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  1. It sounds like Vinny/Brad/Alex are starting their next project together. I guess it's initially starting with a podcast called Nextlander and also will have a twitch channel for streaming. I guess more to come, but happy to see those guys start their next thing quickly.
  2. This is a company that's looking to sell soon. It's the only explanation for me.
  3. I'm 34. It's scary to me that the youngest coach is a little over a year older than me. If Joe Brady gets an HC job soon, that'll be a coach younger than me.
  4. This is why I'm not great at scoring fights. I was a little surprised that the judges scored that bout 4-1 for Rodriguez. She clearly dominated the first 3 rounds, but Waterson clearly won the fourth, and I would have probably given her the 5th as well. Really resilient comeback that looks like a total squash had it been only a 3 round fight.
  5. You'd have to think they overturn that result. Absolutely wild finish. Really wild fight while it lasted. Both dudes worked a ferocious pace. Impressive Werdum can still go like that at 40.
  6. I mean Jericho is not always the most trustworthy source, but he said that TNT was adamant about not having people surprise show up anymore, which is why the Christian stuff got teased for the PPV as opposed to TV.
  7. It's a shame. When that site is clicking, it's some really good content. Hitsmas is still one of my favorite things ever.
  8. I was coming to post this as well. It seems like the Red Ventures purchase has scared a lot of people off.
  9. I don't get Jose still being able to get these caliber jobs. We have enough history to know how this experiment will go.
  10. I wonder if he got Rhabdo from overtraining. That became a thing for awhile in the early crossfit craze a few years ago.
  11. My library has a copy of the PS4 version, so I'm going to snag it and play a couple hours for curiosity's sake.
  12. I'll end up watching tonight just because I'm a fan of Adnan Virk, so I'll be curious to see how he handles this role. He'll definitely get bashed early by fans since he'll be new to calling pro wrestling.
  13. On Paper, Night 1 just looks infinitely superior to Night 2, so of course I have plans tonight and will miss it. I think Walter/Ciampa and Raquel/Shirai could both be really good.
  14. Is anyone playing Outriders this weekend? It being on Gamepass and seeing some streams of it made me go "it's worth a download at least." I feel bad for the playstation player base as I'm guessing any dual console players will probably opt to go with the free one.
  15. Most vendors offer 3 month passes. Some on occasion even offer BOGO on them or discounted prices. Here's a link to best Buy's for instance as a digital download. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/microsoft-xbox-game-pass-ultimate-3-month-membership-digital/6359375.p?skuId=6359375
  16. I call today "international avoid the internet as much as possible day." It kind of sucks that today also happens to be opening day for baseball.
  17. I wonder if any of them will transition over the Switch development kits if they're super early in the process.
  18. Sounds like the increase in interest for Golf due to COVID and societal boredom made them go "oh, yeah, we should do something again." I know they patched it a ton, but Rory PGA wasn't too bad and is a fun thing to play on my XB1 from time to time.
  19. ...so is the monthly Honor Club now giving full access to live PPVs or is it still the % off service they had initially? I'm tempted to watch tonight, but it's a little more agreeable at $10 than $100 for a year. (Sorry for the grammar idiocy. I typed in a hurry).
  20. I turned on in time to see Rosa/Baker, and I'm glad that's all I got to see from this show because I popped like crazy and enjoyed all of it. For me, it totally had the insanity feeling of watching Tanaka and Awesome in ECW for the first time but with a lot more blood and the complete addition of thumbtacks. People want Britt to be champ for a year, but Rosa feels like a complete star to me also. Incredible match.
  21. Are we going to gloss over how bad Arn and Cody lingering in the tunnel and in the camera shot for most of that ladder match was? It distracted me from the match because I was more fixated on the awkwardness of them there. You knew Cody was coming back out at some point, but to telegraph it so egregiously was not great.
  22. I heard about Blaseball on Giantbomb a few months ago. I'd forgotten about it. I should check it out.
  23. Well, I botched this. It ended up not being true. A fan account that normally shares accurate info posted it and admitted they pulled from a bad source.
  24. I don't understand these front office moves so far. They just announced they're releasing Jakeem Grant who was a contributor on offense but was huge as a returner on special teams. Dolphins are linked to quite a few Free Agent Receivers, so that could be part of it, but I felt like Van Noy gave the Dolphins D an identity even if he was banged up for some of the season along with being COVID protocoled.
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