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Found 19 results

  1. There is definitely some irony in that the company took (another) nose dive after one of their best received PPVs ever
  2. Still getting back into the swing of Impact running more than like one live PPV a year. This one is on Jan 6 from Nashville Card (Spoilers just because I am not sure what has aired and what hasn't) I think it's safe since all of those matches are being advertised on Impact's website but ya never know.
  3. Let's be honest - it is just easier if we all keep calling it TNA The next TV tapings will occur from 1/10 - 1/15 in Orlando They appear to be the final tapings for EC3, Bobby Lashley, Eddie Edwards and Laurel Van Ness (and possibly more folks I am forgetting)
  4. If you are a fan of Impact or WWE and everything in between check out the only podcast hosted by a current Impact and WWE wrestler, with two weekly wrestling podcasts with Impact Wrestling's Petey Williams and WWE James Ellsworth. We are making a push to get new subscribers to our two shows. Its free and we are on every platform you get your podcasts! WrestlingPerspectivePodcast.com we are also fan friendly and want to hear from you with questions or comments about wrestling or if your a new subscribers email us and we will give you a shoutout on o
  5. I can't believe I had to start another thread for this fucking fed. Anyway - their marathon taping week begins on Thursday with a quasi-live Impact
  6. I did this because of the following blurb from Meltzer today So I am just mashing everything together
  7. Destination America Ahoy! Let's see if there is a 2016 Thread...
  8. Destination America is Channel 873 I write this post so at 9 when I decide to live tweet Impact - I can find the fucking thing
  9. Hoo Boy - so yeah Abyss... He might be the perfect wrestler for TNA I especially like how that Joseph Park deal was fine and then went on like 6 months too long. I had thought I had done Abyss as WOTD but it just seems he has turned up in a lot of the other threads And if this wasn't posting in the Ridiculous TNA Matches thread it should have been. You can't score the Pin/Submission until you make your opponent bleed first
  10. First - this is for Jarrett the wrestler. Save the nonsense about the fed and the database and whatnot for elsewhere Second - I am gonna just leave this here
  11. When I was deciding on what female to pick to represent TNA week I realized Kim is probably the best representation since in TNA she is fucking awesome - elsewhere... not so much. Yes I could have gone with Kong but her body of work is so broad is it better to save her and while the original Beautiful People gimmick was awesome - not so much in the wrestling. When I run the Best TNA Matches of All Time (after the finally fold) my ballot might be stuffed with that period when the women's division was fucking awesome http://youtu.be/NPYGxRzO7uI And one could argue this was the last great T
  12. I totally forgot Bentley (or Michael Shane for his TNA name) even existed until I was going through the TNA title histories looking for ideas. And Shane was a two time X-Division champ - including co-holding the belt with Kazarian because why not??? Oh and just to comply with Vordell Walker standards
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RbMkMh6NApM TNA IMPACT! 10/1/05 Show starts off with a really well put together video package introducing TNA to a new audience. Puts TNA over as an alternative not just WWE-Lite. Later Tonight – Jeff Hardy vs Rhino Later Tonight – Controversy in Canada Match One: TNA X Division Champion AJ Styles vs Roderick Strong in a non title bout These two subsequently faced each other in the opening match of the first IMPACT! On FSN. AJ makes his way to the ring. They show a female fan in the crowd with AJ Styles Action Figures. Roderick is already in the ring. Roderick j
  14. It seems like TNA is doing some overhaul of the roster these days. It was reported today that they released Tara and didn't renew DOC's contract. Hopefully this means Gallows might head back to WWE to replace Rowan in the Wyatt family. I'm guessing this won't be the final people that are released? Also, Jigsaw is headed back to Impact for Destination X. That's a plus for the X division.
  16. STYLES vs. SAMOA JOE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DjkguVyeMFU NAKAMURA vs. LA SOMBRA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TcjNU-hXyZ4
  17. vs. Togi Makabe http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vi40eFmY8cQ vs. AJ STYLES
  18. I felt pretty good about this episode. The lethal lottery-style theme made for predictable pairings but it was still fun. We had Sabin cash in and do a better than expected promo. We had Taz freaking out over Rampage joining the Main Event Mafia. And best of all, that goddamn awesome ladder match with Gail and Taryn. It wasn't full of "ZOMG lots of moves off the ladder!" spots as it was them wisely using the ladder as a weapon. The way Gail especially would navigate around that was really impressive. I enjoyed this more than than the ones full of insane falls off ladders. Felt more lik
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