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  1. Oh and Harold Perrineau seems to be working pretty steadily also.
  2. I'd say Michelle Rodriguez wins even though she wasn't an unknown going in.
  3. I just do not get Gargano. People rave about him but he's like an Indy create a wrestler to me.
  4. Legendary beat poet ee Cummings had gotten his doctorate AND HE'S COMING TO THE IMPACT ZONE!
  5. I was lucky enough to get the Claus Co. Tower early on, and i finally got Mr Plow but I still want the abominable snowman and the Helter Shelter.
  6. It seems like the show would be based around a serial killer who's on a rampage while our heroes are too baked to track him down.
  7. ...So apparently Mae is still alive. She's quickly becoming the Cotton Hill of pro wrestling.
  8. It definitely said live pay per view, and I believe they said everything will be in HD.
  9. PJ BRAUN ‏@braunfitness 10m My fiancé @KaitlynWWE has officially stepped down from the WWE to focus on an AWESOME new project. It's going to be HUGE! Very proud of her! Oh well that's...very nice for her and all. Pleasebepornpleasebeporn
  10. I would've went with "EES VEEGO!" personally but we're on the same page.
  11. Yeah landing on the cash is fucking insulting at this point. I HAVE 2.2 MILLION DOLLARS GAME, I DON'T NEED ANOTHER THOUSAND!!
  12. The spin wheel has been a cruel bitch to me. I have like every goddamn Christmas house and family snowman but I still haven't gotten Mr Plow or the abominable snowman. Abd with the update coming tomorrow I probably won't get either.
  13. A hearty high five to you ultimo. Nothing against any of you dudes personally but I find the show to be awful and it's just like...3 solid pages of discussion about it.
  14. Jesus fuck can we start a separate thread for this show?!
  15. If that's what it's supposed to be they failed pretty badly.
  16. I understand that, I used to wrestle. But you have to be aware of what you're taking and know when to override that instinct.
  17. I have no clue how guys still take that move wrong after all these years. Especially someone like Strong.
  18. I got Rocksmith 2014 for Christmas, and I'm trying to learn bass. I'm really enjoying it, making tiny baby steps in ability. I'd heavily recommend it if the concept interests you.
  19. From what I understand that's CM Punk in the middle...I think that's what FSW said.
  20. ...And the Andre picture costs me all 3 of my daily likes in one shot. Well played gentlemen.
  21. Michael Shane never did a shooting star...don't quite get your joke sir.
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