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  1. I've got 3 episodes of Ted Lasso left and I do not want it to end. So good.
  2. Count me in on the pinball enthusiasm. Last one I picked up was Star Wars pinball for the Switch. Haven't played that one in a minute because my progress was stuck on one if the game modes trying to figure out how to do a light saber battle. Don't remember anything like that from the PC version.
  3. Glad they don't want to overwhelm me with the star power all at once.
  4. Don't tell me that was ordered anywhere but Wish.
  5. Gamestop has Kingdoms of Amalur Re-Reckoning for Xbox One/PS4 for $14.99. Not sure how long this will remain on sale. I have no stake in Gamestop and have never played this game, so do with this information as you will.
  6. That's one of my favorite Masters Of Reality songs, so I can absolutely see the outrage.
  7. Maybe this article will have an answer for you... https://www.androidpolice.com/2021/02/15/t-mobile-preparing-to-offer-free-mlb-tv-subscriptions-starting-march-30/ The short answer appears to be , "Yes".
  8. My turnips are at 202 this morning. I left the gate open, so come on by. No tips needed.
  9. He has diamond hands, why not diamond legs, too.
  10. Don't discount Year Three of the Ryan Tannehill Experiment, the man is 18-8 as a Titans starter and he's been saying his prayers and taking his vitamins. I wouldn't count out a 5000 yard passing season with, at least, 40 TDs. And if the Titans get Fitzmagic as a backup, the sky is the limit. Or maybe they're going to the moon!
  11. Pujols has got to be good for a couple dozen fans per game boost. So any team looking to fill those seats would be jumping at a $10 million one year deal. Probably go to the Pirates or Marlins. They love spending $$$.
  12. Redd is visiting today and has 4 fakes. Got the achievement for 20 perfect snow people over the weekend, so I guess I can cruise with the rest of the snowballs. Got a really neat pirate treasure chest from Gullivarr for helping him yesterday.
  13. I have a Win 10 laptop that I have used a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, XBox One, DualShock 4, and a Logitech Playstation-style USB controller on with no problems. My favorite is either the XBox One or the Nintendo Pro controller.
  14. Are they actually restarting the game at midnight or are they waiting for sundown and then broadcasting at midnight? edit. Looks like they're waiting until 9 local time (midnight eastern) to restart. Seems like a long time to wait after sundown, which is 5:43pm, but I'm snowed-in in Tennessee so there's that.
  15. I only just found out about the Blizzard Arcade Collection. Back when it was new I thought that Blackthorne was the coolest with the duck in the shadows to avoid attacks game mechanic. No opinion on the other two games, but if the collection hits a sale I'll probably pick it up for Blackthorne. Doubtful there's a big difference in visuals and gameplay between the systems, so I'd likely go for the Switch version.
  16. Damn the NHL to hell for making me feel a tinge of nostalgia over the Nordiques throwback sweaters. This looks like it would be a tough game to play in with the sun glare.
  17. I try to keep fruits wrapped in paper ready to hand out, but it's been a struggle in real life for the past month or so and I have gotten out of sorts with the island.
  18. Shep is visiting my campsite today. Past two weeks have been a struggle with snowpeeps, probably got 3 perfect total out of 14. Zell gave me a picture out of the blue after I gave him a present. Hadn't really been paying attention to presents lately, so that was a nice surprise.
  19. I'm too lazy to read the article at the moment, but if the Goldin Auctions guy is Ken Goldin, Logan Paul would probably be 3rd in line. Ken has a "problematic" reputation in the card world.
  20. So I watched highlights of the FCF on YouTube and it didn't look horrible. The worst thing about the presentation was the horrid announcing.
  21. Excited for this one. Especially surprised to see the TV cut included.
  22. Not if their ads are garbage.
  23. I really can't stand Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher at this point in life.
  24. Didn't they put Dracula in space in Dracula 3000? Why is Universal so clueless when it comes to the classic monsters IP?
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