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  1. I have never even heard of such a rumor. Gannosuke retired because he was 40 and been dealing with many injuries and was tired of not making that much money the last couple of years. If he was hiding, he probably wouldn't have had started two separate bars, continued training for Ice Ribbon, made two movies, been to every FREEDOMS show in Tokyo selling his stuff, promoted his own shows under his own name multiple times a year, and working for the Guts World office until Ishijima convinced him to come out of retirement so that he could help draw their first Korakuen Hall show. If he was "under ground" he did a horrible job at it, because I saw him every year from 2009-2013 I went to Japan while he was retired. The Arai situation was much different as FMW was a major company and WMF under Gannosuke the last three years was a promotion that ran one show a month in a 300 seat building. They are night and day different situation, and that's even if Gannosuke even went the route for financial support you're saying.
  2. They came over to my house and interviewed me for three hours. I gave them every detail of that night of FMW in one sitting without notes. It was a lot, mentally fried me the rest of the interview, as it was very detailed. So they had all the information, but time wise cut to the chase. Don't know why they said school yard when I specifically told them a park. I also got them Ricky, Arai's daughter, and Hayabusa's daughter for the show.
  3. BAHU

    History of FMW

    History of FMW Volume 50 going over the year 2020 with clips and pictures for the final timeline episode. Atsushi Onita works various outside death matches including returning to Kawasaki Stadium. Megumi Kudo works against her long time rival Shark Tsuchiya one final time. Toru Sugiura continues his hot streak of main event matches in FREEDOMS and much more!
  4. NOW was Kendo Nagasaki's baby and when it died it allowed for Big Japan to be created with Kojika and Nagasaki.
  5. Christmas 2013. It's a really good match, but it didn't air on Samurai and just released on Commercial video. He didn't like the magazine that week gave more attention to the semi-main of Takashi Sasaki vs. Minoru Fujita which wasn't as good of a match. Death Match Carnival 2012. It was the biggest FREEDOMS show/match at the time until 2018.
  6. BAHU

    History of FMW

    History of FMW Volume 49 going over the year 2019 with clips and pictures. Atsushi Onita ends up needing double knee reconstructive surgery and is back within 5 months including taking part in a new sub-promotion based around him. FREEDOMS gives Jun Kasai another run as King of Freedom World Champion as he has several great matches including with Toru Sugiura who looks to be the new ace of the promotion. Jun Kasai also visits GCW for the first time and GCW comes to Japan for the first time as well and much more.
  7. BAHU

    History of FMW

    History of FMW Volume 48 is up going over the year 2018 with clips. We go over Atsushi Onita coming out of retirement after a year and the storyline reason why as well as his return to CZW. Mr. Gannosuke retires again for good as he has a series of farewell matches against storied opponents for him. Masashi Takeda has a series of incredible matches while being both Big Japan and FREEDOMS champion culminating in two incredible matches with Jun Kasai and much more.
  8. Sorry! Just got the notification that I was tagged in this. The ECW Hardcore TV show from 12/31/97 opened pretty much to this part of the Onita vs. Kanemura match maybe a couple of seconds prior and then they showed the explosion like Styles was there. Then they showed stuff on the show from 12/22/97 Korakuen Hall like Sabu vs. Sandman as if it was the same tour with the ECW guys as Kawasaki Stadium from September with Joey calling those matches like he was there. They did not show anything else besides that clip of the Kawasaki Stadium show.
  9. It was a "performance" and never promoted as a match since they were not actually going to be doing any moves. The ZERO1 sponsor for the Sumo Hall show that got postponed is a big 90's wrestling fan and wanted to bring in a bunch of retired/semi-retired stars for the show and do a simulation match where they're getting paid and not breaking a retirement vow since it's a performance and not a match. The Kudo performance was an example of how it would look with Kudo already being contracted with ZERO1 so she was not really in the position to say no and there was no doubt if Shark could physically do it, she would.
  10. BAHU

    History of FMW

    History of FMW Volume 47 is up going over the second half of 2017. Atsushi Onita holds his 2017 retirement match in a six man against Kazuyuki Fujita, Onita vs. Tremont in CZW and all the stories that came out because of that match, Super Battle FMW tries to go on without Onita and fails, Daisuke Masaoka's run as FREEDOMS champion ends as the Jun Kasai vs. Violento Jack feud heats up, and Mr. Gannosuke begins to wrap up his career once again as well as much more.
  11. BAHU

    History of FMW

    History of FMW Volume 46 is up going over the first half of 2017. Atsushi Onita begins his 2017 retirement tour with matches against the likes of Masakatsu Funaki, The Great Sasuke, Bob Sapp, and the Voodoo Murders. Mr. Gannosuke runs a one year memorial show for Hayabusa. Daisuke Masaoka is given the chance to be the top guy in FREEDOMS and we also go over Mr. Pogo's sudden passing as well as much more.
  12. BAHU

    History of FMW

    History of FMW Volume 45 is up going over the second half of 2016. We go over the final six months of Kintaro Kanemura's career leading to his retirement show. Super Battle FMW begins horribly booking their shows and sees a fast decline as a result. Onita starts up a new promotion and revisits two wrestlers from his 1980's past and FREEDOMS continues to grow as the hot new young death match promotion as well as much more.
  13. Ichiro Yaguchi hasn't really worked with Onita at all since he came back out of retirement in 2018.
  14. Mike Awesome was out for a year with a knee injury he suffered in August-September 1998. He came back and felt because of how much FMW had changed when he was able to return in 1999 with Fuyuki now the booker and Onita/Go Ito were no longer there he didn't feel like FMW was the same company any longer so he didn't feel the loyalty towards it he had previously felt. So he joined All Japan. He did one tour and was planning on that being his new home when ECW came a calling. He would make less money than All Japan but he wasn't going to have to travel and tour in Japan and he was going to be the champion so he knew he would be pushed correctly so he chose ECW. Then towards the end of his ECW run he had not been paid for awhile and what really upset him and why he never felt any loyalty to ECW to begin with was because he was never paid by Heyman for Heatwave 98 a year and a half earlier.
  15. BAHU

    History of FMW

    History of FMW Volume 44 is up going over the first half of 2016. We cover the details of Hayabusa's sudden passing. Also, go over Super Battle FMW and the hot streak at Korakuen Hall they are going through as they begin a feud with UWF, Jun Kasai has his first real run as champion of FREEDOMS, Mr. Gannosuke challenges for the Guts Heavyweight Title, and so much more in this emotional episode.
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