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The What Are You Watching Thread

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Rewatched the Snuka face turn, and realized that this angle(along with the Piper turn in Georgia) was the first major face turn that ever effected me. I was scared TO DEATH of Captain Lou and Ray Stevens, and I had no idea who Stevens was( this was his WWF debut).  It was one of the scariest things I had seen at that point in my life. 


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Loads of ‘90/91 WWC tv popping up on this channel. I know what I’ll be watching for the next few weeks.

If the person who runs it posts here, thanks for this as well as the Continental. Always jazzed for territory footage I didn’t have access to at the time...

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I don't remember which thread we were discussing handcam footage in, but I started digging into my external drive because I finally figured out that I can hook my laptop up to my TV via HDMI cable and thus watch anything on it, and found an AWESOME Kobashi vs. Hansen match from '91 that I think might legit be better than the '93 one. I couldn't find it on Youtube but it was amazing. The lariat that of course ended it was even sicker and more abrupt then the one in '93, and guess what? THERE WAS MATWORK! And this is All Japan we're talking about, yet there's Kobashi putting Hansen in a cross armbreaker like it's UWF or something.

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I'd been watching some random episodes of Pro Wrestling This Week on Youtube and found someone who had them all on disc so that showed up today. I've spent the last few hours burning through the first disc. This show is so great. I know that every indy now has their streaming service but it's honestly overwhelming. If this type of show existed today I'd probably check out more than just the bigger indies.

Now I'm watching something called the AWF Warriors of Wrestling. It's pretty cheesy stuff from what looks like the early to mid 90s (I think I saw a Playstation ad) but it's actually pretty fun to watch.

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Wrestlemania VII

I turned this one on with the intention of watching Hogan/Slaughter. I ended up watching all 3 1/2 hours. 

Hogan wins the match, of course, though he’s covered in blood. 

Not a bad match, considering Slaughter feels a few years past his prime by 1991. Dude knows how to do the little things, and the crowd was white hot. I didn’t hate it.

Next, I thought I’d watch Mania X8, since it’s been awhile. But a few min in, I had to get away from all the noise and lights and, especially, the shouty commentary. 

So now I’m watching some 1986 Mempho tv. Actually, this first show is 12/28/85, I think. Though I have been listening to the Great Brian Last podcast recapping Mid-South in order on the Network. So I should probably be watching that. 

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