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  1. The big meme going around last night is that at least for this week If the playoffs started today - in the AFC - Seeds 4 - 7 would all be starting backup QB For context - only one NFC playoff team would be (though the Falcons are technically using their starter but they really don't want to be)
  2. Yup - I officially love the Panthers mess Nothing says drunk with power like getting an interim title and immediately firing all your coworkers
  3. Our long national nightmare is over Matt Canada has been fired.
  4. Per Schefter - Justin Jefferson is going on IR and will miss at least the next 4 games
  5. Baseball is stupid. Here are is your meaningless playoff brackets
  6. A) let me know if you are in B) send me a PM selecting a Halloween/Horror themed movie that hasn't been selected before (list of movies in next post) C) you will be assigned a movie to review Loose deadline for entry: Let me know you are participating and select your movie by... let's say... Friday, Sept 22 Bonus reviews are always welcome to. Also - not required - but feel free to give me a reason you selected your movie too Last year's thread just for the memories
  7. Yahoo makes it harder and harder to find each year so I almost forgot League was renewed so if you were in last year - you should have gotten an invite to whatever email you use at Yahoo https://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/survival/register/joinprivategroup?gid=22363&invitation_key=078af0d878c32c72 Link for those that would like to join Lets hope this last as long as last year
  8. Yup - Season is here Lions at Chiefs on Thursday night
  9. Reminder there are 3 games on Sunday - including LSU @ FSU and 1 game on Labor Day (Clemson @ Duke)
  10. listening to the Puerto Rico/Red Sox game and the announcers appear to be in pain calling a game without the new Pace of Play rules
  11. I will start this thread off with the news that Chris Beard is most likely going to be the next Ole Miss coach
  12. Cuba vs the Netherlands is kicking off the World Baseball Classic on FS1 Gotta love the political angling where it's more preferable to put Cuba in Taiwan than Miami for WBC Pool Play Cuba was in Puerto Rico [2006], Mexico [2009], and Japan [2013/2017] in pool play, with the Puerto Rico visit involving Cuban-Americans showing up to protest. my guesses for who advances: Taiwan and Netherlands from A, Japan/South Korea from B, USA/Mexico from C, Dominican/Venezuela from D. Think that Colombia and Puerto Rico will put up fights in C/D. Cuba could get out of pool play if their MLB returnees boost the team enough. Edit: speaking of MLB returnees, somebody found Yoenis Cespedes and signed him up to play for Cuba in this tournament. He drew a walk but Cuba left the bases loaded without scoring a run.
  13. The Cubs' Seiya Suzuki has withdrawn from the WBC due to an oblique injury
  14. If you are participating in the WBC you actually had to report to Spring Training yesterday (Feb 13) Otherwise, pitchers and catchers start reporting for many teams tomorrow (Feb 15)
  15. No announcements yet but Batista gave a recent interview stating that he is pushing the WWE to do his induction this year.
  16. Placing this here now so people know. Just shocking.
  17. I guess we are still using this thread since it’s not locked.
  18. Won't need this until till after the games today but I am sure I will forget so I am starting it now To recap from the end of the Week 18 thread - The Broncos have received permission to speak to Sean Payton (though the interview can't take play till after the first round of the playoffs) - Sean McVay is doing his annual "I don't know if I want to coach anymore" bit
  19. Walter Cunningham, Apollo 7 astronaut, has passed away at the age of 90 due to complications from a recent fall Apollo 7 was the first manned mission after the Apollo 1 fire. (Cunningham was the backup lunar module pilot of Apollo 1)
  20. James Wan has confirmed that the Conjuring 4 is happening. He also noted that the 4th movie "may" wrap up the franchise
  21. Eventually I will figure out the best way to label this so that the business type stuff ends up in this thread. Oh well. Anyway... https://variety.com/2023/film/global/regal-cineworld-amc-1235477588/?cx_testId=48&cx_testVariant=cx_1&cx_artPos=2#cxrecs_s
  22. It is impossible but I always hope I don't have to start this thread... or at least hope to go longer than the third day of the year
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