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  1. So, Brandi changed her gimmick once again and is now the cocky superstar authority figure. She braggs about beeing the first women to have an action figure while also aknowledging that she is the chief brand officer. First impression... just another misfire of her finding an on-screen character.
  2. I feel like commentary could have made a better job of telling that Best Friends very well could have won in this moment but they chose to hug it out. Make them look strong by telling you they pretty much had the champions beat. Make them look foolish by hugging it out, but you put over their gimmick at the same time. Hangman once again got the pinfall in the end, he mostly seems to be the better part of the team ever since he won the titles beeing basically on his own for the last few minutes on the cruise match and Omega nearly cost them the title because he couldn't his his finisher. This was potentially such a great little storytelling moment for all four people involved in this match.
  3. I love how Shawn Spears gimmick is more or less just sugarcoating what many of the internet wrestling community thinks of him and his booking. The internet thinks Spears is boring on his own, well, then let's find him a partner to make him more interesting. The internet thinks Spears tries too many different things instead of focusing on just one clear gimmick (Chairman, contact lenses and mohawk, Tully, news anchor, whatever), well, then Tully has to scream at him that he isn't focused and needs to find his true self. Well, who here thought that his hands look like shit?
  4. First thing that came to my mind upon reading bump freaks was just Awesome vs. Tanaka.
  5. Have Cody run-in on Jake with the Snake and Archer before the whole thing takes weirdly long and all would have been just fine for me. Well, to be honest, even the way it happened I had zero problems with it, but I can see why people felt uncomfortable.
  6. I would love to see The Revival save Cody (and Dustin) from a beatdown to a massive pop, just to see them align with Arn to beat down the brothers immediately after. They know they are the best team in the world, they know they will win the AEW Tag Titles in the near future, but first let's destroy the most sympathetic babyface and "boss" of the company just for the fun of it.
  7. I still think they should have given the belt to Shida. Riho won the belt at Dynamite #3, Shida was introducent to the audience before, moved to the US and has been a regular since Dynamite #5. Just wait two more weeks and have a inaugural Champion who's there every week.
  8. I really don't get why Shida isn't pushed to the moon already and also why WWE didn't sign her when they had the chance. She is a great wrestler, has a great look and speaks english. Plus she play's keyboard, sings, cosplays and she can fix up a cupboard. I can't think of one reason not to push Shida. I like Riho but especially with her gone for what felt like an eternity, why didn't they just give Shida the belt?
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