriously be watched just for the brawl alone, btw. When you have somebody that wasn't even in the match bleeding like a stuck pig you know that's a good Pier Sixer. 

Isn't the reason we forget about "poor" Takaiwa because he couldn't sell ice water to people in Hell? Then again that screencap shows differently... might have to watch that one. But then Marifuji... ugh, I am torn

Man it's weird seeing Eric Embry with that giant white perm. Also, pissed off Bob Sweetan is awesome there at the end. Gotta love Blanchard's reaction at the end too when he gets in the ring, pulling out the pin right in the nick of time then his body language as he escapes.

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Alright, watched Takaiwa/Marufuji. The lesson learned here is: who am I to doubt Takaiwa? If you're gonna get me to watch a match with Shooey Nooey Boy, you put him in there with a crowbar and have him get beaten and tortured for 20 minutes. The match starts with Takaiwa powerbombing Marufuji over the ropes onto the ramp and it just continues from there. In specific there are two completely reckless and dangerous spots. 

1. Marufuji stands on the top rope and Takaiwa lariats his fuckin knee

2. Maru goes for toprope rana, Takaiwa maneuvers into powerbomb, Maru reverses back to rana at the last second and spikes Takaiwa

Plus there's a lot of sadistic kneework. And only TWO Shooey Nooeys! 

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Quicksilver/Super Dragon is pretty gnarly. As always Dragon is a prick, yelling at kids, mocking the crowd, going low (which looks real nasty). But Quicksilver is the surprise because I've never seen him. Really cool technical matwork and aerial stuff plus he looks like he could be El Generico's tag partner... which, of course, he was. Any other choice matches from him before he retired?

Also, props to JAPW for the replays with the rap song over it that I need to know who is responsible for now. Name that artist!

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